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Payout on Cat Classic?

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There was 42 teams paid up as of Friday night at the rules meeting, and the cash was pro-rated acordingly by the format listed in the rules. See the link Rick posted for the format and payout details.

The big fish "Boss Hog" pots was signiicant for both days. Don't miss out on that if you enter in 2003! None of the top placers won the "Boss Hog" pots in 2002.

There will be many more teams in 2003, the way it looks 65 will be the cut off. Get in early to gain an early launch number for day #1. Day #2 launch order is set in order of finish on day #1.

The event will likely be based from Selkirk Park in 2003? Those details will come soon for 2003.

Look for a web site to be set up for details on the 2003 Cats Classic, including rules as well as deadlines for entry.

As soon as I get the details I will pass them along.

Backwater Eddy..><,sUMo,>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"

[email protected]

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1ST Dean Opatz & Nick Vendel (MN) $3,500 + Trophies 183.30

2ND Ed Carlson & Shanon Bredeson (ND) $1,600 + Trophies 181.60

3RD Mark White & Nick Harris (MB) $1,000 + Trophies 180.50

4TH Leonard & Karen Trevena (SK) $900 177.65

5TH Michael Haney & Norman Tucker (NE) $800 177.35

6TH Charlie Thomas (IL) & Jim Moyer (TN) $700 175.15

7TH Dan Maddox & John Jenkins (NE) $600 170.15

8TH Rene Dube & Frank Cyr (MB) $500 167.55

9TH Maurice Sutherland & Rods, Reels & Line from 167.20
William Sutherland (MB) United Army Surplus Sales

10TH Mike Hedlund & Mark Swenson (MN) Rods, Reels & Line from 165.25
United Army Surplus Sales

11TH Rick Corbett & Brian Smith (ND) Net & Tackle Boxes from 164.60
United Army Surplus Sales

12TH Dallas Stevenson & Anne Marshall (MB) Net & Tackle Boxes from 164.25
United Army Surplus Sales

13TH Phil Boiteau & Rick Thiessen (MB) A 2 Nights Stay for 2 People 163.05
at the Rivercrest Motor Hotel

14TH Jeff Anderson (MN) & Dave Larsen (ND) A 2 Nights Stay for 2 People 159.90
at the Rivercrest Motor Hotel

15TH Tom Stennes & Jim Benson (MN) A 2 Nights Stay for 2 People 159.70
at the Daerwood Motor Inn

16TH Mike Rougeau & Brian Buchan (MB) 158.60

17TH Dan Dippel & Joe Dyer (IL) 154.75

18TH Marv & Juanita Miller (IL) 153.75

(continued on Page 2-)
- 2 -


19TH Rod Findley & Chase Sperry (CO) 150.65

20TH Nick & Allen Gorda (MB) AM-FM Radios from 144.50

21ST Ray Fawcett & Maurice Bouvier (MB) 143.95

22ND Larry Dorsch and Tim Hager (NE) 139.05

23RD Brent & Lyle Thompson (MB) 134.20

24TH Steve Tuttle & Les Vaughn (IA) 133.25

25TH Pat Lennox & Peter McKenzie (MB) 2 Prizes from Lockport Mohawk 123.80
and Barney Gargles in Selkirk

26TH Tom Walters & John Torres (NE) 123.05

27TH Dan Sramcik & Brian Block (NE) 122.75

28TH Darrell Dolinski & Ron Gerth (MB) 116.45

29TH Mike Sutherland & Floyd Flett (MB) 115.15

30TH Eric Thompson & Ray Lee (ND) 2 Tackle Boxes from 111.50
Skinners Restaurants

31ST Marshal Monk (MN) 111.30 & Kent Ludtke (ND)

32ND Robert Crawford & Bill Wade (IL) 107.90

33RD Curtis Homer & Paul Theberge (MB) 97.55

34TH David & Tom Molotowsky (MB) 96.25

35TH Dennis Sande & Tim Long (MN) 72.70

36TH Bob Sutherland & Stephen Murdock (MB) 71.75

37TH Todd Pagel & Randy Smith (WI) 68.85

38TH Gary & Bonnie Mounce (NE) 64.70

39TH Dale & Gary Snowdon (MB) 36.60

40TH Zeke Ivory & Daniel Stimpson (MB) 2 Trophies & 2 Putters from 22.25
Dale Esopenko Enterprises
- 3 -


Darrell Dolinski & Ron Gerth (MB) 32.60 lbs $500


Michael Haney & Norman Tucker (NE) 26.60 lbs $485



Total Weight of All Eligible Fish - 5,332.75 lbs

Total Number of Eligible Fish - 264 Fish

Average Weight of All Eligible Fish - 20.20 lbs


Total Weight of All Eligible Fish - 6,251.85 lbs

Total Number of Eligible Fish - 323

Average Weight of All Eligible Fish - 19.35 lbs


Saturday, August 17th: The 80 anglers and the weigh teams had to
endure driving rain all morning with the wind
speed increasing up to 70 km/hr from the NW in
the afternoon. In the afternoon the temperature
only reached 15 C (60 F). It was truly a day of
misery for the anglers and the weigh teams who
tried desperately hard to keep their electronic
scales and receipt books as dry as possible.

Sunday, August 18th: It was very calm at start time and the day started
out with broken clouds. The temperature reached
about 22 C (71 F) by 2:00 p.m. It was a much more
enjoyable day of fishing for the 74 anglers who
ventured out.

- 4 -


Number of Fish Weighing 15 lbs and Under = 27

Number of Fish Weighing 16 lbs = 20

Number of Fish Weighing 17 lbs = 25

Number of Fish Weighing 18 lbs = 34

Number of Fish Weighing 19 lbs = 41

Number of Fish Weighing 20 lbs = 45

Number of Fish Weighing 21 lbs = 46

Number of Fish Weighing 22 lbs = 26

Number of Fish Weighing 23 lbs = 13

Number of Fish Weighing 24 lbs = 9

Number of Fish Weighing 25 lbs = 8

Number of Fish Weighing 26 lbs = 2

Number of Fish Weighing 27 lbs = 4

Number of Fish Weighing 28 lbs and Over = 1

Total Fish Weighed By the Judges = 301

The Largest Fish in the Tournament Weighed 32.6 lbs

To all those anglers who competed in the 2002 Cats On The Red Catfish Classic
Stu McKay and I hope you enjoyed yourselves. As Tourney Co-Chairman I sincerely
apologize to those teams who had to exchange their prizes as the result of an error in
our weight recordings for a couple of teams. We hope when the tournament is held
next year that each team will have a representative checking out its total weight for
both days at the scorekeeper’s table. See Rule #9 for this year’s tournament.

This Final Report Prepared By: Dan Sernyk, Tournament Co-Chairman

Prepared On: Wednesday, August 21, 2002

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I was wondering what the payout for the Classic was, how many entries, low pay? Thank you.

Get 'er done

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Thanks Eddy,
Congrats on your 2nd place finish!! Hoping to fish in the tourny next year, but need to spend a day with you to learn a little about the Red.

Get 'er done

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It is a GREAT event!

I highly recomend anyone interested in sumo cats and a bit of friendly competition be sure to get in on the action in 2003.

It is a win-win type event, way too much fun to miss....Eh.


Backwater Eddy..><,sUMo,>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"

[email protected]

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I think 2 out of 3 actually gets them in for sure.  Washington, Eagles, and Carolina are the next 3 teams and they are all in worse shape then we are.  Washington is on their 4th QB, Eagles looks to be without Wentz against the Rams this week, and Carolina has lost the last 5 in a row and has to face the Saints 2 out of the next 3 weeks.    No matter what there is going to be a lousy team in the 6th seed.       
    • Well even if the Vikings happen to sneak thru the back door into the playoffs, there are 20 other teams that would be happy to be in that spot.     And who knows, anything can happen when you get into the tournament. AND NO I'm not drinking purple Kool aid.  Yet!!
    • The Vikes are a dumpster fire right now for sure!    Glad they ditched Flippo, that was a failed experiment. Really hoping they get rid of Priefer soon, too, as our special teams have been far from special for the last few years.    They don't deserve to make the playoffs at this point, but if they win out, they will make it.  Will this move propel them to make a run if they do make it?  Anything is possible, but we all know what happens to the Vikes in big-time games. So, I'm not gonna hold my breath!     
    • A way to kill the prion. As far as I know, it survives indefinitely. If we can kill it, we actually have a chance of wiping it off the face of the earth.  Until then, it's a winless battle, IMO.    As far as your last comment, not sure why that was brought up if you weren't directing it at me, or at least think I fit this generalization... Not sure where in any post that I have ever made, you'd get the slightest idea that I was the type of person you describe. While I am for limited govt, and reeling in some rules and regulations, I am overall an adamant supporter of most of our fish and game laws. When it comes to what is currently taking place to "control" CWD, I don't think it's working, and I think other avenues need to be explored in more detail. I've stated that I'm pretty fluid on my opinion on CWD, so part of me sees what is taking place as maybe being necessary, but, seeing the end results thus far, it appears to not be working.     
    • Only 10 years? Seems like much more.......😉😁😄
    • Sounds pretty friggin awesome to me. Still, for the couple hundred that it costs spraying is definitely worth it
    • I would bet the first time you seen it the OH Ship factor came to mind.
    • Thanks all for the feedback. The very first time I visited Upper Red - it was with Johnny P and he was awesome.  However he was not out on his own like he is now.  I've followed him over the years and am impressed with his  new setup.....probably time to give him another shot with his new outfit. After the folks that Johnny was with sold their houses to Beacon Harbor...I just followed the houses and have been using them.  Super nice people.  Always willing to offer some tips as well as move the house whenever I ask. The reason I think Upper Red and Beacon Harbor appeals to me is that when I fly in (from Utah), I can rent my car - pick up groceries - and drive out to the house.  I only have to pay for the house rental.  Other places I've looked at on LOTW pretty much have you coming in each night...so you pay for a day house and you pay for lodging at night. Going with others - where they take you out to your hut - I guess I just need to figure out how to pack things better so I don't feel like I am an inconvenience.     When I do come up - its usually by myself.  I enjoy the solitude.  4-5 days in a house in almost total silence.  Bliss.  However there have been times when I have brought a friend or last year I brought my son for his first trip.  He will be coming again with me this year. I guess another part would be expenses.  Depending on the flights available...I'm spending $600-$900 just on travel to get there.  So that takes a bit of my budget and forces me to look for the most cost effective options.  Double that if I bring my son. Maybe I'll skip next year and be back in 2020....I'll save my allowance and have a bit more to put towards Johnny or even a different lake.   Thanks Rundrave, I'll try the bigger options to draw them in.  I guess I am not use to using the larger baits just because of the way I am use to ice fishing.  I have the tackle....just need to be confident enough to give them a try!   I do have electronics...if I see fish I can usually catch them.  I agree - Its most likely location and no fish rather than not being able to catch the fish that are there.   Because I fly in and have to fit everything in my bag - I usually don't pack my outdoor gear (parka, bibs, boots, etc.).  But a few years ago I packed an extra bag with all that and then spent a day out of the house and hired a guide to take me out.  It was Brian "Bro".  And it was awesome.   I guess maybe I just need to change my frame of mind.  Plan better with being able to bring my gear, get more mobile, explore other options.   I loved my experience with Johnny.  I'll look up Cookie as well.   Thanks again for all the feedback - truly appreciated. If any of you will be on the lake the 27-31....feel free to stop by and say hello!
    • Well yesterday marks 10 years of craziness on this web page for me.  The time has gone by fast and I have met a lot of great folks along the way. I tried to do a slide show but I’m just not that good on that stuff so here is a long group of pictures of just some of the folks I have met and enjoyed fishing, GTG's and sledding with from this site. There were many more met at GTG’s and other fishing and sledding trips but I just didn’t get pictures of them all. 🙁 Some I met just for one outing and others I have done many trips with over the years. I joined to mainly “Leech” fishing and hunting ideas and spots off all you folks but instead I met and had great times with a lot of you.  Meeting and getting out in the Outdoors with folks is what this site should really be about along with sharing ideas.  Here’s to the next 10 years and all the adventures to come! 🙂 Leech~~ Matts.bmp J's fish.bmp