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Welcome North Dakota

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Well Backwater Eddy,
you finally got an additional home.

Let's welcome our North Dakota to the forums here.

As we get enough demand for specific areas in Nrth Dakota and someone to field staff it we will create it for you.

let's see how big you can grow the North Dakota forum(s).

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I feel still to some degree like N.D. is home. Lived there from 1972 to 1988 and from 1991 to 2001. Fished the Red a lot, Devils Lake a good bit, Laretta a fair amount after it got turned from a slough into a lake.

The challenge for you, as I see it, is turning this board into more than simply Devils Lake, which draws far more anglers, especially in winter, than any other body of N.D. water.

Although, judging from the few Devils Lake posts, you may not have much of a challenge after all.

By the way, ever notice how many Wisconsin license plates you see plowing around the ice on Devils Lake? What is it about D.L. that brings in the cheeseheads?

Steve ([email protected])

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Just let us know when they are fishing Devils Lake and Loretta and we will all be happy. I never want to be the first on the ice but surely don't want to be the last!
Thinking Maple Lake by Mentor might be my first spot out.

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I am more prone to hang tight to rivers, even in the winter, but eventually I do wonder on the big ice.

So far I have not got any word of any safe or even close to safe ice in the region. Warm weather is on the way again for a few days so that will slow that down too.

It is the in-between time now, kinda frustrating Eh.

Just be darn cautious folks, no need to rush anything, safe is better then wet or worse.

Backwater Eddy..><sUMo>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"
[email protected]

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Thanks big d, I wanna give it a shot as well!!
    • The recipe I sort of followed said to cook it for 15-17 minutes at 350 but it took about 25-30 minutes to get the potatoes done even though I sliced them thin.   It's worth a try. We do a shrimp boil sometimes when we go camping with a group. I do it in the turkey pot and follow the recipe from Old Bay seasoning w-e-b-s-i-t-e except I like to add some chicken as well. It is very good and everyone loves it. 
    • How long and what temp did you cook this? Looks really good I want to give it a try now.
    • Chops, brats, asparagus, onions and mushrooms in the foil and a little Malbec
    • Shrimp boil in foil packets on the pellet grill. Potatoes, corn, Andouille sausage, shrimp, lemon slices, butter and Cajun seasoning. I usually use some Old Bay in my shrimp boil but I was out and didn't know it until I started putting it all together.      
    • Hello from Sunset Lodge!

      In Minnesota, walleyes and pike have been found using crank-baits on the south side of Oak Island.  Walleye have also been caught pulling spinners in 26-30 feet using gold and green.
      In Ontario, walleye have been very active using pink and orange jigs on the breaks of reefs or casting shallow crank-baits in 8-12 feet by rocky shoreline points.  A good mixed bag of smallmouth and pike have been found with the walleye as well.
      Musky fishing has really picked up with lots of fish over 40+ inches.  Fishing sand and weedy bays near rock reefs have produced well using buck-tails, small crank-baits and top-water baits. 

      Until next week!
      Sunset Lodge
    • Looks like a great summer time meal! 
    • That was my wife taking a Snapchat vid of the kids, my daughter took that picture..  steak night is probably my favorite night, but taco night is a close second lol
    • At the all-star break and man did I blow it with the predictions lol.   Other than Rosario and Escobar not really much to get too excited about.   Nice home-stand before the break but its already been a big disappointing season. Of all the late 90''s  teams that were just awful and then the recent  90+ loss teams repeatedly over and over, this years team has to be the most frustrating of them all. Definitely a regression.   Buxton/Sano I dont want the team to give up on them but good grief. After some progress last year I think everyone was expected big things from both of them. I would say give up on them but players like these always go on to shine somewhere else when the Twins let them go.   Mauer has been ok, nothing great but good to see him back hitting again after his stint on the DL.   Morrison dug himself too big of hole to get out of with a terrible start at the plate. A few signs of power but not enough.   Dozier is losing millions with a bad first half. So much for him signing a big deal somewhere else and the Twins getting something for him if he is traded.   The new pitchers Odorizzi and Lynn haven't been great. Gibson has been better than expected but too bad he cant get any run support he has pitched well all year. I like Berrios, good young pitcher still making improvement. Its too bad Santana hasn't been able to get back up and contribute yet.   I hope they don't make any foolish decisions and trade and try to make a run. They don't have a chance at the wild card and even though Cleveland isn't completely dominating I don't see the Twins overtaking them in the division.