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Dog Jumps off the Boat - Trainer Recomendations

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I don't actually hunt, but my dog wishes she does. I spend a lot of time outside with her and I just want her to have fun and me to have fun. I let her swim and I let her jump off the dock after balls. But when I take her fishing, she wants to jump off the boat and chase whatever lure I casted out.

I pretty strick on training, but I'm also untrained. So I'm looking for a Trainer that could help me with my problem.

Any recommendations would be helpful

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My 1 yr old did this the first time I took her out on prior lake a few weeks ago. I would be fishing and turn around and hear a kerplunk and she was swimming after dragon flies. I would let her swim and then bring her back in the boat and 15 minutes later turn around and Kerplunk again.

The next time we went out i left her leash on and used the "no" and "Sit" and she caught on real quick. Last weekend we were at Red Lake and she didn't jump out of the boat once in 2 full days of fishing.

Leave the leash on and apply a little training to the dog...you can do it.

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You can work with the dog at home and train it with a 'sit mat'. Bsically an old car floor mat or carpet remnant. Teach the dog to sit and stay on the mat until it is released. You can then take the mat into the boat with you and tell the dog to sit on the mat as it's place and do not release him or allow him to roam in the boat.

This is also a good idea for the simple fact that waaay to many dogs get hooks imbedded in them while out 'fishing' with their owners. I actually have never taken a dog fishing with me for that simple fact, but if there was ever a day where I felt I needed a dog in the boat with me, it would be diligently trained to sit in one spot while I was fishing...

Good Luck!


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