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Go to any lake on a nice day look around how many women do you see? You see women fishing with their husbands or boyfriends, girls fishing with their dads. Take a good look at their faces and you'll see that they are enjoying every minute of it and most likely out fishing their male partners.
Most women don't give fishing much thought because its just something they do when their partners or families want to do it. They don't think of it as their sport. They think of it mostly as a mans sport, but an okay thing to do when they are with them. I know I use to be one of these ladys. I would be the first one to suggest it, but wouldn't dream of going and doing it by my self.

As I have gotten older my LOVE for FISHING has grown. I started learning more about it. I began doing a lot more on my own. I started baiting my own hooks and taking off my own fish. I learned how to operate and drive our boat. Theres not much I can't do on my own now when it comes to fishing. When the fishing magazines come I'm the first one to read them. I pick out my own fishing gear from advise I've gotten or adds I've read or things that just look good to me.

Now don't take me wrong my favorite fishing partner in the whole world is my husband (Guy). I love the time we spend together fishing. We have been married for 26 years now so I'm a firm beleiver that the couple that fish together stays together. I've just taken control of the sport that I love. I also have more free time then he does and know longer do I have to wait until he can go with me.

I just can't help thinking that there are a lot of women out there that would enjoy fishing more if they thought they also could take control over their sport. I'm writting this to tell you that you can and its easy.

How about the women out there that fished with their husbands for many years and lost them to death. They never fish again because they didn't think they could by them selfs. Yes you can. I met a lady a couple years ago that lost her husband, but still had the love and desire to go fishing and so she does. She even has the guts to still go to the same resort and stay and go fishing by her self. I admire that lady.

There is a lot of good information out there that can help. Like this web site for instance. There must be thousands of videos and millions of books on fishing. So if you want to take more controll over your fishing or just learn more about it the resouces are out there.

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    • dont look so puzzled, I was correcting the stuff rick posted on fm as per your request.
    • From the left or they buck you off
    • revenge... LOL     But for almost $200 bones more for a Ice 7 then a FL18 not sure how much better?   But for almost $200 bones more for an Ice 7 than an FL18, not sure how much better.     
    • Hummingbird Ice 7.  Yes please fix anything you don't understand that may bug you! 😃
    • 3 years ago I fell for the FLX28 from a FL18 and while I like the quiet I miss the 18. The 28 has a couple advantages but it has so much worthless dump on it my 18 did everything I wanted in a flasher. I sold the 18 to a friend and there's no way he's selling it back. JMHO but that 18 was the best ever. Like others I had a chance to buy at a very low price but still question the decision. As much as I'm tired of these flasher/auger posts this one is actually more about features more than brand bashing. Also a smart post by Rick to get some traffic going. I think this is still the best ice site but wonder why so many disappeared. The rules have been relaxed too, I haven't been banned for 2 or 3 years now. My reputation has a plus sign on it!  Eyeguy, time for some underwater photography?
    • for a ice???  then instead of than??  want me to edit???  ;lol
    • I heard they work a little better on small targets. 😁 But for almost $200 bones more for a Ice 7 then a FL18 not sure how much better? 😮
    • youtube was down last night so wasnt able to upload video. Maybe I will get it done later today.   Here is an update on harvest:  
    • leech and others, i actually thought the same exact thing, the whole screen is used up with "history", trust me, I loved my marcum flasher and did not want to give into the 2D sonar; but after swapping it out of the boat from the summer use then using it all winter, I'm sold. Like getanet posted, you can still have the flasher screen with the helix so you dont have to use the 2d sonar view. hence my argument, smartphone (with all of the gadgets, summer, winter, etc) vs flip phones (flasher only).   but I rarely use the flasher portion on my helix and opt to the 2d sonar (by the way with 2d you still get the flasher/rts window in real time) and it's history. you can adjust the size of your history and RTS window on the helix as well, and I've found to have the history useful at times as well, if you look away for instance and see a mark on the history screen, you can be fore-warned of a nearby fish, with a flasher, you get that quick flash and its gone.    it took me some coaxing just like when I didnt want to switch out of my reliable dependable flip phone to a fancy smartphone, but I'm a convert now, and I still bring my Marcum with
    • Sounds like a great trip, I'm more than a little jealous. Also a great bit of parenting.  Sounds like your son is well on his way to being a good man, well done.