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Line Twist

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I have had many a frustrating moments caused by line twists and knots. What can one do to minimize this effect. I am very careful in the way I load the line unto the spool. When fishing trout I rarely use swivels due to the added profile to my presentation. I try to stay away from spinners as they have a tendancy to spin out of control and twist my line. I primarily use raps/jigs for fishing. Any advise!

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Not much you can do when using spinners if snap bearing swivels aren't an option.

I would recommend under-spooling some and maintaining new line. Line that has good memory can help as well.

Also, if you plan on just using spinners, going with a heavier test line might help as well!

Some spinners come with rotating bodies, but even some of those don't work correctly all of the time.

If the bite is only on spinners, you will have to deal with some line twist, if not incorporating swivels etc.

I like to switch off lures as well. This could help alleviate major twist too!

I guess , to me, getting caught in a low hanging branch over a prime trout hideout is far worse of a scenario!

Keep the rods bendin'!!!

Jim W

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Cab, when putting on the line be sure the lable is faced down.

When your on the water and having problems, find a section of fast water. Go to the top of the fast water and feed your line into the water. Let out about 50 ft. and hold it in the current. The current will slowly untwist your line. This should only take a few minutes depending on how badly your line is twisted.

"Study to be quiet"

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I have always watch the line come off the spool when loading my reel with new line. After several turns I stop and if the line has twists in it, I flip the spool over and continue to wind up the new line.
That other trick you mentioned about holding your line out in fast water. I've done that numerous times out in the boat at WOT. It never occurred to me to try using the forces of Mother Nature. Good tip...
Jim, you mentioned line memory. I have had good results with the Berley Fireline(2/6). When you say memory, do you mean how much the line stretches? Would Fireline be an example of low memory line. The problem I have using this line is it does not handle abrasions to well.
I guess you have to look at it as a trade off. High memory line, line twist. Low memory line, nicks and break-off's

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • That is some great photography!
    • In late summer end of July and August when the water warms and the oxygen drops in the shallows. I have caught Eye's trolling deep diving raps, plugs behind dispy divers for suspended fish over 50-70 feet of water where the bait balls are. So, yes please don't follow us lost crazy people around out there! 🤪  😁
    • They call it 'No Man's Land' because nobody fishes it, unless they are lost, stupid or their locator is in simulation mode. That works for me because that's my comfort zone. Most people wouldn't believe the numbers of trophy fish I have caught in water that's over 50' deep. Recently I was out on a local lake trolling for walleyes in deep water with shallow and medium diving crankbaits, and I noticed 3 other boats that were avoiding the normal structure. Maybe their locators were broken or in demo mode, but for there to be 4 of us driving slowly around the open water, it seemed like more than a coincidence. I boated 4 eyes in 4 hours, with a smaller average size than I was hoping for. I am not looking for lakes, spots or secrets.... I am just curious if anybody else has noticed these 'fools' fishing water too deep for 'normal' fishing. Or maybe you have tried it a time or two, let me know what made you steer your boat away from the shoreline? Did it work out for you?  Is this style of fishing becoming more popular, or am I just paranoid?
    • Don't know yet if there are more.   
    • nope, they just like my bluebird houses! they got evicted again 2 nites ago!!!!!!!!! i learned a long time ago no millet. i only feed sunflower and safflower seed along with thistle!
    • WinnerDinner, what do you fish for there In Ireland?  
    • Well there's that! 👍  
    • Speaking of lures I remembered something... Recently I have been trying to understand how to fish at night, was never really much of a fan before. Don’t overload yourself with tackle when fishing at night. Use a smaller tackle box and make use of two or three separate, small containers for all the necessary items like hooks, weights, small bait etc. Night-fishing success means not using bright lights and being very quiet. I feel in love with my new glow in the dark fishing lure, it is so underrated, there are quite a lot of these glow in the dark lures at places like Amazon and such. According to veteran fly-fishermen trout that are all but impossible to catch during the day will be more likely to hit at night. Why? Because these fish are nocturnal feeders. They venture out from under the logs and out of the deeper holes to feed in the shallows. Of course, when you’re seeking trout or other shallow feeders at night you’ll have to take extra precautions to stay safe. So far I've been doing good with my night fishing adventures.
    • My "BROWNING STRIKE FORCE SUB MICRO" was a dream. It really stands out for its exceptional daylight clarity and amazing battery life. The images this game camera can capture put most 12MP cameras to shame. It also uses power very efficiently, even with heavy use of video – especially if you install a set of lithium batteries.  You can expect several months’ use out of them which is even more impressive when you consider that it runs on six AAs, instead of the more common eight.
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