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Joining a fishing club, team ??????

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Hello everyone,
I have a few questions i know its too late this year but Ill ask for next year and so on.
1. Do you need a boat to join a team or club?
2. When do the teams start to organize?
3. How does the sign up process go and where do we sign up.
4. When you have tournaments do you fish alone or team up?
5. Do you have both shore fishing and boat fishing categories and clubs?

I used my first year to get my feel of minnesota and next year i would like to get to know some of the faces that go to the names in this forum and learn more about contests, procedures, and tactics. I would also like info on where we can go see tournaments or if i can volunteer with any of the teams doing whatever. "Waterboy anyone" lol well take care and thanks for the responses in advance.

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First, I recommend visiting the Tourney Forum. This is where all of the latest info regarding current and future tournament series and events takes place.

So far the Ice Leaders Series and LETS Series have been team oriented. You don't need a boat, but you will need someone who does.
I recommend posing the question in the Tourney forum. Good place to find a partner.

The Ice Leaders Events obviously don't require boats, just some ice fishing gear.
If you can find someone with snow/ice means of transportation, you have a good chance!

Signing up is through
[email protected]

MOre questions? Hit the Tourney Forum. Good luck and let us know if you have any more questions!

Welcome aboard!!!

Keep the rods bendin'!!!

Jim W

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LETS league is a multi-species league.We fish throught out the state on lakes chosen ahead of time.You fish on a team with one partner,one of you would need a boat.I am not sure when sign up will start for next year but watch the Tourneys forum for more information.
Jim W pretty much covered the Ice Leaders events.
There is also the Catfish league.There you do not need a boat.It is an individual contest but you pick a partner to fish with each week.That person becomes the contest "judge" for you and likewise you for him.You can both fish from shore or go by boat.
I have fished all of these and they are a great time.

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Thank you gentlemen for that information i guess i will hit the tourney forum stock up on fishing gear and join a club next year.....Ice fishing hmmmm lets say this im from south texas i spend x mas in the beach opening my gifts by a BBQ Grill lol. i guess we havent had ice since like 89 lol but im now in minnesota and its getting cold...

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Thanks Scoot!  Yes, we have our bear spray, brought a couple extra cans to keep in our packs besides what we have our on hips.   Hopefully it remains there the whole trip. Going to try and keep this updated during our trip. My son is taking video production class in school, hopefully he can put something together when we get back. Signing off for now, going to have lunch with the wife before I head home, grab the last cooler and pick my son up from school!  
    • It was an okay trip, made the best of it. Changed destination and distance I was willing to travel in those weather conditions. Can't afford to screw up when I'm solo.  More of a winter trip feel than a fall trip. After fishing in 17 degree windchill, I found just hanging out fireside a much better option.   I think I need to do an actual summer BW trip next year, despite the bugs and crowds. Than I can take the fishing part more seriously.   Seen some groups pass by camp, so there were others as crazy as I.
    • Good luck!  Bring bear spray, make sure it's always accessible, and know how to use it. No shortage of grizz in that area. Seems practically every year someone is attacked in the Gravelies.    Have fun and report back!
    • dont look so puzzled, I was correcting the stuff rick posted on fm as per your request.
    • From the left or they buck you off
    • revenge... LOL     But for almost $200 bones more for a Ice 7 then a FL18 not sure how much better?   But for almost $200 bones more for an Ice 7 than an FL18, not sure how much better.     
    • Hummingbird Ice 7.  Yes please fix anything you don't understand that may bug you! 😃
    • 3 years ago I fell for the FLX28 from a FL18 and while I like the quiet I miss the 18. The 28 has a couple advantages but it has so much worthless dump on it my 18 did everything I wanted in a flasher. I sold the 18 to a friend and there's no way he's selling it back. JMHO but that 18 was the best ever. Like others I had a chance to buy at a very low price but still question the decision. As much as I'm tired of these flasher/auger posts this one is actually more about features more than brand bashing. Also a smart post by Rick to get some traffic going. I think this is still the best ice site but wonder why so many disappeared. The rules have been relaxed too, I haven't been banned for 2 or 3 years now. My reputation has a plus sign on it!  Eyeguy, time for some underwater photography?
    • for a ice???  then instead of than??  want me to edit???  ;lol
    • I heard they work a little better on small targets. 😁 But for almost $200 bones more for a Ice 7 then a FL18 not sure how much better? 😮