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missing pics

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My wife bought a Kodak easyshare c913. For some reason some of the pics come up missing when you down load them to the computer. I was thinking it was my computer but it doesn't do it with the other camera. Any ideas what could be the problem?

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Could some be on the card and some on the internal memory? Maybe when they are loading, its only loading from one source? I've had it happen on my easyshare.

One tip - my camera is a little older, but I found it a pain to use the easy share program because it slowed my computer way down. My solution was to go directly into the picture folders. I put the camera on the dock (if it has one), press the send button (if no dock, then just plug it in). Then I would go to "my computer", click the camera (listed as a harddrive). click "picture card" (or internal memory), then click DCIM (dont know what that is), then click the camera name (different for each cam). All the pics should be right there. THEN (the big time saver), I backed up one step to the camera name and created a "shortcut" and placed it on the desktop.

Now, when I plug in the camera, I simply click on the shortcut and I'm right at all the pictures. Then I can cut and paste them into whatever folder I want.

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i have the same camera and same issue. it was that some where on the internal and some on the card. if you read the manual it will tell you how to move them from the interal onto the card so you can get all of them when downloading.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Jeff, did you ever get this resolved?   I don't see a high speed relay for a 2012? There is a blower motor module. The module should have a full time battery and a full time ground. Then there will be a control wire. The control wire should vary voltage depending on the speed request.
    • Sounds like a great trip @jjdubsoutdoors!  Kinda what I was hoping to hear about the lake.  I’ll definitely watch episode 2 and 3.   I had loose plans with some friends to go out there in January but we called it off due to NO ice on the part of the lake we were planning to go to and iffy ice in other areas.  When I called the marina, the owner said he had guys launching their boats yet so bring that instead of ATVs or sleds!
    • We plan on going to Canada next year! Boy, ice was super variable. Anywhere from 3"-15" so we really had to be careful and check as we went. I'm sure by now you could go most places with a snowmobile, but still gotta be careful.
    • Was going to say why not just go to Canada, but it looks like you guys did pretty well for the long drive. How much ice did you have?
    • Drove 16 hours, 1000 miles from Wisconsin to our destination Fort Peck Lake Montana. Our goal was to catch lake trout ice fishing. It wasn't more than 10 minutes into dropping lines in the water that we already had two hookups and one lake trout on the ice. Throughout the day we had steady action pulling lake trout through the ice. Eddie from Lakeridge Motel was super helpful in setting us up on general areas where to go, baits, and techniques. Stay tuned for Episodes Two and Three, the lake trout continued to get bigger each day!   This day we set up on a nice 40-50 foot hump surrounded by deeper 70-80 foot water. Most of them were caught on either big spoons or big jigs with tubes, largo shad, or hair jigs. If you get the chance to ever make it out there, it is definitely a neat lake to check out for some amazing opportunity to catch giant lakers, walleye, and pike. Unfortunately we never made it around to targeting walleye or pike too much, but a few weeks ago a guy pulled up a 34" 16# walleye further up river. What a neat fishery.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i74ShAZoSZg
    • Here is what I would do. Hook up the trailer and turn on the 4 way flashers or hold the brake pedal down. Now you have a known good on the right side to compare to. Go to the fuse box under the hood and locate the "TRL L TRN" and "TRL R TRN" fuses (both 10 amp fuses). With either a test light or a multi meter check the fuses for power. should see 12 volts on both or the test light should illuminate brightly. If the right side does and the left side does not, unplug the trailer and recheck. If the left side fuse now shows power the problem is in between the fuse block and the turn hazard switch or the turn hazard switch itself.   If there is good power at both of the fuses than the problem is in between the fuse block and the trailer plug. Power is going away as soon as you plug in the trailer which tells us there is probably a corroded wire in that circuit. If you where to measure the voltage at the trailer you will probably find there is still a small amount still present on the circuit. Corrosion = resistance = voltage drop under load.   You will be looking for the yellow wire that runs from the fuse block to the trailer plug. There are typically connectors in the harness near the rear of the vehicle. Find that wire in the connector and back probe it with trailer connected. If there is 12 volts the problem is towards the trailer. If there is not 12 volts the problem is towards the fuse block.
    • Bad grounds  make trailer lights do odd things. Tail llights work until you step on the brake then nothing works until you let off the brake. Tail lights off and all the lights flash when using the turn signal. It is likely not a ground issue.
    • Nope.  It has been going on long enough to avoid that. 
    • Sous Vide... 😀 If not sous vide, then a dutch oven with a steamer thing. If it is too big for a dutch oven  with one of those folding steamer things then I would dig out my 18 quart roaster oven .  I think they even come with a rack.  
    • I think maybe Lund was too aggressive with the price increases in recent years of easy money or something.  When I bought my provee in 98, the difference between it and the comparable Alumacraft was only a few hundred bucks on a 20k package.   And the trim on the Lund looked nicer and more durable.     Some years later and I was at a boat show or something and the prices on ProVs had gone up and the difference was much more.      Presumably a deliberate decision to make ProV a premium product and insert a few other models  in there.