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Public Weighs in on Trout Stream Proposals

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Public Weighs in on Trout Stream Proposals

Nearly 600 comments have been received from individuals interested in proposed trout stream management changes in southeast Minnesota, according to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The opinions were solicited during a series of seven public open houses and through letters and e-mail this summer, said Jason Moeckel, DNR Southern Region Assistant Fisheries Manager at Rochester. The final open house was held Sept. 2.

"We have been very pleased with both the level of discussion and the interest demonstrated," Moeckel stated. "It's been very helpful." Proposed changes on trout stream management range from additional slot limits to more catch and release and restrictions on live bait along certain stream segments. The proposals are part of DNR's strategic plan for coldwater resource management in the southeast that was made public in August of 2003. The plan was formulated after extensive public input. The ultimate goal of the strategic plan is to work in partnership with individuals and local communities to protect and enhance trout streams in southeast Minnesota. Key tools include habitat improvement and regulations that are intended to improve the abundance and catch rate of larger trout and provide more variety in trout angling opportunities, Moeckel explained. "We wanted to give people ample opportunity to react to the proposals before any final decisions are made," Moeckel said. Written comments will continue to be taken until Sept. 30. The DNR plans to announce the final management plan in November. Moeckel said the open house format was "really appreciated by those who attended. It allowed for extensive one to one and small group discussions and also provided us with a lot of good ideas and thoughts that will be helpful as we put the final package together." There has been a "real mix of opinions" on the proposals, Moeckel said. "There is a segment that is very strongly opposed to additional catch and release or live bait restrictions. At the same time there is a segment that is highly supportive of these management tools. The large majority of comments, however, are somewhere in the middle." Moeckel said an obvious concern of many respondents is live bait fishing restrictions that could affect kids. "We've received a large number of comments urging us to make sure kids continue to have ample opportunities to fish with live bait and we're going to work hard on that," Moeckel said. Another significant area of interest concerns which stream segments might eventually be designated for catch and release or live bait restrictions.

"Most anglers support the idea of improved fishing and understand the benefits of restricting harvest and hooking mortality," Moeckel stated. "For many anglers the concern has to do with where and how those restrictions are applied. We'll do the best we can to satisfy the majority of anglers in this regard while also deriving as much benefit as possible." Written comments on the proposals can be sent to Moeckel at 2300 Silver Creek Rd. NE, Rochester, 55906, or, [email protected]

For additional information, contact: Jason Moeckel, DNR Southern Region Assistant Fisheries Manager, Rochester (507-280-5063).

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I've been visiting Upper Red each year (annual trip) for the past 7 years.  I have had "success" in catching fish....but never really a "great day".  From conversations I have had over the years with other anglers I know that there can be some better days and some phenomenal days on Upper Red....and I realize you can't force a fish to bite. I've spent way more than I know I should have on lures, jigs, etc.  But always wanted to make sure I had anything the fish could ever want. I'm only able to fish Walleye once a year so I don't get a lot of time for practice.   Lets get this out of the way - I fly in from out of state.  I can only bring limited gear, so I am basically confined to a sleeper house.  No tents, machines, etc. to help me be mobile.  And since I am in a sleeper - I am also limited to the time I can come based on safe-ice.  Usually the week between Christmas & New-Years. So - knowing that moving farther from the crowds, being more mobile, moving more often etc. is not an option, are there any tips you can offer to catching more fish from a fish-house?   I use a dead-stick in one hole.  Usually with the usual spoon and a live minnow.  Or sometimes just a plain red hook and minnow. My other rod I jig with a minnow head and one of many jigs, lures, spoons, etc.     Does my jigging need to be constant or jig, pause, jig pause?   I just need some basic tips or guidelines so I can get a few more fish on the line.   I've watched all the Ice-Team and other videos I can possibly find.  I've read everything I can find from Northland as well as everyone else.  Not much out there specifically showing or explaining what to do or how to fish in this kind of situation.  Most are about first-ice and/or they are mobile.   Anything you could suggest would be greatly appreciated.  I look forward to this trip every year....would just like to make it a little better of an experience.   Thanks! Rob
    • And what would there version be?
    • and a couple pretty good running backs too!!!!!!!!   bring on the Tide!!!!!!!!!!
    • not unless you can find an old lakemaster garmin compatible chip and if your garmin can indeed read it; otherwise you can get garmin's version
    • Freekying yeaa!  😃 About time. 3 3/4 of a game without as much as a field goal with two of the best receivers in the NFL would say this is a good move! 🤨
    • I actually have the opposite  Problem of keeping the ice solid. After about two weeks of fishing the same spot, The front tip-up is floating on water.  I now bank the back 3/4 of the house only To regulate the trapped air underneath.             
    • Does anyone know if you can put a Lakemaster chip in a dash mount GPS. I have a Garmin dash mount and it would be nice and handy if I could do that.   Thanks
    • Vikings Fire Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo December 11, 2018 at 11:16 am   MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings’ offense struggled against the Seattle Seahawks on prime time television Monday evening – and it looks to be enough to cost the offensive coordinator his job.   On Tuesday, the team confirmed they have relieved John DeFilippo of his duties as offensive coordinator.   Kevin Strefanski has been elevated to interim offensive coordinator and will handle play-calling duties, the team said. The Vikings lost to the Seahawks 7-21 Monday evening, and were nearly shut out. The Vikings scored their only touchdown with 1:10 remaining in the game.  
    • oh the ice is good.....on the 2 lakes i hit. one had 10 inches the other 12!!!!!!!!
    • I just started her up and let her run a bit yesterday.  Wouldn't get out fishing until all the Holiday stuff is over in a few weeks but then the ice should be good and more snow hopefully.  Thanks for the reply over yonder! 🙂