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shorefishing for cats:need help

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This year I've had terrible luck shorefishing.I'm looking to go out this afternoon and am looking for some pointers.

I normally try the Mississippi by Ford Dam, Coon Rapids Dam, Mississippi State Park in Anoka etc. Could anyone give me some other decent spots? Not looking to steal your spots-just looking to find out more spots close to the cities, to take my little brother fishing.

Are there any other decent spots on the mississippi not too far from the uptown area? Any good lakes for channels in the area?

Just looking to expand my horizons. Email me at [email protected]

Thanks in advance..just looking to catch some fish

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Like RRR said look to the elk river to monticello section of the river. the average fish in this section runs 20 to 24 inches long and about 3 to 5 lbs.there was larger fish is this area but I was told by a fellow cat guy that last Feburary the monticello nuclear plant shut down for a little bit and in a matter of hours the river dropped from 60 degrees down to 30 degrees and started to freeze. this rapid drop in temp killed off alot of different fish including the bigger cats. I remember last summer there was a guy and his kids down at montissippi park and they hooked into a cat that would have went about 8 to 10 lbs had the line not snapped on them. they are around but you have to be patient. I am 4 for 7 in this section of the mississippi.

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for more info on this area go to the mississippi north forum.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I get it, like the woman in the commercial. You are clever. 
    • Fleet Farm currently has Kingsford 15.4lb x 2 for $8.  About the same per pound as the summer sales.
    • We have a 6 year old Frigidare gas range and the ignitors on the top burners seem to be controlled by a ghost.  Sometimes one doesn't work, sometimes another.  Any ideas?   Thanks for your time. Tom
    • Make sure the adapter wiring matches the diagram on the cover of your female plug-in on your truck too.  Some use the center pin for backup lights,  yet others it is an auxiliary.  Also make sure that the lobe on the male is lining up with the lobe on the female plug-in too.
    • Trailer, one side, brake and turns dont work, same wire, same bulb filament.  Sounds like a ground problem.  With other tow vehicles its ok.  Are these 7 pin to 4s?  Could be the wrong adapter?  Not all 7 to 4 pins are the same.  Sometimes too that bad ground seeks its path through the hitch.  
    • Wrapping up the ice fishing after tomorrow. I’ve never owned a propane auger before this one and the one I have was bought used. Any storage tips?  
    • They are probably wired differently. I’ve seen this happen.    Actually I had a brand new 2015 Silverado 2500 diesel issued to me as a company vehicle and had issues galore with the factory wiring and the gooseneck trailer I was pulling. It was the biggest nightmare I’ve ever had and it was all with the factory Chevy wiring and integrated brake controller.   
    • Not the best time of year to be laying in the cold and slop under a truck tracking down wires but I have done that as well. Sounds like you then need to track down the yellow wire on the truck and see where it may be corroded and shorted somewhere.  
    • Thanks for the response leech. I purchased an adapter similar to that one with the test lights. Both trailers I tried are almost new and both have LEDS. All work great with Moms SUV and Dads truck. I’m thinking it has to be somthing corroded or a broken wire on the truck end. But figuring that out is out of my reach.
    • Sounds like it may be a bad harness on the trailer it's self.  Get one of these and test the truck again. If all works it's time to fix or replace the trailer harness. I've done both on the 5 different snowmobile trailers I have had over the years. It could just be a bad corroded or shorted rear light fixture on that one side or a shorted wire on that side.   ATB 16687 Truck Trailer Vehicle Plug Tester 7 Round Blade 4 Pin Wire Light Brake RV Tow