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danny berg

Good home for dog

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Posted this last Fri in a couple of other topics and not a single response. Thought you ladies would know of someone looking for a pet thet need lots of love.....

Need to find a good home for a dog that was “ LIBERATED FROM AN ABUSIVE HOME”, This dog is a Chocolate lab mix about 2 years old. The dog was liberated from somebody who didn’t have any business with a dog. Instead of teaching the dog to not chase and kill chickens, they shot it in the leg, instead of taking it to a vet to neuter it, they used the castration ring used for pigs.. I am fairly sure they beat the dog silly also. I have had this dog in my home for three weeks now, and when yelling at my dog for being obnoxious, this dog ran and hid under the bed thinking it was going to get beat. It took three days for this dog to warm up to me now I can’t keep him out of my lap. The dog is not house trained, and it has never been on a leash. (he has chewed up 2 collars and 5 leashes). Whenever I put him on a leash he seems to lock up. He seems to get along with my dog ok, although I have noticed a couple of scars on both dogs that I didn’t see a couple of days ago.
I really don’t think this dog will work for hunting, but you never know. I am more inclined thinking that this dog would be more of a pet for a family in the country .If I had more time to devote to another dog I would probably keep this dog for myself, but just don't have the time for another dog.
If you would like this dog or know of a better home for it I can be contacted @ 952-955-3669 or e-mail me @ [email protected]
By the way the dog’s name is Scoobey like the cartoon dog

Thank You


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