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?gut hook?

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Ive been fishing with circle hooks and got sick of missing fish so switched to gamu js anyways ive noticed that they get snagged easier and ive also have been gut hooking fish alot more.My question is should we be just cutting the line or yank yank yank tell you get it out.I know of a study they did with muskies and 90 percent of gut hooked fish died,Ive been cutting the line after a couple minnutes of trying to get them dang hooks out

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Part of the transition from circles to j's is trying to not let the fish go quite as long.... (easier said than done). You should be using a 10/0. most of the time.

With Flats if they are large enough, you should be able to get your hand down in there and work the hook out with your finger with out damaging the fish.

Don't YANK YANK YANK... you will tear and injure the fish. The Hooks are really to large to leave behind.

Be patient, take your time, Hold the fish tight by the lower jaw.. if you have a boat mate have them hold the lower and upper jaw. (keep it from doing a gator roll while your hand is in there) You won't be able to watch whats going on you will have to work by feel, use your index finger and follow it down to the crook of the hook. AS you work you will need to hold the shank of the hook between the thumb and the lower part of your finger close to the knuckle while pushing with the tip of your finger. Try not to let the hook go or it will rehook. AS it comes free you should be using your index finger as a shield pushing on the tip of the hook to prevent a rehook.

You really can't do it with a glove on so prepare for some rash, There have been times I've had my fingers down in the gullet, but I've gotten over 95% of the hooks out. (The bigger the hook and fish the easier it is... If the fish is so small you can't get your hand down, then you have to cut the line.

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no i dont mind getting some rash and slime on my hands and arms but i do mind missing the big ones that will help me beat all you guys on kotc eek putting a bed on my boat ,already have grill and butt paper

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • wow.....thats cool......................hmmm idea for da next bear, whenever i get drawn and get one !!!!!!!!!
    • Well no reason to come back out of the woods or off the lake ice fishing this year at noon on Sundays!  😕
    • I don't get the concept that we won't get anything in return for him.  If you are using that theory look at Kawai Leonard...San Antonio seemed to get something for a guy that everyone knew was not gonna work with San Antonio and everyone said they would only get something from the Lakers but Toronto stepped up made a play and the word is that they may be the front runner on resigning him!  Look at Paul George...he was in the same boat that he was not gonna resign with anyone and the Thunder took a chance and now they have him on the books for years to come cuz he changed his mind.  Players in the NBA seem to change every month as to what they want to do.  Get rid of Butler, get some good assets, and move on.
    • I have about 100 left.  Hoping to use them up before the ice season.  The commercial flats do not have a cover and we slip them into a Menard shopping bag.  I have a 1/3 flat (or so) with a cover that is keeping them inside.  
    • Donbo, I totally get that they will not change things for me as a single individual, and I get how they need to keep things tight laced for public safety and everything.  I just keep getting these bad thoughts about the whole organization.  Last year I did not draw a primary hunt anywhere (tried for 8 with 2 preference points) and my buddy's neighbor hunted in 6 different hunts because he is a coordinator and high up the ranks of the organization.  I would have coordinated a hunt to get the chance and told them that.  I just keep getting back to that good old boys club thing.  Its a great opportunity, it is close to home, but I feel it is managed to the likes of those who have done it forever and are in the group.   I will keep doing it, but that is my thoughts on it. 
    • I haven't hunted with MBRB yet but have a couple buddies that have.  They've all had good and bad things to say about it.  They thought it was very organized and its awesome that you can get access to some good hunting very close to home.  However, they've all been frustrated by the rigidity of the hunts and some of the rules put into place that handcuff you a bit.  For them it became difficult to participate due to the mandatory minimum hunting days and the meeting schedule.  Its understandable that the hunts require you to jump through some hoops as the organizers are trying to appease a lot of important groups (city/county officials, local police, possibly the general public, etc) and they need to make sure that everything is done right in order to protect the future of the MBRB and their access to the different hunt areas. However, those hoops do make it difficult for many people.      My buddies all said they'd do it again but not until right now.  With young kids at home and busy work schedules they are never sure if they can adhere to the time requirements.  We've all talked about giving it a try down the road once the kids are all a bit older and we are able to get away a bit easier. 
    • Had a semi-productive weekend despite being cold and rainy most of the time.    Had a good talk with the neighbor. Gave me lots of tips for the area and shot the breeze for a while. Even though I have repeatedly told him he doesn't need to, he is going to move his stand. Also, found out the 2 parcels south of me have also recently sold, so there may be a bunch of newbies in the area.    A border patrol officer stopped by and chatted with us for a while. He seemed like great guy and resource for the area. He has actually hunted the land I bought in the past and his son took a bear out of there last year.    We got a bridge built. Probably just a temporary solution. Our power poles that we brought up were a little short to make it perfect but it will do it's purpose for now.     Seen 6 deer (or maybe the same group of 3, twice). Even found some bear droppings.    Didn't get much for trails in due to the wet weather but plan to head up again next weekend.    This is looking down the clearing to the east, my property.    Looking to the south. Property line is at the posted sign. Was sitting in this old stand for a while watching deer browse the clearing. 
    • I stopped by one evening at Palmer Lake and talked to the guys coming out at the end of the day a year or two ago.  They were pretty frustrated because they said the city picks out trees they can put their stands in and they were seeing Deer every day but just out of range of the tree.  I said, so they let hunters in to thin the Deer but they wouldn't let them hunt the way they know how to, by picking out their stand spots?  They can't get out of their stands to stalk a Deer as well. 😵  I guess the stand placement and no stalking is for public safety. But that would be a frustrating hunt watch them and can't go after them!
    • Awesome story! That's amazing your Dad can pull off trips like this at 69 yrs old! I can only hope to be in that kind of shape at that age.    Thanks for writing this up!