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I.B.O.T. FEST!!!

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FishingMN.com Family
Posts: 1718
Registered: Mar 2001
posted 06-03-2004 10:56 PM
this is the formal announcement for 2004 I.B.O.T. festival!!
i just talked to tim at west wind, to verify the dates, and we are a big GO!!!
this year should be even bigger than last year, with most of those who attended and all of the newcomers, we have record breaking capabilities
the hog is lined up,as is the hog roaster, and if the response is great enough we can get two hogs, and a second roaster. these will come equiped with chain and locks not to be opened at 4:30 in the morning by any other than the appointed hog cookers. the things we learn along the way.
festivities will include surprise auctions, of unspecified personal belongings. who knows one of the items might be the "GREEN HORNET"!! how long do you suppose i would live after that? bet it would bring top buck.
maybe i could throw in a signature sieries hand pounded custom fit one piece lead body suit?
maybe toes will toss a tinfoil hat in for good measure.
i can talk to the gambler to see if he will add to the assortment, the jigglestick voo doo doll he has been relentlessly stabbing for the past four years. [email protected] thing has got to be about wore out by now!
tim asked if we could put together another shoreline cleanup crew for saturday morning. he has a section of shoreline that has not been cleaned up yet, and is in serious need.
anyone who has not been involved in the shoreline cleanup, should do their best to help out, as it is a good eye opener, and will reinforce good habits allready in place for most of us, and bring to light the disregard some have for the lake.
there will be ample opportunity to join the I.B.O.T.'s and get clamped.
my kids have been practising with potatoe chip bag closures for the last month. i don't know where they get it from??
it sounds like ninetoes has metalica lined up to perform saturday evening for your listening pleasure.
those who would like to come to this years event are welcome to join in.
the when is, june 25-26-27 2004(fri-sat-sun)
the where is, west wind bar and restaraunt.
for those who would like to sign up for any of the list of duties, to help lighten the load, feel free to email, or post here.
we were thinking of charging a minimal fee of 5 dollars per head, or 10 dollars per family, to help cover the costs incured.
we do not want to proffit, merely cover the costs.
this is fun for all ages, so bring your spouse, and your children.
any ??'s post here and we will do our best to answer them.
thanks, and i hope to see you all there!!!
an "all chapters, charter member" jigglestick I.B.O.T.#5 have you clamped today???

an "all chapters, charter member" jigglestick I.B.O.T.#5 have you clamped today???

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This might sound like a stupid question but when in 2004 is this shindig? Sounds like fun. Oops sorry I missed the dates the first time I read the post

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