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Public Weighs in on Trout Stream Proposals

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Public Weighs in on Trout Stream Proposals

Nearly 600 comments have been received from individuals interested in proposed trout stream management changes in southeast Minnesota, according to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The opinions were solicited during a series of seven public open houses and through letters and e-mail this summer, said Jason Moeckel, DNR Southern Region Assistant Fisheries Manager at Rochester. The final open house was held Sept. 2.

"We have been very pleased with both the level of discussion and the interest demonstrated," Moeckel stated. "It's been very helpful." Proposed changes on trout stream management range from additional slot limits to more catch and release and restrictions on live bait along certain stream segments. The proposals are part of DNR's strategic plan for coldwater resource management in the southeast that was made public in August of 2003. The plan was formulated after extensive public input. The ultimate goal of the strategic plan is to work in partnership with individuals and local communities to protect and enhance trout streams in southeast Minnesota. Key tools include habitat improvement and regulations that are intended to improve the abundance and catch rate of larger trout and provide more variety in trout angling opportunities, Moeckel explained. "We wanted to give people ample opportunity to react to the proposals before any final decisions are made," Moeckel said. Written comments will continue to be taken until Sept. 30. The DNR plans to announce the final management plan in November. Moeckel said the open house format was "really appreciated by those who attended. It allowed for extensive one to one and small group discussions and also provided us with a lot of good ideas and thoughts that will be helpful as we put the final package together." There has been a "real mix of opinions" on the proposals, Moeckel said. "There is a segment that is very strongly opposed to additional catch and release or live bait restrictions. At the same time there is a segment that is highly supportive of these management tools. The large majority of comments, however, are somewhere in the middle." Moeckel said an obvious concern of many respondents is live bait fishing restrictions that could affect kids. "We've received a large number of comments urging us to make sure kids continue to have ample opportunities to fish with live bait and we're going to work hard on that," Moeckel said. Another significant area of interest concerns which stream segments might eventually be designated for catch and release or live bait restrictions.

"Most anglers support the idea of improved fishing and understand the benefits of restricting harvest and hooking mortality," Moeckel stated. "For many anglers the concern has to do with where and how those restrictions are applied. We'll do the best we can to satisfy the majority of anglers in this regard while also deriving as much benefit as possible." Written comments on the proposals can be sent to Moeckel at 2300 Silver Creek Rd. NE, Rochester, 55906, or, [email protected]

For additional information, contact: Jason Moeckel, DNR Southern Region Assistant Fisheries Manager, Rochester (507-280-5063).

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    • There appears to be enough venison laying on the roads, gonna add a bit of that too!!
    • I've been informed that I'll be making this again this weekend up at the camper for some friends that will be joining us.
    • same here!!!!!!not many birds right now. the wrens sure are noisy. catbirds are about the only thing eating the jelly. i'm going to be pulling the mealworm and jelly feeders soon.   my frustration is not having any morning doves around. and them gosh darn friggin sparrows.
    • It took me almost a year to get those flying squirrels out of my attic about 20 years ago, never did figure out how they got in and out.                                                My birds seem to have all but disappeared. Hope it’s nesting time and they’ll be back soon. Stupid catbirds keep slurping up my grape jelly though. 
    • Nancy, Welcome to the forum.   Thanks for the update. A lot of things can change in the last 10 years! 
    • June 2019 According to secchi disc readings, Eagle Lake near Battle Lake, MN is ranked #1 & Lake Six in the far north of Otter Tail County is ranked #2 w/ depth of 140 ft & clarity readings at times better than Eagle Lake.
    • I see plenty of people fail to slow down for a deer in the ditch, like the deer knows not to jump out.  Or a deer crosses and people don't slow down, even though there is a good chance there's more than one.   I had one run square into the side of my car.  Never saw it.  I thought I got sideswiped by car.  It rocked my car pretty good.  Deer got up, took 5 steps and fell over dead.    
    • Deer jumps out into the 4lane roadway at night, good luck with that speedy reaction time.      Don't over react and put it into oncoming traffic or the ditch.
    • Although I agree,  a higher deer population comes with more collisions.  Ever increasing speed, inattentive driving, and less and less dirt roads have lead to more in my opinion.  Reaction time is paramount to Avoiding deer car collisions.  
    • That part of 94 to Monti is bad for road kills! 🙁
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