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Transporting Two Kayaks on Minivan Roof?

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So I've been bitten by the bug after silently lurking on this part of the forums. I bought 12 foot long Future Beach fishing kayak Friday. Looks pretty close to what Dark Cloud has in some of his photos. Got it out this weekend to catch some sunnies and (living on a lake) took my 3 and 5 year olds out for several rides each day. My wife did the same and liked it so much she wants one of her own so we can all go out and said I might as well buy the same model or a fishing one at least so its multipurpose.

So back to my question, how do you all transport more than one kayak on a minivan or vehicle roof - other than buying a rack? We have a solid roof rack on our Chrysler minivan and it handles the one kayak with cris-crossed ratchet straps np. But the width of the van is narrower than two kayaks side by side. I've read some people stack them on top of one another and others suggested to put two kayaks at an angle across the rack. Looking for any thoughts on what people think is best if I don't want to fork out the dough for a fancy specialty rack. THANKS!

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I was actually planning on buying the furture beach sit on top one you did. The store I got mine from swore they had 3 in stock. So after an hour drive and they didnt have em, I did some haggling(complaining) and they sold me the islander/caster for 125$ off, which brought it down to the furture beach's price range. They are almost identical except the adjustable foot rest...

You should be able to get both on a mini-van side by side no problem. I have had em on a focus and a grand cherokee. My two take up about 60 inches, I made my cross supports about 65in. I could get away with less actually because of the way the bottom of the kayak curves up. I bought some of those pad/carriers(about 35$ per set) that are designed for a kayak, they fit right on my cross supports and I lock the rig down with two ratchet straps around the middle and tie downs on the front and back. You could also buy those "thule" type rack that sit the kayaks up on thier side edge. I also use a small 5X8 utility trailer sometimes. With the back gate off it is easier than putting them on top, but the trailer is anoying to pull some places...

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Make longer supports if you need them from 2x4's or crawl up there and find the magic spot on the factory rack. I think you should be able to do it without extra materials, but every boat is a little different. Definitely check out the foam for the yaks. They help lock the boats in well requiring less strapping down.

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Thanks for the tips guys. Enjoy reading all the posts on here. I am going to get the second kayak later this week and play around with placing the two on the van roof. I think I will go with some cross bar supports that go out from the van a bit since the combined width of the two will be about 64 inches and the width of the roof/rack about 20 inches less.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • yea but i've seen you fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😩😜 i've never had issues with hose melting or found it to be inconvenient, but to each there own. i have concidered an 11 lb tank!
    • Here's an old post I found about the WI explosion:   mtbucket Posted February 6, 2012 Thoughts and prayers to this man and his family. It makes me wonder if he was one of the guys that said " I have done it for years with no problems". POLK COUNTY (WCCO) — One person is dead and another is in the hospital after a garage explosion and fire Saturday, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office says the incident occurred at 657 U.S. Highway 8 in Apple River Township. Stanley Johnson, 81, was inside the garage “actively filling a small 1 lb LP cylinder from a larger 20 lb tank” when the small tank ruptured and ignited the escaping gas. Johnson’s wife, 77-year-old Nancy Johnson, was in the garage area when the explosion occurred. She was pronounced deceased on scene. Stanley Johnson was able to escape the garage. He was transported to Amery Regional Medical Center for treatment of his injuries
    • I remember the pictures you posted of your neighbors house. Those pictures along with the news paper article about the guy from WI that blew up his garage and killed his wife were enough to convince me not to refill 1lb tanks.
    • Just my opinion but I find the 1 pounders to be convenient. I used to hook up a hose to my mr. Heater/Cooker years ago and run off a 20 pounder and I almost melted through the hose. I never found dealing with a hose and a tank to be as convenient as using the 1 pounders.    For me, if it were all about saving a couple of bucks, I would just buy my fish in a store. It seems funny to me that guys that spend thousands of dollars to sit on a sheet of ice and catch fish would risk their safety trying to save a couple of bucks on propane.   But again, that's just my opinion.
    • Thanks for all the info fellas! I ended up buying two 140 mm fans, but have only installed one.  I decided to take it one step further and install a thermo fan switch. I actually ended up buying the switch and mounting plate directly from empire for $30. This way the fan cycles with the heat. The switch kicks in about 5 min after the heat turns on and runs from about 5 min after it turns off. Using the switch should keep things more consistent.  I wired it up to a SPDT On-Off-On switch so that I can run it either in thermoswitch mode or manual.   As far as the fans go, the 140 mm seem are quieter and draw less (0.16 amp) than the 120 mm fans due to the reduced RPM requirements. One thing that I did notice though is that although they are rated high on the CFM scale, they do not seem to have near as much pressure as the smaller fans. I understand why that is, but not sure if the lower pressure will make a difference in pushing air over the heat exchanger. That was one reason that I left room for two  
    • A guy would probably want to buy a back up canister, at that price you could buy a 5lb and save a couple bucks. 
    • I like both so I smoke for about 2 hours and finish in dehydrator.
    • will stay with this method. dont want to be filling that thing every night.  I have a dozen that I keep reusing . 
    • 20 pounder in my sled aint gonna happen. 
    • Been there done that. Not worth refilling. I'll stick to my 20 lbers!