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Winter 2010 Icefishing Reports and Ramblings

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Iv'e been itching bigtime to start this thread and when I climbed into my stand this afternoon I got the "ok" to start it...



Looking at the long range I think we'll be fishing the week after the Ice Show...

Last year we were fishng december 5th but that was way early. Heres a few pictures from that day to get the blood flowing...



So ramble and report away... What new "stuff" are you guys planning on getting this year?

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Kappy - Nice to see you here! I'll be at the ice show this weekend but plan on being on the ice come monday. Tank checked our pond today and maybe an inch...

With the forecasted temps for friday im sure those elevated and protected lakes will have someone on them this weekend...

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Oh...... who's getting ready!! any day now!! I'm taking the little guy to the Ice Show Friday night to get us ramped up... hope to see a few of you there.

AW.... I talked with kyle and we will agree to take you out and show you how to hard water fish.... pay for nine lessons and we will throw the tenth in free!!

yep i gotta get it started!! wink

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LOL... I do thunder... heck LJ has got my LX-5 and I'm fishing Blind this year!! But from what i hear I can probably use Frank's.... Think he's moving to Delaware soon..... smile

And I think "Tip-Up Timmy" said he's putting on a Tip-up Clinic this year?? or is that just rumor???

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The Bills, Browns and Red Sox all have a city before their name.

The Yankees are now called "The Amazon.com Yankees"your one stop shopping store. You can buy anything there...even a World Series Championship sick

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Vanessa and I took the entire "Madison County Tour Of Lakes"

E-banks ice has recessed a little, Moraine will probably be the first again this season...maybe Lebanon? Bradley, Hatch, Erieville, Dyruter and Caz are all open. The water level on the Resevoirs mentioned above (not the Lakes) are down lower than I have ever seen in 25 years confused

Updates will come accordingly!!!

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