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Last weekend- fishing with bro and sis

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My sister, Nicole, has had an itch to catch a muskie ever since her son Cody caught one with my brother and me two Falls ago. Here's a couple shots of Cody with his first muskie:



My brother Rod, in the "Indiana Jones hat" above, took her out last year and she had a couple fish chase her around, but they didn't get anything in the boat.

Rod, Nicole, and I went out last weekend for a day. We got up early and fished all day. It was these two yahoos and yours truly (yes, I definitely qualify as a yahoo too!)


The water was pretty murky and stirred up from big wind on Friday, but we hit some good looking structure and found some fish around 9:00. My bro had a follow and a fish hit twice by boatside, but it hit short both times and only nipped the back end of his bucktail- no hooks. Not too long later my sister was working a plastic through some cabbage and I saw her rod tip bounce- she ripped a good hookset into it and not much later she had her first musky! He was HUGE! Well, maybe not huge, but a first musky- she was off the shnied!!!


Not long later I was popping a Suick through the cabbage. My sister commented on how ridiculous the Suick was, "It's just a hunk of wood with hooks on it", she said. I just finished saying "Well, I can work it through cabbage well and fish seem to eat it", and bang- a fish rolled up on it and I set the hooks on this guy:


About an hour later, Rod had a couple follows, but the fish didn't eat his bucktail. Not long later we got in a cabbage filled saddle that we call "The Triangle". It's a spot my brother has done well in- he always seems to catch a fish or two in there (sometimes three in one hour...) Soon, I heard Rod's hook set, saw a big-ol' whale-tail flop out of the water about 30 yards from the boat, and saw a wall of white-watere explode as the fish broke the surface on the hookset. Unfortunately, it was over as soon as it started- he didn't get good hooks in the fish and it was only on for about one full second. She was a good one for sure, but she didn't give him a chance.

Not long after that, the wind completely quit and the lake became like glass. That was basically the end of the activity for the day. We fished the rest of the day, but the only other thing we saw was a big fish rolling around on the surface outside a cabbage bed and a few smallies, mostly on the end of my brother's line.


It was a fun day- not the most fish, not the biggest fish, but we had a hoot. Not too many people are lucky enough to be able to spend a day of goofing off with their siblings and have as much fun as we did.

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looks like a glacial lake background to me? Dont remember seeing many lakes like that around Fargo smile

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