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Just a reminder and an update. There's a sign-up link on IceLeaders for the Burntside Bash. Hope to see ya there. Mmmmmm big fat lake trout........


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No excuses people! I'll be driving over 6 hours to make this event!

MAde it last year! Great time! Beautiful water/country!
Now if I can convince ST and Chunky to help me catch a laker!!!!!

Jim W

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I'm bumping this to the top.

With the general laker/streamer season opener on inland Minnesota lakes coming in only a few days, the blood is pumping. Even though I've walked into the Bdub for lakers each of the last two weekends (the opener there is earlier than lakes outside the Bdub), I'm still psyched for the coming weekend.

And the Burntside Bash is only a couple weeks away. grin.gifgrin.gif

Burntside is an excellent lake for this get-together. There are excellent numbers of lake trout (and, though you may hear there aren't many of good size, divers have found lakers over 30 lbs, and last year's largest REPORTED ice laker was 17 lbs).

We may not be able to get everyone on fish, but we'll have a giant map of the lake, and we'll be able to give out at least a dozen high-percentage spots at headquarters Saturday morning.

To register, log on to www.iceleaders.com.

"Worry less, fish more."
Steve Foss
[email protected]

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • the new bait shop is on 169 north over by Sammy's Pizza, Chanticlear Pizza, and Play it Again Sports. 
    • i drive by Ebners place everyday, well most every workday!!!!!! i best look tonight. is this new bait shop taking over at the Ebners old place???????
    • It won’t take 5 years to change the signs, IMO.  2 tops and my money is on 1 more.  I did just get offered a club member deal on a “vintage” Cabela’s cap when I tied placing my order.  The thoughts that went through my head... 🙄   Yes, tried to place my order; use up the last of my points and move on.  Oops, system error, we can’t access your points at this time.  I can see em there, just can’t touch em.  OK, I’ll call back another time. 😤   Still can’t spend money there when I try...
    • I didn't think there ever was such a thing as too many shells! Just saying.
    • yeah, that lakeville FF has been going downhill.  Still, if I need some tackle or something, I'm more likely to go there than across the street.
    • I'm surprised by how much they have merged things together, like a single flyer for sales and whatnot.   I thought the usual way to do this was to maintain two separate brands, to provide the illusion of competition, even though it's really just one place.     I could give a rat's arse what they want to call it, just give me the best prices and put what I want on the shelf and I'll throw my money there if you call it Cabela's or Bass Pro.
    • Seen  the guy again yesterday & asked him if he was finding many & he replied that he thought they were just about done down here already.
    • I bet you're right about Cabelas. As for Fleet Farm, I've been really disappointed in the Lakeville location lately. Over the past year their prices have gone up, they are often out of the item I'm looking for, and they usually are understaffed at the checkout lines.  Perhaps it's just that one store, but I kinda doubt it. Hope they turn it around because I used to love FF and I'm starting to head to other stores now.
    • anybody miss Dozier or Escobar? lol   been a fun ride so far. Its going to be hard to sustain this pace and keep winning like this but I hope they can keep it up.
    • Ok.... So I have to admit that this is something that I have been somewhat fascinated with, but no absolutely nothing about. Here are my main questions... Is there a "Shroom Finding for Dummies" book or something similar that a pure novice myself can pick up? I have read a lot of posts on here that talk about "my spots".... Do morels typical come back the same place every year, or is it just because of the general climate conditions in that "spot" Follow on question.... If they come back the same exact spot, what sort of care is needed when harvesting? Cleaning and prepping.... what are the steps? I assume that it is different for each specific variety of mushroom? What sort of "season" are we looking at? Obviously based on facebook sales posts, the morels are ready now... how long does it last and what about the other varieties? Exactly how dangerous is it for me if I "think" it is one variety and ends up being harmful? Truthfully, this is one of the main items that has stopped me from taking a trek out into the woods. Thanks in advance for letting a newbie in on the trade secrets
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