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good gloves

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My dad loves icefishing but doesnt go much anymore because his hands get so cold so fast from years of icefishing with either no gloves or bad ones. he has a pair of those big snowmobile ones that keep his hands warm but kinda useless for fishing. what if any type of glove is out there that would keep your hands warm and not be so bulky that you cant work a rod and reel?

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I have the same problem as your dad and use the Ice Armor X gloves and when in the shack a pair of just plain wool inserts. Should have an extra set and a towel to dry them off when you take them off and get your hands wet.

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Here is a "Backwater Eddy Carlson Guide Trick Tip" for ya. I think it will help your Dad out, and you too. wink

If your Dad is like a lot of guys that has worked hard with his hands for many years, and may now deal with arthritis or poor circulation, like many of us,...I have a tip that will help him out.

Drop on into Wally World (Wall Mart) and stroll on over the the pharmaceutical dept. Now look for the ThermaCare display, and then look for the wraps that are self adhesive at the ends. Ones long enough to go loosely and completely around his wrist.

Option 1. Works well if your cautious not to get them immersed, and wet. Lasts 8 - 10 hours or so. The ThermaCare brand last longer I have found.


Option 2. I prefer this wrist wrap method personally, as they stay dry easier, and the cuff of a coat will help insulate the heat from dispersing away. I do not wear gloves at all most of the time with my "Wrist Wrap Method"...that is how warm your hands stay.


Wind chill will bite no matter what on exposed skin, especially is wet, so a lighter workable polyurethane archery glove, or a Techie style UA Glove will takes care of the wind and the wet. I even use surgical gloves at times, but they are clammy to the skin, not my top pick. Thin and waterproof is the key with the gloves, as they will be easy to fish with.

The methodology of this trick is it heats the blood flowing Into the Hands and out of the hands. This keeps the wrist from tightening up and constricting blood flow, that subsequently produces poor circulation and cold hands...simple Eh. And it works very well.

Case and Point: I have a buddy that has busted up hands, very poor circulation in them. When it gets down near 50, he finds tying knots and simple tasks out fishing very troublesome. I got him to use this Wrist Wrap System" and in -10 he was tying on his own jigs... no problem. He found it to be the answer and will not ice fish without them now. Late fall and spring fishing, he is sure to have them on or real handy if he needs them.

Remember...Keep the ThermaCare wrist wraps Loose, do not exasperate the problem by further restricting blood flow. Just stick the ends together so it lays firmly but loosely on the skin, or adhered to the skin, depending on what pads you go with.

Give this tip a go, I think your Dad will find it useful.

I snooped today and see they have on-line coupons on the ThermaCare web-site now available, that one may download and print. So that will help reduce the cost. I need to stock up for winter myself...saving a buck is saving a buck..right. They come in handy for a lot of things too, lower back...you name it.


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I use leather insulated work gloves, the type with the canvas on the backside.

Find a pair that is supple to begin with. If they are stiff keep looking as your fitting to gripe but stiff means cold.

When they break in further there will be zero stiffness.

Use wetproof on the leather part to water proof.

There is always a second pair along with warm choppers somewhere in my gear in case they get wet or encrusted in ice.

Still use the mitts but keep those gloves in an inside pocket for fishing time.

I can stand a lot of cold but here are some things to do to keep things in your favor.

Bring a towel to dry off the hands after unhooking fish or putting on a minnow.

Lay off the coffee and drink plenty of fluids before you head out the door and throughout the day.

In other words stay hydrated and keep the vessels in your hands open.

Get up and move around to get the blood moving.

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Fantastic tip Ed, I haven't heard of the wrist wraps before but really like the idea.

For gloves I like insulated elkskin gloves - they're warm, they're very soft, the leather resists water for a while especially if treated, and they're big and loose-fitting so I can easily slip them on and shake them off as needed. I can use them to jig with rod and reel if my hands are cold, although they're a little bulkier than I prefer. But one reason I really like them is I can give my wrist a quick shake and shake the glove off if needed, and I can slide my hand back into the glove quickly and easily when needed, so they're very convenient in addition to being warm.

I usually have 3 pairs of elkskin gloves along to make sure I always have a dry pair, and they work great for me. Hope this helps.

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I found that I like fingerless wool gloves with a mitten hood. I can keep my fingers free and if it gets really cold I can fold over the mitten hood.

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