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Go to any lake on a nice day look around how many women do you see? You see women fishing with their husbands or boyfriends, girls fishing with their dads. Take a good look at their faces and you'll see that they are enjoying every minute of it and most likely out fishing their male partners.
Most women don't give fishing much thought because its just something they do when their partners or families want to do it. They don't think of it as their sport. They think of it mostly as a mans sport, but an okay thing to do when they are with them. I know I use to be one of these ladys. I would be the first one to suggest it, but wouldn't dream of going and doing it by my self.

As I have gotten older my LOVE for FISHING has grown. I started learning more about it. I began doing a lot more on my own. I started baiting my own hooks and taking off my own fish. I learned how to operate and drive our boat. Theres not much I can't do on my own now when it comes to fishing. When the fishing magazines come I'm the first one to read them. I pick out my own fishing gear from advise I've gotten or adds I've read or things that just look good to me.

Now don't take me wrong my favorite fishing partner in the whole world is my husband (Guy). I love the time we spend together fishing. We have been married for 26 years now so I'm a firm beleiver that the couple that fish together stays together. I've just taken control of the sport that I love. I also have more free time then he does and know longer do I have to wait until he can go with me.

I just can't help thinking that there are a lot of women out there that would enjoy fishing more if they thought they also could take control over their sport. I'm writting this to tell you that you can and its easy.

How about the women out there that fished with their husbands for many years and lost them to death. They never fish again because they didn't think they could by them selfs. Yes you can. I met a lady a couple years ago that lost her husband, but still had the love and desire to go fishing and so she does. She even has the guts to still go to the same resort and stay and go fishing by her self. I admire that lady.

There is a lot of good information out there that can help. Like this web site for instance. There must be thousands of videos and millions of books on fishing. So if you want to take more controll over your fishing or just learn more about it the resouces are out there.

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    • Fleet farm site has something called brushtox, looks like it is 61% triclopyr.  31 bucks a quart.
    • I think you should get one and we can go all over Burntside and Snowbank this winter in search of lake trout. Just keep your shirt on! 😀
    • Just don’t use crossbow when it’s above 80 or going to be above 80 or it kills the lawn as well. It’s a great product, spray on clover in the morning  and it’s brown by evening. 
    • Finally got to someone that does this for a living and well respected. Triclopyr at 16% with 34% 2-4-d is in a readily available product called Crossbow. He highly recommends it. Spot treat the weeds not the whole lawn. Weed b Gon max works great on the rest of the weeds. 
    • Well things are cooling down but the fishing over deep water continues to boat fish!  Didn't slay them but got 2 more eater's this weekend over the deep water trolling for about an hour and half towards sunset.  Benn using Rapala Shadow Raps as of late and have been impressed.
    • Need to take advantage before we play Boston and Washington . Be up by 4 or 5 games when we get to those series.
    • Did another round of cottage bacon ..... 10 days brining turning the package ever other day, rinse and rest overnight in the fridge, smoke and rest over night in the fridge, and then slicing. It is a long two week process, but well worth it! If you’ve never done it, I high recommend giving it a try! I did 4 pork butts and ended up with abound 20 lbs.... gave about half of it away already, but have 4 more butts ready to brine before winter!        
    • All puppies have been sold !
    • They need to take full advantage of the easier games coming up.  I would like to see them get about 5-6 games ahead again.
    • Well painting is getting there.  The fenders and swing arm/axles are fully painted but I only managed to get about half of the frame painted.  I will get it finished up this week.  I have too because I have a large load of rock coming to finish my driveway expansion so I have a place to park my fish house this winter haha.
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