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Have You Seen The New Cabela's Outlet Store?

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Hubby got a gift certificate from Cabela's for his B-Day. We just happen to go on the day of the grand opening of their new outlet store. I think you Ladies will like it. It has a lot of decorations and furniture for our homes. Many really neat pictures.

There must have been a million people there that day. I was busy looking for someone with a FM hat, shirt or jacket on, but didn't see anyone.

Hubby had a Fennwick rod that got broken earlier this year. Even thow he didn't buy it there they told him to bring it back to them and they would replace it. So the next day he did. They didn't have the same rod so they gave him his money back for it. Not cash but a gift card that he had to spend there. Fennwick must really stand behind their products.


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Fenwick is now part of the Berkley family, called Pure Fishing. It's still the super rod it always has been -- in my opinion.

Nice that Cabela's honored the warranty even tho it wasn't bought there.

We buzzed past Cabela's on I-35 in a heavy rainstorm last week and I saw the Outlet sign. Now I know what it is. Will stop next trip.

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Sorry for being ignorant, but where is the outlet store? I know where Cabela's is, but not sure where the outlet store is. Or is it in the Cabela's store?

Yes, Clayton, Fenwick is part of Pure Fishing. Along with Berkley, Mitchell, Garcia, Johnson and Red Wolf. Fenwick does have a great Warranty. It ranks up there with St. Croix, Falcon and Loomis.

Hey Where do I get some FM apparel? Like Stickers, Hats, Jackets???

Happy Fishing smile.gif

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The outlet store is just south of Cabela's. Where that air plane museum use to be. You can get the FM stuff right here check out the top of the page.

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You can find the Berkley outlet on the web and at their store in Spirit Lake Iowa.


I have sent them lots of orders and I am VERY pleased at the service and quality of the gear or tackle.

You can get great deals on bulk mono XL, XT, and others too, like $3.00 a pound. First quality stuff too. You can use the 1-800# and see what they have handy and they will ship it in 3 days or less.

Over the years I have bought many rods and reels from them and they all were just what they said they would be. You can save a ton of cash if you keep a eye on their site!

Backwater Eddy..><,sUMo,>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"

[email protected]


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Had to go back and see if it was you that posted this one: 😀
    • World famous. Browned pork, Italian seasoning, onions, garlic. Then hash browns with cheese.
    • Season is young yet fellas, hopefully it stays dry for a while, we ran into lots of water and crops as well. The kid dropped the only rooster we saw on Saturday , lots of hens though. The neighbor out that away saw a small brood of chicks 2 weeks ago, real late hatch but hopefully they came out ok in the rain last week.
    • Spent a week grouse hunting around Grand Rapids. Left on Saturday Oct 13 because I tired of running into Ruffed Grouse Society yahoos using Minnesota birds to bring in $$$ so they can buy more white pickups with Ruffed Grouse Society painted on the side driven by PHD's that are clueless as to why there was such a disparity between the 2017 drumming count and the actual number of birds on the ground. Saw or heard a total of 12 grouse and 7 woodcock for the week. My experience was the same as knoppers.   
    • Saw nothing yesterday. Too many crops and too much water everywhere.
    • I thought that was what it was.   Thanks for the ID.
    • yea they eat up the acorns. I have soo many acorns, the tree rats cannot put a dent in them.
    • I have always liked the blue jays also. SO much food here they all get along pretty well. 
    • parise looks very slow out there, he was terrible in OT. hopefully the wild can turn this poor play around soon.
    • OK I am now a fan of blue jays. had a woodpecker, a larger one, not the downy on my house, it pecked a few times, I pounded on the wall it flew off into the tree, as I watched it through the window, it landed on the side of the garage ready to go to business, and a blue jay flew at it and chased it off, it happened two times, then the woodpecker flew off. I also had a blue jay chase off bees, they made a paper nest on my eaves in one day, I watched a blue jay land on it, and jump around, the bees would come out, the jay would fly off. then the jay repeated this numerous times until the nest fell off, bees left.