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Fishing Opener

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Just wondering what some of you girls think about fishing opener coming up this week end.

I know I'm excited. It will be nice to get out there and beable to fish for Walleye again.

What are your thoughts about it being on Mothers Day week end? For me I don't mind because there is nothing I'd rather be doing but fishing.

For thows of you that don't fish and find it a waste of money to buy a license it is Take A Mom Fishing Weekend so you can fish for free May 12&13th.


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Since I live on Mille Lacs, my thoughts on opening weekend are pretty cut and dried.....Be patient and Stay away from the public access!

But, seriously, it is a very exciting time for my neck of the woods because it means the economy will start moving forward again. It means there will be thousands of new faces coming and going, some of which will stay or retire here. I look forward to waking up Saturday morning to hear the scream of motors as they head out to the hot spots. (That starts shortly after midnight.) I sit on my front steps with a hot cup of coffee and watch as Isle Bay turns into a busy thoroughfare. The steady stream of campers, trailers, SUV's and motorhomes passing through Main Street starts Thursday at about noon and continues until Labor Day. Local businesses are stocking their shelves to the brim in anticipation for what's coming in a few short days.

I love this time of year not only because of the excitement involved, but also because it is the time of year when we can take part in the things we really love to do and create new memories and stories to share.

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HI Lisa,

Havn't heard from you in awhile. Do you plan on fishing during the opener? The area we fish doesn't get very busy on opener. How ever it does get busy during the summer months.

We had a co worker of ours move up there a few years back. The last we heard he was working at one of the resorts on your lake.
His name is Joe Winkelbaure ever heard of him?

Its going to be fun to beable to fish for Walleye and Northren again.

<>< Mary ><>

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Hello, Mary!

I do plan on doing some fishing on opener, I'm not sure where or when, however. My middle son is a baitboy, so he will be on the water from Saturday morning to Sunday night. My oldest son is scheduled to work all weekend since it will be so busy around the lake. So, it will be my youngest boy and me. We are very proficient at launching and loading our boat, I just don't know where to try yet. I think I will stay close to shore along the rocks. There is a nice hot spot a few yards away from the boat landing that we have had great luck for early season.

Whatever I do, I will let you know. Please fill us in on your luck too!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Graphs are nice for fishing in a boat for sure.  They show you the nice big history picture of what has already gone by and gives you a good view of what the changing bottom depths look like as you float around.  Really though, when your fishing in a little hole over the same bottom for an hour or all day. What’s the point?  The important part of a graph for ice fishing is that ¼” or so of edge on the far right and what is happening on it real time.  Which then, is just like a Flasher only giving you real time info and why I went back to one from my graph.   Worley Worley!  😉  
    • Good luck on your hunt, let us know how you do!
    • I have another weekend in me to fish and fight the winds and weather and then the boat will be done for the year.  Guess it is that time of the season but would really love to get another couple outings in but such is life! 
    • who uses flashers now days haha; I'm a helix convert now too, i was hesitant at first as the Lowrance had a LCD screen a few years ago for ice fishing but the lag was unusable, but hbird figured it out. Mapping, flasher screen if wanted, and sonar all in one, its like a smartphone; everything in one.   also, I have not had any interference issues with others using the helix, especially with all of hte chirp setttings
    • Looks like a good time 
    • I love my Helix unit also, and GPS has been a game changer for me. No more fumbling with my phone in the cold with apps eating my battery and trying to keep it out of the elements.    I miss the simplicity of my Marcum VX-1 but after getting my Helix dialed in I have no complaints.
    • SD resident opener was a wet one. Saturday I didn't go out. Sunday morning woke up with 4.5" inches of snow at my place a few miles south of Sioux Falls. Never would I have imagined we would be able to hunt in snow this early! The other odd part is that none of the weather people even hinted at any accumulation or even predicted any chance of precip. It literally just came out of nowhere.   Yesterday I hunted the entire day from noon to sundown and was fortunate enough to still have some snow stick around in areas.. My only summary is swamp country. I wore the wrong boots, wrong pants etc. Should have just wore waders would have been able access things better. My biggest mistake was not going far enough west and not far enough north. But there is a ton of public land where I headed and I hadn't been able to scout that way yet this year. Everything that looked walkable was wet it didnt matter how high or low it was. If it looked good at knee level it very likely had ankle high standing water under it. Ditches were full of water, some roads were underwater it was just wet everywhere and I don't see any signs of any harvesting starting any time soon. The water just made things difficult to walk as some areas I am familiar with. I could walk one side and work it good, but then get land locked because of water and have no way of getting to the other sides and ended up back tracking and walking a lot of same areas twice  which usually isnt productive.   I only managed 1 bird all day. I missed 1 bird my first walk probably at 12:01pm right after getting out of the truck. Just was slow to get the gun up and was way behind it. Typically early season lull, I think I just stared at the bird before I even realized I should be trying to shoot it. I downed another bird early afternoon and I knew it wasn't hit hard. Made a good mark on it and then my dog got a good track and pinned it down. As I went to grab it with my hand the dog released and the bird took off like a bat out of hell and we never were able to recover it because of all of the water. As soon as I put my hand on it, it just exploded and was gone. Was just an odd scenario.   Saw a few other hens but otherwise a very very slow day. I had spotted a bunch of birds coming out of some CRP earlier in the day that headed for corn. I came back an hour before sundown and hunkered down hopefully to get some pokes at them during the golden hour and they never showed up. I know the birds are around but all the crops in makes it difficult to hunt during the day.   I dont know what to suggest for people coming for the big opener this weekend. Its going to be difficult with so many crops in. I would say anywhere north of HWY 14 should be a little drier in areas but they have still seen some moisture the last couple weeks. Up near Brown county they are basically in a drought and down in the south eastern part of the state we are breaking yearly precipitation records. Harvest is off to a slow start all over. I know this weekend is the big opener everyone gets fired up for but if it were me I would be coming back for late season hunts and skip the circus this weekend.   I wont be hitting it hard any time soon will probably just stick to some sundown hunts closer to home for now. I have some gopro footage I need to get edited from yesterday got alot of good stuff on video including the bird that got away.   Good luck to those heading out this weekend!
    • I'd like to see how the Helix handles interference.   Interference was the reason I went from my Interphase Video to a flasher. Currently using HBird Ice 45 and MarCum LX5.
    • I put all the boats put away,  subsequently the rain stopped.  I'll take that and finish pulling the dock in.
    • Posting.  Cuz I can’t sleep worth a dump.  Gonna be a MEA yahoo for most the rest of the week.  I’ve heard good reports from the friends that are already out there. They took the whole week so I’m driving myself out Tuesday night.     Just getting the the back of the truck filled with dekes got me too revved up.  Gonna be hard packing anything else besides waders, layout blind, guns and shells!  Who needs food and more than one change of clothes for 5 days anyway?!