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Joining a fishing club, team ??????

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Hello everyone,
I have a few questions i know its too late this year but Ill ask for next year and so on.
1. Do you need a boat to join a team or club?
2. When do the teams start to organize?
3. How does the sign up process go and where do we sign up.
4. When you have tournaments do you fish alone or team up?
5. Do you have both shore fishing and boat fishing categories and clubs?

I used my first year to get my feel of minnesota and next year i would like to get to know some of the faces that go to the names in this forum and learn more about contests, procedures, and tactics. I would also like info on where we can go see tournaments or if i can volunteer with any of the teams doing whatever. "Waterboy anyone" lol well take care and thanks for the responses in advance.

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First, I recommend visiting the Tourney Forum. This is where all of the latest info regarding current and future tournament series and events takes place.

So far the Ice Leaders Series and LETS Series have been team oriented. You don't need a boat, but you will need someone who does.
I recommend posing the question in the Tourney forum. Good place to find a partner.

The Ice Leaders Events obviously don't require boats, just some ice fishing gear.
If you can find someone with snow/ice means of transportation, you have a good chance!

Signing up is through
[email protected]

MOre questions? Hit the Tourney Forum. Good luck and let us know if you have any more questions!

Welcome aboard!!!

Keep the rods bendin'!!!

Jim W

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LETS league is a multi-species league.We fish throught out the state on lakes chosen ahead of time.You fish on a team with one partner,one of you would need a boat.I am not sure when sign up will start for next year but watch the Tourneys forum for more information.
Jim W pretty much covered the Ice Leaders events.
There is also the Catfish league.There you do not need a boat.It is an individual contest but you pick a partner to fish with each week.That person becomes the contest "judge" for you and likewise you for him.You can both fish from shore or go by boat.
I have fished all of these and they are a great time.

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Thank you gentlemen for that information i guess i will hit the tourney forum stock up on fishing gear and join a club next year.....Ice fishing hmmmm lets say this im from south texas i spend x mas in the beach opening my gifts by a BBQ Grill lol. i guess we havent had ice since like 89 lol but im now in minnesota and its getting cold...

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • corned beef is right up there but we are now getting into the season where the sales will start!!  love the ruebens too!!!  but it is one thing I never made from scratch, just store bought and cooked...  go for it bobber!!! 
    • Got drawn for the MN B season! Hope the weather cooperates.
    • Did you ever end up making corned beef Thunderlund? or anyone?The Mrs went up to cub yesterday so I had her pick up some c beef from the deli for Ruebens, holy moly they dont give that stuff away!!  I see most recipes call for brisket ( thinking maybe end up kind of stringy) but I do have several chuck roasts,  I'm thinking brining one and give it a whirl..If so how'd it turn out?
    • I use a lighter duty set on the front because they fit tighter and have better clearance. On the back I use  more aggressive v-bars. Sometimes one set isn’t enough and once I got stuck with both sets on. I’m pretty new to this too but for the most part they’ve worked  well for me. 
    • I've used these too. Do you add any meat or whole minnow? Hooked through the back or lip? 
    • Was up there a week ago. We stayed at the Walleye Retreat Lodge but did our own fishing rather than using their houses. First day we went out kind of N-NW of Morris Point into 27' of water. Didn't do too well. Just a couple saugers in the afternoon.    My nephew was up there with another bunch and went out using Adrian's Resort access and did quite well that same day. They gave us waypoints to their location so on day 2 we tried that. It was about 15 miles north in 33' of water. We did much better this day although most were still saugers in the 12" - 13" range. Got a few walleye in the 15" - 19" range and one 21" by your's truly.    Seemed our best success, especially for the walleyes, was dead sticking using a plain hook through the back of rainbows about a foot off the bottom. I talked to one of our neighboring fishermen and he had just landed a 27" walleye.
    • Like others have said, Impulse mayflies on a 3 or 4mm tungsten jig is my go-to for panfish. If you are targeting deeper crappies or big fish only give the Lindy frosted spoons a try, 1/16 works quite well tipped with a minnow head or waxies.
    • WOW!!!  I have read about the electronic reverse problems on DooTalk,,, I have the manual reverse and have not had any issues,,,, Bummer to hear about your engine issue ,,, Hope the dealer gets you up and back on the trails ,,, Who knows when we will get another winter like this again ,,, I do need to get some spare relays one of these days