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Sven Saw and pocket chain saw

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Currently I use a 21" bow saw. I've read some reviews on the Sven Saw and it seems people really like them. Besides the portability of folding down so compact what are the advantages of this saw over a traditional bow saw? Basically, does it cut better with less effort? Anyone have experience with those pocket chain saws, aka. survival saw, saber saw? Do they cut any easier or are they just more convenient because they're so compact? Or are they a gimmic?

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I think the Sven saw is liked for it's compactness. But that triangle shape doesn't give you a lot of space for bigger logs. In an emergency situation, a person might get by with one of those hand chain saws, but I wouldn't expect any extended use out of one.

I was a big fan of bowsaws for a couple decades, I guess I'm still a fan, but I've reached the point where I'd like something more compact. And the best saw I've found for how I like to saw is the Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw. Found at the Duluth Pack company. It's one of my favorite pieces of camping gear.

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I'm not sure which brand I have, but it is very similar to the Sven saw. I don't really see the need for a larger saw since sawing through a 12" log sucks. It folds up nice and tight and the design allows you to carry a spare blade without taking up extra space.

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