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SE MN Trout

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How about some fishing reports on SE MN trout action.

I'm not sure what other's experiences are but the fishing has been pretty slow in my boat (aka waders) since the arctic blast in early august. I've spent about 4 days in the whitewater area since then with marginal at best fishing. I'm not sure if I'm fishing on poor days, if I'm a poor fisherman, or if the fishing is generally poor. We've been getting a few fish on every outing but not much more than that and we have worked pretty hard for the few we set into. Have tried spins and flies including BH prince, hares ear, BWO, duns, wooly bugs, and beetles. Have tried many different pieces of water. My best patterns have been BH prince and wooly bugs but again lots of work for a very few fish.

I've not fished the area much in the past at this time of year - what is the fishing normally like in august and into sept? What are some other's experiences lately? Are there any other patterns that seem to be producing?

In any event, catching very few fish is better than being blanked and being blanked is still better than being at work. Just curious about what others are seeing out there. Thanks for the reports!

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What about hoppers?
I know the last couple weeks has been witness to millions of them critters!

I'd suggest hitting new waters as well. It's always good to get away from habit or tradition!

Don't forget rapalas!!!

I suggest heading further South less pressure! as well!

Jim W

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I was out on the South Branch of the Root a week and a half ago, and did all right. ONe 14", a 11", and some smaller stuff. Not a great day, but not terrible, either.

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Trout seem to be acting the same up north. At times we couldn't keep them off, then you wouldn't see one for hours.
The ones we caught were good sized ones.

I'd have to say it's this weird weather. We need a week of stable weather to get the trout back into a bitting mood.

"Study to be quiet"

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Great fish @Lals!   You sound like we did on the way home from our trip - analyzing every fish we didn’t hook up or keep hooked after they bit.  I didn’t get any joy from a Top Raider either but live chucking them.   Thanks for the report!
    • Just came back from LOTW.  Numbers were down but not bites.  I was a miserable 6 for 15 fish on. 75% of the bites came on the figure 8, I mostly tried to set back into them and they would come "unbuttoned " pretty quickly.  Next year, I will  try pulling them around or if they bite up in the corner of my figure 8, I would then pull the rod straight back trying to set it in the corner of their mouth.   Smaller bucktails got the most bites.  Cranks did pretty well too -- 7" Slammers and Crane Bait.  One friend got a 48 on a Top Raider. I had a 4 -5 large fish follow a top raider or a jackpot but none bit.  My brother got a 50" on a Mepps Musky Marabou.  
    • The problem with fishing walleye below 35' is that whatever you catch you best be planning to keep. Bringing them out of that depth will kill them for sure no matter how slowly it is done. 
    • Fishing_Novice gets 4th win of season with 343 2--Juneau4                          295 3--icefishinnut                     284 4--gregg52                           259 4--BlackLundProV              259 6--mnwildman                     188 7--fishingstar                       103 ___________________________________________ Season Totals 1--Juneau4                          5513 2--Fishing_Novice              5370 3--gregg52                          5279 4--icefishinnut                    5133 5--mnwildman                    5100 6--BlackLundProV             5041 7--fishingstar                      4945    On to New Hampshire for the Lobster trophy 🏁                   
    • I had this exact model for many years and it even ran for several years after my wife ran straight gas in it and seized it up one day when I wasn't home. After it cooled down and I replaced the gas in the tank with mixed fuel, it started right up but always had a knock after that.
    • I came through Pennsylvania to get here at least and there isn’t a Maryland forum so here goes:   I have a couple extra days later this week and a car to go wherever.  I’ve been looking for a guide or charter to get on the water but am having more trouble than expected.  The Chesapeake Bay charters for stripers run up to 6 in a group but don’t mix groups so jumping on an unfilled boat doesn’t seem to be an option. I’ve been working with one captain willing to try but no dice yet.  I could have the whole boat to myself for $600 I suppose...   So anyway, is there anyone who has a suggestion, contact, or even a boat in the Maryland area for ANY kind of fishing?  Honestly I’m pretty open but would prefer something coastal.  Have car, will travel.   I talked to a guy with a sweet jet boat at The Point of Rocks on the Potomac yesterday but he doesn’t guide.  But that could be an option too.  Might head to Niagara Falls after I’m done in Baltimore so NY state so there’s another one.   Yep, this is an official Wanderabout.
    • Tonight I caught crappie, bass, big bluegills, rock bass, pike and a snapping turtle.... All after 11pm!  Try it sometime, tiny black jigs for big nocturnal bluegills. Loud Black topwaters for Pike n bass. Bring extra flashlight batteries and bug spray, lots of bug spray!!!
    • Those old 2 strokes just keep running forever.
    • I will take it where are you located ? Will be gone next week fishing be back week of 22nd. I am using a 80's model lawnboy push for trimming be nice to have a backup newer model.
    • I have caught fish on the slide diver but I don’t notice  any difference from the regular Dipsey diver and they are a pain in the one-just-like-silly-me to set up. I have Dipsy’s in all kinds of different colors and I can’t tell if that makes a difference either. I have one that actually will glow in the dark    
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