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SE MN Trout

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How about some fishing reports on SE MN trout action.

I'm not sure what other's experiences are but the fishing has been pretty slow in my boat (aka waders) since the arctic blast in early august. I've spent about 4 days in the whitewater area since then with marginal at best fishing. I'm not sure if I'm fishing on poor days, if I'm a poor fisherman, or if the fishing is generally poor. We've been getting a few fish on every outing but not much more than that and we have worked pretty hard for the few we set into. Have tried spins and flies including BH prince, hares ear, BWO, duns, wooly bugs, and beetles. Have tried many different pieces of water. My best patterns have been BH prince and wooly bugs but again lots of work for a very few fish.

I've not fished the area much in the past at this time of year - what is the fishing normally like in august and into sept? What are some other's experiences lately? Are there any other patterns that seem to be producing?

In any event, catching very few fish is better than being blanked and being blanked is still better than being at work. Just curious about what others are seeing out there. Thanks for the reports!

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What about hoppers?
I know the last couple weeks has been witness to millions of them critters!

I'd suggest hitting new waters as well. It's always good to get away from habit or tradition!

Don't forget rapalas!!!

I suggest heading further South less pressure! as well!

Jim W

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I was out on the South Branch of the Root a week and a half ago, and did all right. ONe 14", a 11", and some smaller stuff. Not a great day, but not terrible, either.

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Trout seem to be acting the same up north. At times we couldn't keep them off, then you wouldn't see one for hours.
The ones we caught were good sized ones.

I'd have to say it's this weird weather. We need a week of stable weather to get the trout back into a bitting mood.

"Study to be quiet"

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Fleet farm site has something called brushtox, looks like it is 61% triclopyr.  31 bucks a quart.
    • I think you should get one and we can go all over Burntside and Snowbank this winter in search of lake trout. Just keep your shirt on! 😀
    • Just don’t use crossbow when it’s above 80 or going to be above 80 or it kills the lawn as well. It’s a great product, spray on clover in the morning  and it’s brown by evening. 
    • Finally got to someone that does this for a living and well respected. Triclopyr at 16% with 34% 2-4-d is in a readily available product called Crossbow. He highly recommends it. Spot treat the weeds not the whole lawn. Weed b Gon max works great on the rest of the weeds. 
    • Well things are cooling down but the fishing over deep water continues to boat fish!  Didn't slay them but got 2 more eater's this weekend over the deep water trolling for about an hour and half towards sunset.  Benn using Rapala Shadow Raps as of late and have been impressed.
    • Need to take advantage before we play Boston and Washington . Be up by 4 or 5 games when we get to those series.
    • Did another round of cottage bacon ..... 10 days brining turning the package ever other day, rinse and rest overnight in the fridge, smoke and rest over night in the fridge, and then slicing. It is a long two week process, but well worth it! If you’ve never done it, I high recommend giving it a try! I did 4 pork butts and ended up with abound 20 lbs.... gave about half of it away already, but have 4 more butts ready to brine before winter!        
    • All puppies have been sold !
    • They need to take full advantage of the easier games coming up.  I would like to see them get about 5-6 games ahead again.
    • Well painting is getting there.  The fenders and swing arm/axles are fully painted but I only managed to get about half of the frame painted.  I will get it finished up this week.  I have too because I have a large load of rock coming to finish my driveway expansion so I have a place to park my fish house this winter haha.
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