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Southern Mn Leading Edge Tournement Series

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Hey everyone interested in fishing this league. Catch'n has posted the info in the LETS and FM Gatherings forum. Under Southern MN. LETS. This promises to be a fun league with 4 events scheduled from June thru Sept. We already have a sponser in Catch'n tackle so besides the payouts there will be additional prizes. Thanks Dave! For more info on this league check out the LETS and FM forum or email me at [email protected] This promises to be a fun league, so come on and sign up and see what all the talk is about.

Ladies this is a good opportunity to show the guys that the ladies are as good or better than them! smile.gif I wanted to post this here to give you gals an opportunity to see it and respond. These leagues aren't just for the guys. I know the ladies did very well in the Ice Series. So if your interested sign up and have some fun! This league is multi-species so anyone can win one of these events. I've seen where a limit of crappies and sunnies has won. Hope to see some of you sign up. smile.gif
Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • try some bigger baits that rattle and glow or are really flashy. Something like a rippin rap,  chubby darter, clam time bomb or other big lures that make a lot of noise or have lots of beads or something that rattles to make noise. rip them high in the water until you call in fish and then jig less aggressively when fish come in closer.     Are you going to catch fish on them, maybe not but they will draw in fish to your area hopefully you can entice them to bite on your other rod. or once you call them in, switch to a smaller presentation.   the other thing is try to target different areas of the water column. not all walleyes feed right on the bottom. the more aggressive and bigger walleye might be right below the ice or suspended up from the bottom.
    • May be we can all chip in a buy you some. You can get qty 60 rings for $19.99 on-line!  😁   Bulk Canning Bands - Regular Mouth SKU: 1213830 In Stock  $19.99 Log in to add to your wishlist! BENEFITS OF BUYING CANNING BANDS IN BULK Never run short on canning bands again! Buy in bulk, save money and have plenty of bands on hand when you need them. Use on any standard canning jars 60 bands per pack USA made
    • Hole liners would help too. Do you use them?  I think some of that happens in all houses that sit a while with heat on. If a fan is forcing heat down from the ceiling into a marginally/uninsulated floor a ton of heat transfers. Just a guess. 
    • never injected prime rib, never seen the need when they are so good just seasoned on the outer layer...
    • Hoping for MN A season, just applied for WI E season. Our annual WI trip. I will pick up a season C also in the leftover tags hopefully if time allows.   NE archery only for the first couple weeks and SD .  
    • Hey I got new rings on 2 of them. I told you already I'm a work in progress.
    • Nice!  🙂 But, for the Love of GOD!  Buy some new dam rings already you cheap skate!! 😂
    • Day 2 of pickled norderns!
    • What are you talking about huh? edits are good! 😉