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i think i got some sort of koi..........no pics >:(

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i got a fish out of the cannon river the other day that i believe was some sort of koi.

its sides were golden like normal, but it had patches of peach and bright red on its stomache and gills and its back was almost purple.

no pictures beacuse my dad had the camera with him (he was in a completely different part of the river mad) and i wanted to get the fish back as soon as possible.

anyone ever see this?????

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I have seen koi in a couple lakes where I fish, and am still trying to catch them. One's white with orange spots, the other one is black and gold. They were probably illegally stocked, or they were the offspring of illegally stocked fish. I think that they are the same species as common carp, but with a long pedigree of selective breeding. Yes, it's quite possible that you caught a koi.

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It was probably some type of Koi, probably from someone who bought one for a fish tank or outdoor pond and didn't want it anymore. Koi are basically regular scaled common carp bred in fancy colors. Rumor has it when these fish breed in the wild (if they make it...their bright color leaves them open to predators) after a generation or 2 they revert back to the normal bronze color of common carp.

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sweet! so far this year i have added: goldfish/common carp hybrid, mirror carp, ghost carp and now koi to my lifelist.

i'm having one heck of a year

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