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Replacing window regulator - Success!

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I drive an 03 Chev Suburban, and had the driver's side window gradually quit working. Became slow up and down...finally wouldn't do anything.

Anyway, did an internet search for car window replacement and found a wealth of info from car folks. Determined it to be the window regulator that needed replacement, and that there were several online sources of parts, AND DIY directions with pictures included.

Bought the replacement part, it was delivered in a week, and with the online help gathered was able to take the old one out and replace with the new one in about an hour. Not too difficult, I'm just an average barely somewhat mechanically inclined person. Turned out I saved myself several hundred dollars doing this repair on my own.

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Good to hear, the way times are today, everyone needs to save money somehow!

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If you get really bold you can repair the window regulator yourself like I have a couple times and really save some bucks.

What I have found on several vehicles is that the regulator is good but the metal cable that drives the window up/down has frayed and broken. You can disassemble the unit and replace the cable yourself with parts from a big box store for less than $5.

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would the "regulator" be the same thing as the drive motor?

No, the motor is what moves the regulator which ultimately moves the window. The regulators responsibility is to move the window up and down in a uniform fashion so that it doesn't go up or down crooked in its tracks.

sometimes they can be purchased/repaired separately and sometimes they come together as one unit.

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