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Uncle Grump

Fishing/Boating Manners

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Hi All

Was fishing on Cedar Lk near Faribault on
Sunday. We got some sunfish and crappie,
but its not the point of this post.

I don't know about the rest of you, but
having someone blast past at full throttle
and then having to ride/wallow in thru the wake - it bothers my neck and back - like
a miniture case of whiplash each time it

I want to THANK all of the boaters - fisherman and pleasure boater - even the
jetski'ers who slow down when going past
a fishing boat - anchored, drifting, trolling, etc. This is something that I
would love to see get taken up by all the boaters in this state.



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Ya, one time i was out fishing on a fairly big lake for sunnies (I actually did real well), and there was this one skier that drove past me for about five minutes. He had the whole lake to fool around but instead he decided to stay in one spot near me. They had no manners at all.

Eat, Sleep, and FISH all day!

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Happened to my partner and I all afternoon long on the Minnewaska tourney. Unbelieveable! We actually got weeded out of one spot because the boats would rather drive/pull their skiers between the shore (40 yards or so) and us, when they had so much room out in the deeper water. Their props churned up the lake so bad we couldn't cast a lure 3 feet off the side of the boat without snagging weeds. They were running boats in thick weeds and 3 feet of water. I just don't get some people.

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As a fisherman, jetskier, and occasional water skier, I couldn't agree more. There area lot of inconsiderate people out there in each of these categories..

The funny thing about jet skiing is that, at least where I have ridden, I've seen way more inconsiderate boaters than jet skiers, even though jet skiers get a bad rap. I imagine this is because people let kids ride them without explaining nautical right of way (on a jet ski, this is "everyone but you", since you're always the most maneuverable craft) and just generally good manners. So they probably screw it up for everyone.

Still, I see a lot of fishing boats go blasting by other boats, as well as skiers/tubers going way too close to shore/docks/boats/etc.

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Uncle Grump,

Good to see your still out fishing!!
Make sure your not too hard on those "whipper snappers"LOL!!

We'll have to hook up again someday, now that I am a proud owner of a fishing float!

The only problem is, not getting on the streams and small rivers like I should!!!

On the topic, as long as there are people concentrated anywhere, there will be a few knuckle heads to spoil or decrease your level of enjoyment!

Some will never learn. It is very similar to a lot of the other fishing issues on the platter! For example catch and release!!!!!
Catching for fun!!!!
Those two concepts are very far from many and their way of approaching the wonderful world of fishing. WIll my children have the same fishing environment???????????????????????
Waaaay off subject sorry!

Take care and keep the rods bendin'!!!

Jim W

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • The steep sides on shore continue and drops off pretty fast.  A good peecentage of the pond is 8-10.  I saw one spot that was 11 foot.     The neighbor says it has springs and it took a bit longer to get walkable ice than it should have considering the size.  I had been out on a couple smaller metro lakes last winter, figured it had to have been frozen pretty good.  Two steps on the pond and fell right through. It didn't seem to suffer from any winterkill last winter.  It doesn't get a lot of weeds.     Still working on a fish survey.  I can confirm that there are big goldfish and bullheads.  I have seen some pretty good size swirls around dusk making me wonder if there aren't a few bass in there.
    • How deep is it?  May be they would care if you drop a few bass and sunnies in it?  😉
    • There are other houses on the pond, nobody has a dock though.  I don't think my neighbors would care, I kinda ran it by the guy on one side.  Because the county plat map has the pond divvied up between 8 different properties on the street, I would think that technically taking a kayak around the pond would be trespassing.  Nobody has complained though and during the winter there were skaters and people running their dogs all over it and nobody asked me for permission.  Not that I care at all.   I don't need a Hatfield / McCoy problem with the neighbors, but at the same time it's my property.  If I had a McMansion on Crystal Lake in Bville nobody could or would complain about me putting a dock out.  
    • For those that knew him.     Great Outdoors (Jim Maki) has passed away. From the various stories heard it seems he died suddenly on his boat dock. It sounds that he was just getting ready to go fishing.               Below is the info found in the Ely Echo.  Jim will be dearly missed among his friends. He had just recently closed the sale of his bait shop and was relieved to find he now some more time to do more fishing and other things.                                    THE ELY ECHO  Submitted by admin1 on Sun, 07/07/2019 - 18:47  James Robert Maki of Ely, 70, died on July 6, at his home on Burntside Lake. He was where he loved to be, doing what he loved, fishing.  Born on August 24, 1948 in Ely Minnesota, Jim was the son of Luella (Erickson) Maki and Robert William (Ropey) Maki. After graduating from Ely High School, Jim joined the Army serving from September 1967 until December 1970. He was in the 173rd Airborne Division,the 41st Battalion, working as an MP. He sustained injuries in Vietnam.  Returning to Ely after his military commitment, he married Rebecca (Becky) Richards on February 5, 1972. He and Becky raised their two children, Krista and Steven, at their home on Burntside Lake. Jim worked at US Steel’s Minntac Plant in Mountain Iron from1971 to 1975 and as a millwright for Inland Steel at the Minorca Plant in Virginia from 1976 until 2003, when he retired. Jim was a member of Steel Workers Local #1938 and Local #6115. Jim also owned and operated the Great Outdoors Bait and Tackle Shop onSheridan Street from 1985 until 2019.  An avid outdoorsman, Jim enjoyed hunting and fishing. In his younger years, he trapped his own bait, and went ricing with his wife and in-laws. He loved the Ely area and was the unofficial ‘mayor’ of Burntside Lake, being the voice of authority regarding fishing and ice conditions.  Jim, who was affectionately known as ‘Jaws’, had the gift of gab and was always up for conversation. He had a story about anybody you could name, fishing advice to share, and was willing to express his political opinion whether you asked or not. He could becleverly funny, entertaining his audiences with humorous tales from his extensive knowledge of Ely’s colorful past.  Above all, Jim was known for his heartfelt concern and interest in people. He devoted many hours coaching youth hockey and was always available to provide support for his friends, family, and even people he just met.  Jim was preceded in death by his parents and his wife Becky. He is survived by his daughter Krista (Shawn) Zurn and son Steven (Katie) Maki and grandchildren Cas Grant, Ayden Maki and Kylee Maki. He is also survived by his loving companion of 20 years, CeliaDomich.  A gathering to remember Jim will be held on July 27 at the Longbranch in Winton from noon to 3 p.m.  
    • Is this any other folks with houses on the pond or do you have the whole thing?  Not sure if they would complain or not if there are?  
    • The crib idea is a bit more than I am looking for.  I just want a 4' x 8' dock section on a little pond.  Trying to keep this around $500.   It is a curious point though.  The pond doesn't even show up as water on some maps even though it's been there forever.  Aerial photographs from the 40s show it in the middle of a cornfield.  The county plat map shows it as water and it shows I own a slice of it across to the other side, as opposed to the normal deal where your property line ends at the water.    Of course for property tax purposes, it's considered lakeshore.    
    • We recently embarked on a paddling, fishing and camping adventure on the Saint Croix River.. We put the Kayaks in at Interstate Park (MN) and our take out point was Marine on St. Croix (16.1 miles downstream). In between those launches we explored the river, back waters, caught multiple different species of fish, camped one night at a primitive site, got rained on and had a blast! I can't wait to get back out on that stretch of river. This video captures a good portion of our adventure.    
    • It didn’t sound like his pond was much of a “waterway” but I get your point.  There are actual dock guidelines/rules published by the DNR that should be referenced.  I’m pretty confident he’d be OK.
    • Nice win last night! That triple play really picked them up. Thought Rogers was going to let another 1 slip away & then he found his curve. Hope they can keep knocking them out of the park.
    • I wonder if down here in the cities, if you would have to get a permit to put in a crib dock since it more of a permanent structure in a water way?  
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