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-A stretch of warm weather and about one inch of rain over the weekend knocked back some of the snow depth. Some ridge tops now have exposed fields. However plenty of snow still exists in the woods. Snowmobile trails in Crawford County are now closed.

The Mississippi River rose after this weekend’s rain. The river stage rose to 8.05 feet, which is up about 4 inches from last week.

Ice conditions in some areas took a beating. Even most of the popular ice fishing spots have upwards of 8 to 12 inches of ice.

Ice conditions vary greatly and are considered unsafe. Ice fishers are urged to use caution when traveling out onto the frozen waters.

The main channel of the Mississippi River is frozen over, but travel on it is not recommended. Another dangerous spot is on the Ambro Slough just upstream from the USFWS boat landing. There, Mill Coulee Creek enters the Ambro Slough and open water/very thin ice exists. Ice fishers must now make sure they wear ice cleats on their boots as very slippery conditions exist on the frozen waters now that all the snow melted. After all the rain, large areas of standing water exists on the ice. Colder weather is expected so those areas should freeze up.

Ice fishing was very good on some days during the warm stretch of weather.

Prairie du Chien Area and Lower bottoms:

Garnet Lake Fishing report has decent ice but access is very dangerous. Fishing activity there has been spotty.

Dilman’s pit fishing report was producing some very nice white bass (stripers) near the bottom of 40 feet of water, but that has slowed recently.

Ice conditions are pretty good except for Rotten Slough, St. Feriole Slough and Hunter’s Slough which are located near the sewer treatment plant. Caution in these areas is advised. Anglers have been fishing between the Blackhawk and Washington Street bridges. Bluegill activity was good, but a lot of small fish were being taken.

Prairie du Chien Ambro Slough Complex: The lower end of Gremore Lake fishing report really slowed down. Even so, some days a few crappie, bluegill and perch were taken.

Tilmont Lake fishing report is still producing, at times, some very nice crappie and perch primarily in the morning or late in the day.

Mud Slough fishing report, the Lower Doubles and Fish Lake have been very slow.

Little Missouri fishing report was hot last week for a few days. Good catches of perch, crappie and bluegill were reported.

Big Missouri fishing report and the Upper Double are starting to produce bluegill and crappie, but action remains spotty.

The Fennimore Cut and Spring Lake fishing report have been spotty also, but a few decent crappie and bluegill along with a perch here and there have been reported. Largemouth bass have been active throughout the Ambro Slough complex. Panfish anglers report catching many undersized bass and few keeper size.

Ice conditions are generally good with the exception of the area around the confluence of Mill Coulee Creek and Ambro Slough. Open water exists there.

Sturgeon Slough Area:

Sturgeon Slough Fishing report has been very quiet recently. Some anglers have ventured down to Sturgeon (aka McGregor or Horseshoe) Lake but success there has been slow. Sturgeon Slough and Sturgeon Lake have good ice, however travel to Sturgeon Lake can be tricky. Stay on established paths. If water levels rise much more, Sturgeon Slough will begin to have water move through it thus causing fishing activity to drop off.

Cold Spring fishing report: Fishing has been very slow. Reports of a few bluegill and crappie have been reported, but overall very slow. Ice conditions on the southern lobe are still good except when you get near the boat landing/stream where open water and very thin ice exists.

Mississippi River Fishing report: Walleye and sauger anglers have been venturing out onto the ice below the Lynxville dam. Ice conditions there vary greatly and day to day. Travel in this area is not advisable. Even so, some anglers have been vertical jigging or dead lining through the ice with a few sauger and an occasional walleye being taken. Ice conditions have been reported as ranging from an inch or two to 6 inches.

Small game hunters found squirrel activity very good during last week’s warmer weather. Squirrel season will close a the end of the month.

Rabbit hunters are reporting average to poor success.

Those who hunt coyotes are finding the breeding season is beginning and there are ample opportunities out there. Some hunters find that wearing snowshoes really helps getting around.

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