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disabled veteran deer hunt

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Looking to take a disabled veteran deer hunting during the slug or muzzleloader hunting opener. This hunt is in sw mn on very prime land near marshall. Will be hunting out of towers and there is a short walk involved with a ravine to cross but not to bad. If anyone knows of a responsible veteran who would like to deer hunt but doesn't have the land let me know.

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You might want to try to contact the DNR the do a disabled hunt at camp ripley and you might be able to find someone thier.

My hat is off to you for doing or trying to help a veteran enjoy the sport again.

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One could contact your local Vets office or check out the VFW for disabled vets. I have to believe the VFW board could offers some suggestions of a few disabled vets. There are plenty of them thats for sure.

This is one very nice gesture your doing for those who otherwise could not go and enjoy the great outdoors.

I help guide a handi-capped person every season for a hunt that is put on just for disabled people. The sportsman group thast puts this hunt on every year advertises in a few Vets magazine's and a few other places and we get plenty of requests to go.

My hats off to you for offering what you are. The feeling you will get helping these disabled people is better than shooting the largest buck around. When they are crying when they thank you, It about puts one in tears. They are so thankful for what you have done for them.

Just a special thanks to those who have served.

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Harvey Lee has good advice.

Contact the Marshall VFW or Marshall American Legion. Another resource is the Veterans Affairs office for Lyon county. I'll bet ya a box of beer they know of more than one disabled vet that is chomping at the bit to go.

Awesome gesture on your part.

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Thanks Harvey lee.


I got it from a card received and it said anonymous. But I did some checking and you are correct, it does look like John E. Southard did say something very similar, perhaps the card company changed it so they could say anonymous?

None the less, I agree .. Smart Man.


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