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Big Watab Trout

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Hi all,

I'd like to give this lake a try for trout this winter, anyone ever had any luck out there? It seems it isn't getting any response in the St. Cloud forum. Any depths or locations would be much appreciated.

Also, is 4lb test too much for trout through the ice?

Would minnows be allowed if it is a designated lake? Or should I tip up with jigging spoons and teardrops tipped with waxies?


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I've never fish Big Watab, but lookin at the lake map I'd fish around where the river enters the lake. Start shallow then go deeper until you see trout. Rainbows are most often caught within the first 10 feet under the ice.

6lb test line is heavy line for trout. 4lb test will work very well.

Live minnows are not allowed on a designated stream trout lake. Dead minnows are ok on designated stream trout lakes.
I usally fish a minnow (dead or alive) on a teardrop and waxies on a jigging spoon.

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Watab is not a designated Trout lake so you could use live minnows but they usually do not do well with them. Maps make it appear as a river enters the lake but it is actually a small ditch that usually has no or extremely little flow. Fish have been caught out in front of that little bay but there are better spots.

I use a braided line or 8# cold weather mono and a 6# Flourocarbon leader regardless. For bait, grubs or eurolarve on a small green or orange jig works well. Some folks use white Mr. twisters.

Stay shallow, less than 8'. Find a shelf extending out from shore or go to one of the islands. Fish will go up into 2' of water and less. Set your bait half way to the bottom. Best bite is 1/2 before and 2 hours after sun-up. If someone fires up a gas auger near you in the shallows it will put the fish down. This often happens on the island. Make sure you set the drag's light. Sometimes they just nail a bait and keep moving other times they mouse around. Either way, when you set the hook in shallow water there is one heck of a fight. Good luck.

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    • tracked down some quick numbers; supposedly the heater draw at 7 amps, and that would be the main appliance to be ran at night +-1.5 hour total run time during a 8 hour sleep period; i should have plenty of power on the battery!
    • This got me curious, so I checked my profile and sure enough, I'm coming up on 10 years myself on 12/30.  However, over those 10 years I've posted WAY less topless selfies than Leech has!
    • ikr, Duff started some noise a while back but never happened? 😒
    • awesome thanks guys; found out my battery has 88 amp hours; I'll look into my heater, and radio, not sure what the LED lights are, i'll try to look there too;   how long do your guys usually last before in need of a genny?
    • You might be right.  The only common denominator between all of the kickers that have encountered major issues while with the Vikings is Priefer.  He has built the Special Teams unit into a Special Needs unit.  How they can under preform every year and break down at the most critical times and it not come back on Priefer is really mind boggling.  
    • Congrats whippersnapper.   When are you going to get your wings and throw a get together?👈👈☝️👍😁❤😁
    • Some radio's can be really power hungry. I'd just use a simple bluetooth speaker or some sort of standalone boom box of sorts (for example my makita radio can run for around 50 hours on a single battery). If your lights are not already switch them over to LED. Both of these are easily done to reduce current draw. If you search amazon you can also buy and install PWM led dimmers on all your lights, only turn them up as bright as needed. The great thing about PWM is it reduces your current draw unlike resistor based dimmers of past. Lastly I would take an actual reading at the battery and right where its wired (your results should be very close) when your alarm goes off. You may have a bad Co/lp alarm or the following issues that increase resistance to your alarm in turn dropping the voltage it sees: poor connections, too small of gauge wiring, excessive wire length.
    • There's nothing amusing, or even confusing as to why it happens.  It would be more confusing if outdoorsmen didn't overharvest.  Look no further than Harden's Tragedy of the Commons.       There's a near perfect correlation with the amount of free public resources and the inferior quality of those resources.  This is why reservations are largely wilderness ghettos.  It's why Red Lake collapsed.  The student loan bubble.  This is also why urban ghettos are looted every time there is a riot.  Subsidized housing, drinking water, livestock farming etc.     When people aren't responsible for the effects their actions have on the system they're impacting, those systems will fail.  But hey, keep helping the state buy up all the land and monopolize the lakes.  Maybe someday enough of that insanity will yield a different result.  
    • First off, you need to figure out you amp loading.... how many amps does your furnace take, lights, radio etc. and how long do they run. That should give you your amp hr rating. Then match your battery requirement up with the right amount of amp hours.  Not all batteries are created equal based on size. For example, a group 27 can range from 60-100 amp hrs.    Here is a good site for calculating battery requirements https://www.batterystuff.com/kb/tools/calculator-sizing-a-battery-to-a-load.html  
    • Hey it's my Anniversary old man!   2001 I may not have even been Internet born then? 😄