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Welcome Kris Hailey

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I was just looking around in here when I noticed your name up as moderater. I'm not sure how long its been there and so sorry for the late Welcome.

Please come introduce yourself to us. Or have I missed that also?


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I'll let her know. She doesn't have internet at work anymore so she's been a little quiet. Check out the hot bites video "walleyes and plastics winnie walleye bite" That's her in the starring role!!

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Hi Mary...thank you for the welcome...I have been depressed latley because i dont have internet at work anymore, (bummer) so i have to go on and check things out when i get home from work..


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HI Chris & Kris,

I'm still waiting for the vidio to load. I have the slow hook up. The last time I did this was when I was trying to listen to Daves radio show and forgot all about it until all of a sudden there was a voice coming from my computer and I almost jumped out of my computer chair. LOL!

We haven't gotten out fishing as much this year. We had high water due to all the rain and had to take our boat out. Last weekend Guy finally got our dock and lift back to normal and the boat back on the lift.

We went out a little while on the 4th but that was a mistake. To much boat traffic to fish. I'm hoping this weekend we will finally get out and do some serious fishing and hopefully catching.

I know what its like being with out a computer. I spend a lot of time in the summer up at our camper and needless to say don't have a computer there. When I'm there I don't really miss it to much.

Take Care <><Mary><>

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Hey welcome Kris; I too did not see your name up there until I just checked in. We have not gone fishing yet, but did get the boat in the water on Sunday for swimming with the grandkids. Our weather has been the worst ever. I ran into a couple at the dock that was out for the first time last weekend - at least it was our second. grin.gif

Anyway, glad to see a new name up on the board. We need all the help we can get around here.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • i use the same husky bag for my helix setup works great.
    • Ice Team partnered with Navionics for a handful of online webinars.  These are pretty cool.  I thought the HSO group would get a kick out of them.  Not always easy to make all of the seminars in-person, especially when you live across the country from some of them, so these webinars offer-up a unique opportunity.  Here are the details on the ones coming up if anyone is interested...   When: December 11th, 8:00 PM EST Topic: How to Attract Fish to You on the Ice with Mark Martin. Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7012356799514703874?source=Navionics+News    When: December 19th, 8:00 PM EST Topic: Improving Your Lake Trout Ice Fishing Tactics with Bernie Keefe. Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/82867287788632833?source=Navionics+News     Enjoy!
    • Nice set up. Husky also makes a lunch bag that seems to work well for ice fishing electronics. I reinforced the top lid to support my tablet and put a switch, 12v outlet & 3 port phone charger to one side. I like the extra storage on back for cables and 2 water holders for my chargers. Use the 9ah 12v lead acid battery for power. Has carry handle when closed.
    • You guys may be right.  May as well start draining every dam lake with invasive species in it to make sure it's stopped, cut down ever dam Ash tree, start shooting every Sparrow, Pheasant and netting all the Smelt out of Superior that will take some time. But we can do it!!!  Insert crazy emoticon here: 😵
    • Lots of reality here.   Seriously, if we truly want to wipe out CWD, all deer/elk farms need to be wiped out, all natural deer scents need to be banned and taken out of production and every single deer/elk anywhere near a positive CWD infected area needs to be wiped out. Every last one of them! And then, all deer that are found in these areas for at least 10 years need to be destroyed.    Is this a sacrifice the state is willing to make? Not a chance! So we fall to the only other option, we adapt and live with it. 
    • It's always fun to rig up your own custom stuff then paying a bunch of money for things that may not work as well.  Looks like it should do the trick for you!  🙂
    • Dude, do you know how to use the emoticons?  It's always good to use one of these when making a Joke!  🙂 😀 😅 😂  😉
    • All deer in SE MN need to be wiped out.  90% herd reduction isn't going to stop the disease.  It is wreckless and stupid to do any less.  The whole state herd is going to go in the toilet if the SE guys don't get on the triggers and get their situation under control.  This talk of us vs the deer farms is a stupid smokescreen designed to try to take the focus off private land owners that don't want to cooperate with the mitigation plan.       Anything less will set the stage for CWD to roll hard to the north and get into the big woods where there will be zero chance of ever finding every deer.   
    • Gettin er done.    I have to take the "T" that the transducer pipe goes through to work so I can open the ID so the pipe can slide freely. 
    • I have a couple Garmin units for my boat. I'm going to also use one for ice fishing. Got it powered up and started playing with the colors schemes I'd like to use. The only one I like so far is with a blue background. But what I found that I like better is the black background the humminbird uses. Maybe Garmin could do an update to add a black mode. Lol.