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Help with the Wife

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I need some suggestions. My wife and I are planning a small camping/fishing trip. Before I go any further let me explain that we have a camper trailer so we need electricity, my wife wants "something else to do when she gets bored of fishing", and finally she is 6 months pregnant so I am going to do exactlly what she wants. She is a trooper though, she will fish about 2-3 hours of the day pregnant, and most of the day not pregnant.

I have stayed around Preston many times with the last trip to Maple something or other campground on the Forestville creek (Excellent creek by the way!!). I have also fished the Whitewater in the past and stayed at the state park. I have found the fishing better around the Root than at the Whitewater, but I have explored the Root more. If we stay at the Whitewater it would not be a terrible drive into Winona if we had to do it. Otherwise, I am considering going North. What would you do in my shoes, and don't say stay home!!

I definately don't want to be in a Brainerd/Detroit Lakes type of area. I would also much rather fish trout due to the ease of accessing by foot or canoe, and the incredible landscape of SE MN. But I would consider other options. I think I remember the Old Barn campground being a little more family friendly, with a pool and such. Anyone know anything about that place. Will I be out of place wearing the same clothes on Friday that I put on when we left the house on Monday, or is it not so much into the fishing.

I will be mobile as well and can put on the waders, or take the canoe onto bigger water. Oh, lastly, we need to have a decent toilet/shower facility, the wife will not have it any other way with the pregers and all. Any help would be appreciated.

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Haven't been to the Old Barn but have used Eagle Cliff a couple of times. That place is great. Clean, quiet and they do have showers available. If your biking, you can save $1.75 on a slice of pie if you just ride ten more miles past Whalen to Peterson. Man, am I cheap.

Erik Torgerson

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Lnk to the Old Barn Resort -

If you've never been to Lanesboro it's a beautiful small town with lots of little shops that she'd probably enjoy and it's not far from the Old Barn Resort.

Another option is the Eagle Cliff campground between Lanesboro and Whelan.

That Root River wraps around the campground and that's even closer to Lanesboro. And by all means check out the pie shop in Whelan if you are in the area.

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