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g man46

Northern pike phases?

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A friend of mine caught a northern up in Manitoba that has vertical bars along with the the normal coloring. The guide at the lake told him it was a tiger muskie, but all the tigers I've seen looked nothing like that. I was wondering if pike, like muskies, have phases? I have pictures of the fish in my e-mail, but I do not know how to get it so you can view it. So, if anyone has any ideas on the fish or can help me get the pictures on the post, please let me know.

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g man46 - it's a "Norsky"

I believe the northern you are talking about may be the same as one caught here by a person that I took northern fishing not long ago - my e-mail is [email protected] - send the picture and we'll compare notes. To get a picture posted within FM I've set them to [email protected] and Paul will get it in the works.

I'm guessing it's cross fertilization between a musky and northern pike as you will see in the picture I'll send it's mostly grren and white and doesn't come close to "Tiger" colors or appreance.

Look forward to seeing the picture.


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Well here goes. The link is looooong so I don't know if it will work.

Well, didn't work I will e-mail anyone the picture if you would like.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I have a couple Garmin units for my boat. I'm going to also use one for ice fishing. Got it powered up and started playing with the colors schemes I'd like to use. The only one I like so far is with a blue background. But what I found that I like better is the black background the humminbird uses. Maybe Garmin could do an update to add a black mode. Lol. 
    • How do you keep those solid whole covers from freezing over the hole?
    • The ant moat idea seems interesting.  Go to a second had store or a Goodwill type of place and see if you can find a Bundt pan.  Use that and see how things work out.  
    • Could you be a little more specific on this cocktail timing deal? Size matters! 😏  
    • I have been doing whole prime rib on a weber grill since I was 20 years old and they cost 2.99 lb at the long ago defunct Country Club Market in St. Paul. I put the coals on each side for indirect heat and add salt and pepper and garlic. For the garlic I put the fat side up and take a knife and put holes into the fat down to meat. In each hole I put a garlic clove. I don't add any pellets or wood chips for smoke. I just want to taste that beef cooked in owns fat with a few spices but go ahead and add some smoke to it if that is what you want.
    • The storm last weekend  has moved the birds into the heavy duty winter cover. We had pretty good hunting in the cattails the last couple of days. Perfect weather helped.
    • In my humblest of opinions the simpler the better for prime rib.   Take it out of the refrigerator, salt (kosher) the entire piece and let stand until it's at room temp. Stick it into your smoker/oven at 450-500 degrees until crusted (about 1 cocktail). Lower heat to 325. Have a least 3 cocktails before poking it with a thermometer. Remove once internal temp is 120. Let rest for at least 1 more cocktail Cut and serve with horseradish.
    • In the worst case, the population would have to be held at a low level for a few years, like maybe 5.      I still haven't seen much indication that prions in the dirt are an issue in actuality (as opposed to theoretically).   
    • Fire Mike Preifer now : https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/raiders-nfl/kicking-adjustment-makes-difference-for-raiders-daniel-carlson-1546061/
    • The prions will always be in the soil, so the “clean” population will eventually contract them and we’re back to where we are now.    I love the the idea of trying to control CWD, but I don’t believe we can.