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Curiously Quiet Prelude to 1st Metro Event

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Are you guys staying down there on Fri, nite? We are staying at Camp Lacopulis. If any of you are staying in the area the night before, we should meet up.

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Planning on coming down Saturday morning... Will be a tough one but we will make it also presumibly with Bud & Wiser!!!

Oh yea I am one part of the Crystal Connection. My partner fished pool 4 two or three weeks ago and found some decent eyes, with a 9 lb, northern also! So I am following his lead.

See you all down there and take it easy on the new guys would ya please?

Watch your bobber!!!

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Yea for those that fished last year, this is probably going to add about 20 minutes onto your trip, but the fishing is well worth it. The fishing should be very good if the weather holds for all of us. Hopefully that weather forecast will change a bit between now and then...

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I am operating on an extended kitchen pass already this spring so I better just head down early on Saturday.....

I need my beauty sleep......

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Alright, I hope you guys in the Metro division are just being secretive. Last year we always had some talking on line before the event. I suppose if you all just want to concede defeat to unstoppable duo of "The bald and the Beautiful" then we will gracefully accept. By the way, I am the beautiful part of the team name.

I made it down with Mr. Clean (the bald one) to prefish last weekend. It was tough finding fish. We found a handful of good ones, but it was tough.

Has anyone else been fishing down there this week?? If so, where are they? What were you catching them on? and I'd like some GPS coordinates please.

I will have my secret weapons with me on Saturday. Mr. Bud and Mr. Weiser. It might be a slow day for fishing.......(or not).

Be careful getting out of the launch area. The bridge is narrow and Mr. Clean bumped the piling pretty good. A boat with 90" of beam or more fits really tight through there. Make sure you're paying attention and having your partner watch the other side of the boat.

P.S. This is an awful long way from the METRO. Plan accordingly.


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Don't you mean the "Bold and the Beautiful?" Sounds like we have ourselves a new soap opera team to me grin.gif New reality show, starring you and Lance grin.gif Brian and I don't need GPS coordinates, we just follow our senses wink.gif I hope you bring plenty of your secret weapon, you're gonna need it grin.gif LOL

Ok, all joking aside, I'm looking forward to seeing you again and getting a chance to BS a little. Hanging out with you at the catfish event this past winter was a lot of fun, see you on saturday! Take care!

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Outdoors
Metro Area Ice Fishing, Team Catch-N, and more...

[email protected]
Catch-N Tackle and Bio Bait
Stone Legacy
JR's Tackle

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • That's interesting. I would believe fish gorge themselves then go a day or two without eating.  They probably don't eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and second dinner like I do!
    • If you're confined to the sleeper then your results are going to be hit or miss and your odds of a really epic day aren't very good.  You'll probably catch some fish in the sleeper but I have yet to experience a truly great day by just staying in the sleeper.     Like others have said Cookies on Red Lake is a good option.  I've stayed with him before and he moved the house for us on Saturday afternoon when we only had a handful of fish by then.  The bite didn't pick up substantially with the move but its nice to know the guy is doing everything he can to give you a good trip.   I haven't stayed with Johnny P at Red Lake Remote but I've heard nothing but good things.    I think if you explained your experience to any of those guys they'll do their very best to give you an epic day but of course they can only do so much.   Do you usually come up with a bunch of other people or by yourself?  Maybe there is a way to get you out in a more mobile set up where you can go punch a bunch of holes and go find the fish.  From my experience there really isn't a trick to fishing Red Lake its all about moving around drilling lots of holes until you get on them.   Just find a spot without anyone else around and start drilling.  
    • i'm hoping santa brings me some!!!!!!!!!!!! but i've been told i havent been all the good the past year!!!!!!!!😩
    • Plan on an archery tag again this spring.  Only Minnesota, hope to someday hunt a Merriams somewhere.
    • not sure how accurate this is, but i read once that a fish will eat its weight once every 3 days????????????
    • I was at Cabelas over the weekend and they had a sign at the fish tanks with the feeding schedule. They only feed them 3 times a week, and there are some really nice sunnies and crappies in those tanks. Made me wonder how often fish actually eat. Also gave me a great excuse for all those times I go out and get skunked.
    • As Leech said, I would contact Johnny P with Red Lake Remotes. He used to post a lot on this site and seemed to know the lake like the back of his hand. He started a few years ago with just portable houses in order to go "remote" but now has sleeper houses.  
    • try some bigger baits that rattle and glow or are really flashy. Something like a rippin rap,  chubby darter, clam time bomb or other big lures that make a lot of noise or have lots of beads or something that rattles to make noise. rip them high in the water until you call in fish and then jig less aggressively when fish come in closer.     Are you going to catch fish on them, maybe not but they will draw in fish to your area hopefully you can entice them to bite on your other rod. or once you call them in, switch to a smaller presentation.   the other thing is try to target different areas of the water column. not all walleyes feed right on the bottom. the more aggressive and bigger walleye might be right below the ice or suspended up from the bottom.
    • May be we can all chip in a buy you some. You can get qty 60 rings for $19.99 on-line!  😁   Bulk Canning Bands - Regular Mouth SKU: 1213830 In Stock  $19.99 Log in to add to your wishlist! BENEFITS OF BUYING CANNING BANDS IN BULK Never run short on canning bands again! Buy in bulk, save money and have plenty of bands on hand when you need them. Use on any standard canning jars 60 bands per pack USA made
    • Hole liners would help too. Do you use them?  I think some of that happens in all houses that sit a while with heat on. If a fan is forcing heat down from the ceiling into a marginally/uninsulated floor a ton of heat transfers. Just a guess.