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ICE Series - Mille Lacs Press Release

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If you can get the following to your local paper, we would very much appreciate it. smile.gif

For Immediate Release
January 9, 2004

Rick Paquin 507-455-1504
[email protected]

I.C.E. Series Mille Lacs Challenge offers fun and learning for everyone

January 6, 2004 - Garrison, MN
On the heels of a fantastic Lake Winnibigoshish event, the I.C.E. Series turns its attention to the expansive frozen waters of Mille Lacs. Apropos of any true world-class fishery, anglers here often find their challenges met with glorious rewards: Walleyes galore, including unheralded numbers of 24 to 28-inchers; gator-sized northern pike rivaling any water in Minnesota; a increasingly burgeoning population of yellow perch; overlooked ciscoes that provide wonderful sport on panfish tackle; aggressive eelpout that mysteriously disappear in summer; crappies and sunfish of ponderous proportion, veiled in location, yet perhaps not so rare as perceived. Each fish can yield success, for the I.C.E. Series rewards anglers able to score on multiple species. It's also why, at the conclusion of the series, the top angler will be justly dubbed "Ice Fishing World Champion."

As participants gather at Fisher's Resort Saturday, January 24 and Sunday, January 25, fishing, food, fun, piles of great prizes and more promise another delightful ICE Leader's event. Saturday is tournament day, as anglers hit the ice at 8am, returning for a 2pm weigh-in. Top scoring fishermen receive trophies (see www.iceleaders.com for official tournament rules). Meanwhile many participants will also go home with some of the hottest new products on the ice scene. Sponsor prizes include:

路 Marcum LX-3 ice system 路 Otter Den ice shelter
路 Eskimo Barracuda power auger 路 Eskimo Quickflip ice shelter
路 Yukon Tracks hats 路 Thorne Brother's custom ice rod
路 LakeMaster lake maps 路 Custom Jigs and Spins tackle kit
路 Stone Legacy's "Unbucket" 路 Fishing DVD's by FishFever
路 Catch-N Tackle lures 路 Ryan's Racks ATV rack
路 Ice Buster Bobbers 路 Jammin Jigs and more!

In addition to great prize giveaways, industry experts and professional anglers will conduct seminars and product demonstrations right on the ice. A tailgate-style feast fit for any hungry angler caps off Saturday's festivities. On Sunday participants can further their fun and learning by joining guides, sponsors and FishingMinnesota.com Pro Staff for a full day of instructional fishing.

That's the I.C.E. Series: a fishing tournament, a meal, expert hands-on fishing instruction, prizes, new friends, and even a day's guided fishing on a renowned fishery. It's all this and more for about the same cost as bait. So sign up soon. Advanced registration for the event costs a mere $10, and must be done no later than January 17 by visiting the registration page on www.iceleaders.com. Tickets can also be purchased at the event for $15. Advanced registration guarantees a Saturday meal. For lodging information contact Fisher's Resort at (866) 684-2221. Lodging space may fill quickly, so advanced reservations are recommended. For more information about this and other ICE Series events, visit www.iceleaders.com or call Dave Hoggard at (507) 455-0152.

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I will try to get this to the paper, and I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but I think that most newspapers will look at this as advertising because you are charging an entry fee. It may get in some papers, but you may find some unwilling to run it as is (unless you pay the going rate for advertising).

By the way...
"...crappies and sunfish of ponderous proportion, veiled in location, yet perhaps not so rare as perceived."
Who talks like that?
Sorry, man. Had to go there...

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I don't know, maybe newspapaer editorial staff write like that or talk like that. They are pretty smart folks and know their wordsmithing pretty good.

As for papers running a good number are already going to run it.

Jarrod, looks you see the world as the glass half empty ehhh?

I will give you a tip, if you look at it as half empty, guess what.... it most certainly is.

on the other hand....

If you look at it as half full, guess what smile.gif

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I very much appreciate your tips too by the way. smile.gif

I just had to play a little there.

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Well, my wife is the editor of the paper here, and that is their policy...if there is a fee, it is considered advertising. I know that not all newspapers have the same policies...good to know that the word is getting out.

As for the glass being half full or half empty, well, it depends on what's in the glass... smile.gif

See you at Winni tomorrow morning...

[This message has been edited by Jarrod32 (edited 01-09-2004).]

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Hey Jarrod,
what a coincidence, my wife is a news editor at a nespaper. They won't run the press release because she's my wife and they worry about the appearnace of conflict of interest.

If you were at the Winnie event, I must have talked to you and not known it.

Anyway, those of you that can, please get the Press release at the very top of this topic out to your favorite newspaper.

They will sit up and notice it's a public interest press release if enough of you send it to them.

We appreciate all the help we can get here.

Some of you are also in the newspaper business. Your help is especially valuable.

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Yeah...I work for the City, and she covers City business, so we have to always be wary of conflict issues. But that's another discussion altogether.

And yeah..you saw me at Winni. I had to put that slot walleye back down the hole...

[This message has been edited by Jarrod32 (edited 01-12-2004).]

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Thank you very much Gretchen.

The timing should be fine all the way through next week Tuesday.

If anyone else can send it to their local paper we would very much appreciate it.

Hope to see you there as well smile.gif

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