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hello folks
we have fishing Clubs that control the River banks her in the UK, they rent the Fishing rights from Landowners and Councils etc.
and charge for permits to fish, and Clubs and people organise Lake and River tourneyments and Clubs also have Leagues.
for the Sea Fishing theres no License or Permits required in the UK, but we do have local Clubs in most towns, and also various County wide and National Leagues, I belong to the ISAC "Individual Sea Anglers Club" thats a mostly South Coast Club and we have monthly matches at various places, in Dorset and Hampshire, with League tables and Cash prizes for the matches and also for end of season prizes, with sponserships to.
the most popular Reel for Sea Fishing here in the UK is the Abu Garcia 6500 C3 CT Mag Elite, when that came out in 98 everybody bought them, we also have Penn 525s GS and Mag versions, plus various others including Daiwa 7HTs, but the ABUs rule the beaches.
for the more dedicated hardcore Angler.
rods for serious Surfcasting are either 12 or 13 plus foot long, Multiplier rods for the more keen types, but a lot of people also use large fixed spools for the beach too. some people cant cope with night casting with multipliers, but once you get used to it, its easier in my opinion.
Rods cost 100 pound upwards here for decent ones, up to say 300 pounds for top range Rods,
most people pay 150 for mail order Rods, we also use Tripods rarther than Sand Spikes as they are more stable in the wind and keep the rods up higher. plus if you are Match fishing you can keep 3 Rigs baited up for quick change when re-casting out, we use swivels and rig clips.
so reel in, detach, clip on new, cast in less than a minute. need to do that for speed fishing when the Fish are there.
I myself have a Zziplex Quattra Sport, plus a Daiwa STXS130PM, and just have got rid of a DAM Hyperon Pendulem to a mate.
didnt want to take too many rods to the USA with me, when emmigrate there in June, I also have smaller rods of 9 and 6 foot, for spinning and float work. but to the avergae person on the UK Beach anything less than 9 foot long feels like a toy rod, wink.gif, with our tides and the wind and the weather you need heavy rods to fish here, on the beaches.
plus with our double high tides here in the Solent ( south caost of England) we also have nasty Seaweed in the summer, so need heavy Weights/ Sinkers, also gripped.
for all the heavy tackle we use we dont have many big fish, which is ironic, overfishing by Trawlers etc.
regards malcolm

regards malcolm

LED Headlamps and SeaFishingUK
[email protected]
[email protected]

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