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I am new to raps and spinners this year. I have always used live bait and love it. I have bought various spinners and raps, with not much luck. I picked up some super bow spinners. Does anyone actually catch trout like they claim? I love the way they look in the water, but I have not caught a single trout using this spinner. If anyone does good with them what technique do you use? I cast upstream and real down, with no luck I've tryed every other way (down, across, ect.). I would love any info out there for this spinner, as well as other artificial baits.

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Well, you set yourself up for this one.

If you come down to Trout DAy Saturday you will get more info than ever expected on all varieties of presentations and techniques!

Including those you mentioned!

SO mums the word guys until at least after Trout Day!!lol

Jim W

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Okay MUM!

The least I can offer as far as help is Panther Martins have been a great spinner for me. Also, what size trout are you after? If you are fishing a stream where a 6" Brookie is big you will need to downsize your lures.

Tight Lines,


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My go-to spinner is the Vibrax by blue fox, the gold color is hard to beat, I have found in every stream I have fished it will outfish any other spinner in my box.

Trout are opportunistic feeders and are very well adapt to eating things that are flying by in the current. So the best technique in my opinion is to cast the spinner upstream and across the current and retreive it fast enough to spin the blade and keep it off the bottom. This will draw the lure through the hole and swing it downstream.

I like this better than casting downstream for two reasons: One is most everything trout eat is moving dowmstream so it is more natural to them, and second of all, a spinner looks like nothing naturally found in the stream, therefore you are not allowing them time to inspect the lure as it is moving slowly upstream, rather the trout will strike the lure out of instinct as if goes flying by them.

That is what I have tuned my approach down to.

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I use #5 raps, thinking about trying a 7 but they seem too big, i mainly use the rainbow #5 floater to be exact, i've caught 2 small trout on it, oddly it was brooks both times in a mainly brown creek. I use the super bow spinners without luck, and smaller panther martins, with out much luck either. Are there specific colors other than gold to use? I use the gold/gold bows. Tryed a green bladed martin also. Any helps appreciated. Im torn on Trout Day because that is the WI opener, and man there are some lunkers over there, so I think I may end up flipping a coin, though Trout Day sounds great, I don't know. Thanks for the help. Also does anyone know is trout out of the vermillion are safe to eat?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Had to go back and see if it was you that posted this one: 😀
    • World famous. Browned pork, Italian seasoning, onions, garlic. Then hash browns with cheese.
    • Season is young yet fellas, hopefully it stays dry for a while, we ran into lots of water and crops as well. The kid dropped the only rooster we saw on Saturday , lots of hens though. The neighbor out that away saw a small brood of chicks 2 weeks ago, real late hatch but hopefully they came out ok in the rain last week.
    • Spent a week grouse hunting around Grand Rapids. Left on Saturday Oct 13 because I tired of running into Ruffed Grouse Society yahoos using Minnesota birds to bring in $$$ so they can buy more white pickups with Ruffed Grouse Society painted on the side driven by PHD's that are clueless as to why there was such a disparity between the 2017 drumming count and the actual number of birds on the ground. Saw or heard a total of 12 grouse and 7 woodcock for the week. My experience was the same as knoppers.   
    • Saw nothing yesterday. Too many crops and too much water everywhere.
    • I thought that was what it was.   Thanks for the ID.
    • yea they eat up the acorns. I have soo many acorns, the tree rats cannot put a dent in them.
    • I have always liked the blue jays also. SO much food here they all get along pretty well. 
    • parise looks very slow out there, he was terrible in OT. hopefully the wild can turn this poor play around soon.
    • OK I am now a fan of blue jays. had a woodpecker, a larger one, not the downy on my house, it pecked a few times, I pounded on the wall it flew off into the tree, as I watched it through the window, it landed on the side of the garage ready to go to business, and a blue jay flew at it and chased it off, it happened two times, then the woodpecker flew off. I also had a blue jay chase off bees, they made a paper nest on my eaves in one day, I watched a blue jay land on it, and jump around, the bees would come out, the jay would fly off. then the jay repeated this numerous times until the nest fell off, bees left.