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Need help with SPLAKE!

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This is drving me nuts,How and what do I need to catch splake?I just spent another 3 days trying and tried everything from worms to cowbells and spoons and stick lures and struck out.Need some good info. on what,when and where??They were fro 65ft to 139ft and about 3feet off the bottom.Tried trolling ,drifting and anchored on top of them got nothing..HELP!!!

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A few questions - is the lake your fishing only have Splake and other trout or does it have numerous other gamefish in it? What time of day are you fishing for them. I might be able to help with more details - for now just some general info - This time of year can be great for splake. They come shallow to feed at night and during low light periods. Troll the shoreline 8-10 feet deep with small spinners or spoons. I like red vibrax spinners. Run long lines as they are spooky. If your shore fishing, get a map of the lake and try to get to the steepest drop of near the deepest part of the lake for casting during the daylight hours. Cast out and let it sink all the way to the bottem, then one quick hard tug to get it off the bottem and slowly reel it up. As it gets darker move from the area your at to and area where it would be shallower - what I would call a feeding shelf. But must still have access to the deepest part of the lake. Cast across this "shelf" and reel in quicker than you were before. Good luck.

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Speckled,Thanks for reply!Lake does have some Rainbow ,a few northern and bass.The name of lake is Larson lake in northern MN,Between Togo and Effie.


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    • Season is young yet fellas, hopefully it stays dry for a while, we ran into lots of water and crops as well. The kid dropped the only rooster we saw on Saturday , lots of hens though. The neighbor out that away saw a small brood of chicks 2 weeks ago, real late hatch but hopefully they came out ok in the rain last week.
    • Spent a week grouse hunting around Grand Rapids. Left on Saturday Oct 13 because I tired of running into Ruffed Grouse Society yahoos using Minnesota birds to bring in $$$ so they can buy more white pickups with Ruffed Grouse Society painted on the side driven by PHD's that are clueless as to why there was such a disparity between the 2017 drumming count and the actual number of birds on the ground. Saw or heard a total of 12 grouse and 7 woodcock for the week. My experience was the same as knoppers.   
    • Saw nothing yesterday. Too many crops and too much water everywhere.