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Wolf hunt in Idaho

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2 confirmed kills thus far, a total of 220 will be allowed to be harvested. Ready for a similar hunt in MN and WI.

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They are no longer considered endangered in MT and ID while they are in all other lower 48. Wyoming was an exception under some circumstances for a while last year and I know a few were killed there until they were reclassified as endangered.

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mrklean, you're right the state will be required to wait five years before any type of hunting or season is allowed. The question I have when it comes to the five years, is that five consecutive years or does the state get credit for the time we have had for the periods that they were delisted(march 2007) than relisted(sept 2008) than delisted(may 2009) and again relisted(june 2009). I figure the state has a good year and a half of good time coming to them. The lastest change as I understand it, in June was that there was no public notice or comment period prior to the wolves be delisted and when the state decides to procede with it again they will have to have a comment period for 60 days. When that time comes make sure your voice is heard and get this back where it belongs in the states hands.

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i would like to see a hunt, i think it could bring good money to the state, i bet someone would pay big money for a wolve tag

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I remember the pictures you posted of your neighbors house. Those pictures along with the news paper article about the guy from WI that blew up his garage and killed his wife were enough to convince me not to refill 1lb tanks.
    • Just my opinion but I find the 1 pounders to be convenient. I used to hook up a hose to my mr. Heater/Cooker years ago and run off a 20 pounder and I almost melted through the hose. I never found dealing with a hose and a tank to be as convenient as using the 1 pounders.    For me, if it were all about saving a couple of bucks, I would just buy my fish in a store. It seems funny to me that guys that spend thousands of dollars to sit on a sheet of ice and catch fish would risk their safety trying to save a couple of bucks on propane.   But again, that's just my opinion.
    • Thanks for all the info fellas! I ended up buying two 140 mm fans, but have only installed one.  I decided to take it one step further and install a thermo fan switch. I actually ended up buying the switch and mounting plate directly from empire for $30. This way the fan cycles with the heat. The switch kicks in about 5 min after the heat turns on and runs from about 5 min after it turns off. Using the switch should keep things more consistent.  I wired it up to a SPDT On-Off-On switch so that I can run it either in thermoswitch mode or manual.   As far as the fans go, the 140 mm seem are quieter and draw less (0.16 amp) than the 120 mm fans due to the reduced RPM requirements. One thing that I did notice though is that although they are rated high on the CFM scale, they do not seem to have near as much pressure as the smaller fans. I understand why that is, but not sure if the lower pressure will make a difference in pushing air over the heat exchanger. That was one reason that I left room for two  
    • A guy would probably want to buy a back up canister, at that price you could buy a 5lb and save a couple bucks. 
    • I like both so I smoke for about 2 hours and finish in dehydrator.
    • will stay with this method. dont want to be filling that thing every night.  I have a dozen that I keep reusing . 
    • 20 pounder in my sled aint gonna happen. 
    • Been there done that. Not worth refilling. I'll stick to my 20 lbers!
    • https://www.menards.com/main/heating-cooling/propane-tanks/steel-1-lb-refillable-cylinder-with-refill-kit/ysn1lbkt/p-1491546053102.htm   Only $34.99 at Menards. That looks like the real ticket. Personally I would never re-fill those coleman 1 lbers. They aren't made for it and it seems dangerous to me. This kit comes with one refillable cylinder so you might need to buy one or two more but then they are supposedly good for 12 years. I think I might buy myself one for the holidays.
    • It is super good, but tasted it from a buddy who got it made from a locker.  I know a couple of ingredients like maple syrup and honey but thats about it.