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Jim W


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Well, as most know, SE Mn has received some decent rains over the past week or so.

Some of my favorite head waters are running at top levels! I plan to hit it this evening!
Them big browns have had enough time to get on the move!!!
Prime time right now for some great hardware launching!!!

Keep the rods bendin'!!

Jim W

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Jim, I just got back from scouting the rivers. The Root is still a little high below Preston, but it gets excellant starting around Caramona and all small streams that I saw looked great! I wet a line for about an hour, 25 trout with the largest about 13". Threw silver Super Bows. The action is fast and hard! Lots of fun!
John Eggers

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Well I finally took heed, listening to my own recommendations. I got out on the stream last night with long time friend JA SAY TREE!

Trout was the main focus, but we were keeping our eyeson possible mushroom spots as well!

ANyway, I worked a run that I caught my to date personal best brown. 40 feet downstream of that exact spot, I hooked into the largest and most beautiful trout of my life!

This fish controlled me. A couple moments where I could only watch my rod bend and slowly throb to the weight and power of this trout!!

I finally got it close enough to see it was bigger than I first thought.
Then the struggle began...even before I reached down to remove the hooks. Should I keep this fish, being the largest I have caught in 23 years of trout fishing?

Somehow I already knew I was going to release it, but I have to admit I am doubting my decision this AM!

Not even sure how long that fish can survive at it's age etc.

JA took 11 pictures of the scene/fish. I hope at least one of them is nice enough to share with you all!

This fish wasn't a real long fish, but it's stature was truly impressive! Something I dreamed about catching in a Montana river for crying out loud!
Hooked jaw and top to bottom real wide!
23-24 inch Brown now swims to re-gain it's senses after it's traumatic experience!

#9 Original floating "shiner" rapala!!

I fish to have my rod bend, like it did last evening!!!

Jim W

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Congratulations Jim!

That fish is sure to get bigger. It's not only survived, but by the sounds of it did very well under some very hard conditions.

"Study to be quiet"

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Nice fish, Jim!

I think a lot of people can identify with your dilemma.

That must have been a blast.

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Well done, Jim! I can't wait to see pictures. As long as the pictures turn out, you can always get a replica later on. I've been going after a similar fish in Wisconsin for the last 3 years. I always bring a camera along every time I fish that stretch.


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Uffdapete and I did a little wading yesterday a managed some very nice trout and smallmouth!

Two trout were in the 19-20 inch range and a coule in the 16-17 with a few in the 12-14 inch range!

We missed quite a few as well, having two break me off in submerged timber....doh!

Great day to be out!

Still waiting for my pic's!!

Keep the rds bendin'!!

Jim W

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Hello from the NW Angle!

      Minnesota walleye are being caught at a variety of depths with 24-27’ being the most consistent. Glow red with gold has been a hot combo this week. Rattle baits continue to draw active fish to our houses. Sauger activity has been very strong, providing Anglers the opportunity for full limits before new regulations take effect on March 1st. New limit regulations give a combination of six walleye/sauger with no more than 4 walleye. The slot of 19.5”-28 must be immediately release with one walleye over 28’ to be allowed in possession.

      Canadian crappies are still filling buckets and freezers, they can be found near the bottom in 32-35ft. Super light tackle and willingness to keep trying different jig combinations is producing the most fish.  Many tulibee are being seen this week, which make for a tasty treat out of the smoker.  Walleye fishing continues to be very good in traditional areas, depth at 23-28ft. 

      Snow depth in our areas is between 2 and 2.5 ft. Trails are in great condition after last weeks snow and wind conditions. 

      Until next week, 
      Sunset Lodge
    • I must be mad at math, honestly we just lost 4 in a row and weren't good before that and yet we cling to 8th place. We can't even tank right and get a better draft pick. 
    • Borsch posted a reminder in the st cloud forum, so I wont take credit for being johnny on the spot but in 13 days you'all need to get a new fishing license.
    • I put a call into the Wisconsin DNR, they said March 1st license will be available.
    • good for you guys leech!!  and a darn good lookin family too!!!  being blessed like that is darn good!!!
    • What do you mean they are still in a playoff spot. Come on think positive! At least wait until they get done playing the blues today before you start to sing the blues. 
    • Tried to purchase the D season Wisconsin tag i was drawn for yesterday. Clerk said try again at the end of March, any truth to that? I will call the Wisconsin DNR on Tuesday (holiday tomorrow).
    • Well put in a few miles with the grandkids and daughter by Orock MN on Sat.  Trails were pretty nice but there were lots of sleds out and I'm sure they will be pretty beat up by the end of the weekend! Little guys had a great time driving and riding in the sleigh. Hot chocolate and cookies are always a good ride break warmer! Fun day, God has blessed me well.    
    • Dale’s has been doing great