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Surface Tension

2nd Annual Burntside Bash

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The Burntside Bash is a mini Ice leaders event also. I'd like to encourage every one to get registered ahead of time so we get an idea how many people we have.
Your entry fee will entitle you to my Famous Fire Hole Chili to accompany your grill ables. We'll have paper plates, bowls, utensil along with condiments for you. You'll also be competing for the Worlds Greatest Fishermen title and awarded a trophy. If that isn't enough we have some great prizes to be raffled off.

Otter Den Ice Shelter

Eskimo Barracuda Auger
Un Bucket
Stone Legacy Hole Covers
Rod Straps by Today's Tackle
Snakors by SMI - Soderbloom Manufacturing, Inc. Maker of the QuickSet Ice Shelter.

Certificate For
**Guided Fishing trip with Fishing Mn's** Jim W. One day stream or small river wading for smallmouth and trout in SE MN with.
Call Jim to schedule a day "spin-fishing" for Brown trout and Smallmouth bass.

We want to thank all the companies that have donated these great products. I also would like to thank our very own Jim W. for the the Guided Fishing Trip. If your familiar with the forum you'll know Jim W for his expertise on rivers along with his great sense of humor. Thanks Jim. I owe you big.

We are using the same rules as the Ice Leaders Event with these amendments.
Species are Lake Trout and Pike.
Only one fish per species may entered.
All fish Must be weighed in by 2 PM.
We'll be meeting at the the HQ at 7 AM
Contest starts at 8 AM.
Must be present to win.

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[This message has been edited by Surface Tension (edited 01-15-2004).]

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Thanks for the news, looking forward to the drive!
Question regarding the flier. It reads, "no teams except father and son". Can you clarify that?
Also, there is a fee this year? Is this just for Father Son combo's or everyone who steps foot on the lake?lol

Thanks and really looking forward to my first
nice laker through the ice!

Jim W

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Bash is the last weekend in January on Burntside Lake near Ely.

There is no fee for the "bash." For the Ice Leaders lake event, there is a $10 advance fee with $15 the day of the event. The Ice Leaders competition is a Saturday-only event, while the bash will run Saturday and Sunday for those willing and eager to spend two days on one of Minnesota's most easily accessible laker lakes (divers have documented lakers over 25 lbs in B-side. Last year's biggest ice laker was 17 lbs, caught off Blueberry Island.) In four trips to B-side last year, I had three limits and one day with two fish (this year's new inland limits are down to two fish per person.)

In other words, anyone who wants to can come out on the ice and have a Burntside Bash great time free of charge. There'll be the headquarters tent and grills, so bring your own fluids and food. Those who want to compete for trophies and be in the running for drawn prizes (prizes to be announced soon, I hope) pay the entry fee.

We're hoping to set it up so folks who have fished lakers before can unofficially partner with laker rookies and give them some spots/tips. But that's still in the works. grin.gif

If you trust us a little bit, you'll see that Chunky in particular (who bore almost the whole expense of last year's inaugural bash on his shoulders) and S.T. and I can put on wingding of a deal.

"Worry less, fish more."
Steve Foss
[email protected]

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Would you mind posting on the duluth/range forum when online registration is open for "the bash"? So far only the main 4 events are on the registration page.

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suggestions for next year, have it 2nd weekend in feb. that way I know I can make it for sure. have to do the canada thing this year. thats ok thou, many lakers.

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Thanks Mike, my registration is in!!! Although I'm more hopeful of picking up a raffle prize than one of the big fish prizes wink.gif I'll talk to ya before opener to try and firm up a meet with Jim.

PS: There is fresh venison in the freezer, will definitly marinade some up for the bash smile.gif

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Well we're getting close. I'd urge pre registration for the cool raffles. Posters went out this week. Thank you to all who contributed to this event! I realize it's not a full blown Ice Series but man it's gonna be fun. Xplorer and I were out on opener and fish were bitin' so sign up and lets have a blast!


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • You might be right.  The only common denominator between all of the kickers that have encountered major issues while with the Vikings is Priefer.  He has built the Special Teams unit into a Special Needs unit.  How they can under preform every year and break down at the most critical times and it not come back on Priefer is really mind boggling.  
    • Congrats whippersnapper.   When are you going to get your wings and throw a get together?👈👈☝️👍😁❤😁
    • Some radio's can be really power hungry. I'd just use a simple bluetooth speaker or some sort of standalone boom box of sorts (for example my makita radio can run for around 50 hours on a single battery). If your lights are not already switch them over to LED. Both of these are easily done to reduce current draw. If you search amazon you can also buy and install PWM led dimmers on all your lights, only turn them up as bright as needed. The great thing about PWM is it reduces your current draw unlike resistor based dimmers of past. Lastly I would take an actual reading at the battery and right where its wired (your results should be very close) when your alarm goes off. You may have a bad Co/lp alarm or the following issues that increase resistance to your alarm in turn dropping the voltage it sees: poor connections, too small of gauge wiring, excessive wire length.
    • There's nothing amusing, or even confusing as to why it happens.  It would be more confusing if outdoorsmen didn't overharvest.  Look no further than Harden's Tragedy of the Commons.       There's a near perfect correlation with the amount of free public resources and the inferior quality of those resources.  This is why reservations are largely wilderness ghettos.  It's why Red Lake collapsed.  The student loan bubble.  This is also why urban ghettos are looted every time there is a riot.  Subsidized housing, drinking water, livestock farming etc.     When people aren't responsible for the effects their actions have on the system they're impacting, those systems will fail.  But hey, keep helping the state buy up all the land and monopolize the lakes.  Maybe someday enough of that insanity will yield a different result.  
    • First off, you need to figure out you amp loading.... how many amps does your furnace take, lights, radio etc. and how long do they run. That should give you your amp hr rating. Then match your battery requirement up with the right amount of amp hours.  Not all batteries are created equal based on size. For example, a group 27 can range from 60-100 amp hrs.    Here is a good site for calculating battery requirements https://www.batterystuff.com/kb/tools/calculator-sizing-a-battery-to-a-load.html  
    • Hey it's my Anniversary old man!   2001 I may not have even been Internet born then? 😄
    • I think Priefer has dirt on the wilfs. That guy should have been fired years ago
    • Gave the Lakemaster chip to my son, he has the E-trex 30x using it in the BWCA as it runs on AA batteries. Uses BaseCamp to create BWCA routes.
    • I learned how to encrypt all digital media near my fishin’ holes.  Hopefully that explains it. 😁