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Have you ever considered listing the winners equipment when you post results.
This way us manufactures can have a little competative fun.
Hail the day as the Tip N Jig will be the choice of the top ten.

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Really good idea Alan, but I for one am not about to give free advertising to companies who do not sponsor this site or our tourneys. I use, as do others a vast amount of gear and equipment that is made by companies not affiliated with this site......yet.
By us making these events more fun and making them more accessable to the "average Joe", I believe that MANY companies are missing the boat on this one. Once they realize that this is a great way to advertise and so forth, we can start to use names of products while talking about winning strategies. We do already, with those companies who do sponsor this site and our events, such as Scenic Tackle.
If we begin to name everything we use, what is the incentive for these companies to spend advertising dollars here? Absolutely none, why pay for something you are already getting for free. But thats just MHO smile.gif

Gull Guide Service
Brainerd-Mille Lacs-Willmar

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Thanx for opening the door. I really understand the endorsement/sponsorship world.
In the late 70's early 80's my job was a grandprix motorcycle factory rider. I come from a world where, after the race, someone else would change my cap and shirt before the next camera shot. Even the stickers on the tool towers were paid space.
Today, as a manufacturers agent we invest $200,000.00 plus plus plus (lot's of sweat)to manufacture and bring our product to market. And that's okay. It's what you put behind your hopes and dreams.
One thing I've noted is that manufacturers have too much on their plate. Their world is based on things like; ounzes of plastic per injection, machine speeds and such - Things you can touch.
Maybe we should create a manufacturers competion with in each event. One hour or so.
Where there's four seperate types of contests. One contest could be - ice fishing teams and within each manufacturers team there's a line of products huts drills, buckets, Tip N Jig,the whole nine yards.
The idea works like a pit crew race against time thing. A team of ?? headed by a pro guide gets the "Complete Ice Fishing Adventure Kit" from the shore to set-up and working on ice. This kinda thing pulls T.V. and if you want to pull public audience you put the "Complete Ice Fishing Adventure Kits" up for grabs via the TV stations who cover the event.
If we we get enough positive comments alanmunroe.com would launch a manufacturers challenge and e-blitz the manufacturing sector.
What say thee!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Camera are great. Shielded wire or wireless I use both. rl-sd good info on shielded, wireless I use 5.8ghz drone trans/rcvr effective and inexpensive all 12v run multiple devices, TV, monitors, tablet, smart phone.   Forced Air Furcace - only way to go. Ventless has CO issue and will put .8 gallons of water/moisture inside your house for every 20# of propane burned. If you go ventless bring a torch the following morning as the door will most likely be froze shut. I have a 6.5 x 12 WH, 19,000 BTU Suburban vented furnace well insulated took 9 min to heat from 8 deg to 70 deg. You will probably need to go to 25,000 minimum. My cealing at 82" and air duct to center of house & 4" round to door no ceiling fans. Have balanced temp all areas of house. On my next build I will add a second floor 2" and have a 12 x 2" channel from furnace to back of house with 8 x 2 multi channels to sides to duct heat. Fill other area with additional insulation.     I don't sleep in mine so no bunks and no range hood.   I would go all 12v lighting. Smaller flexible stranded wire, no A/C interference. Lights available equivelent to 75 watt only white, not yellow. You can get remote dimmers for about $12. I made mine 4 years ago putting 50 50 bright white strips in RV lights. Bottom lighting  pic before I put the new Suburban furnace in.  
    • Congrats on your 10 years Steve!! Made me look too, and it says since 8-11-2000..........    Holy carp, thats a long time ago!! Back in the day we used to have some pretty big get togethers on the Duluth forum.  Many B-side Bash's, a few garbage clean-ups, and a couple Lake Superior get togethers. I've met alot of folks from on here up on URL back in those old days of the Crappie Boom.  IBOT's and clamping, oh my😂      
    • I had my old boss once point out the number of posts I've made here.   " But that comes out to be just less than one post a day."   "I guess you are right, carry on."   And of course, I was also a member of Team Timeout a couple times myself.          
    • I do most of my posting at work so its a miracle I'm still employed.    Also I don't think you can call yourself a true member of the forum unless you've been put on time out at least once.  Back in the day I had a few time outs but I never knew why.  Whichever mod did it never informed me or gave me a reason.  
    • Most everyone on this site has been in the coroner at least twice, especially if they have been around for 10 years plus. I know I've been and I still have the same name since 2002-even though the date shows 2006, why I don't know.
    • Nope can't say I have been sick. I visit my parents in the old folks home so maybe that will be a good test. I may need to find another chunk of two to last me the winter. I kinda enjoy being in the woods and looking for it.
    • Make sure you use shielded cable vs wiring rca ends onto standard 16 gauge wire other wise you will have interference from your other 12 and 120 volt wiring.  More insulation = less btus needed. At the very least I would spray the floor. Going to want to go 30k if you aren’t going to spray foam the walls Depends on location. 30” is optimal. If on the side of the house versus back, I would go 24” because the are nicer to sit on. I have a 36” for my fold down top bunk and it works well to sleep my 7 & 8 year old Are they nice? Yes. Are they a nessecity? No. I don’t have one and moisture has never been an issue. The only prob I have is cooking bacon in the house.... I love bacon but when u cook it in the house it lingers for days, but not sure the vent would totally solve this LED!!!!! You need to decide whether you’re going to have a generator and how long you want to run it. If you think that you’re going to constantly run a generator then you probably want to have more 120 V lights in the last 12 V lights. If you’re not going to run a generator that often or not at all then you would want to cut down in the number of 120 V lights.  Three way switches are in valuable within a fish house. Being able to switch on the entire bank of lights by the door and also by the rear bunk is very nice when you hear the rattle real go off in the middle of the night. I have three double pancake LED lights in my house that can be switched on and off individually one light or too light per fixture. I then ran the input power through a three way switch so that I can shut each light down individually or shut the whole works off as one. Hall lights are also very important, we used LED Leison plate lights and they work awesome
    • Been sick at all since starting to use it?  Friends of mine have been using it for a few years religiously for one reason or another.  They keep a jug of it next to the coffee pot.