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My Okuma is spooled up with this stuff and it's color coded every ten yards but since I'm moving to down riggers and planer boards should I move to something else for line? Whatta you guys use for d-riggers and what for planer rigs. The stuff I have on there is 60lbs test.

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hey chunky!
For downrigging and big planners I would unspool the leadcore. You will be using the riggers to get "down" on the pond. And if you want to get a stickbait down a little off the planners you can put a bead-chain sinker on it.
When my neighbor did alot of fishing on superior he had all his planer and rigging rods spooled with 12# Trilene XT. He also used to use a rubber band to attach line to the planner releases instead of putting the line directly between the release clip (a #10 or 12 band i think).
Since i dont have riggers what i may experiment this year with is a couple of the larger dipsey divers. Luhr jensons HSOforum says i should be able to get down to @50/60' with them, and i was planning on running them off of some powerpro so i suspect i could get a bit deeper. Probably not deep enough for lakers in summer but we used to get most of our salmon in that depth range in july (he used to run sliders/spoons off his rigger lines for salmon)
Hope you guys are getting the boat all rigged up, we'll have to meet up when the ice clears.

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    • I doubt it but you can call the DNR and ask. You can pull up the regs on a smart phone anyway.
    • ......The 6 packages from the first round are long-gone, so I am brining up another batch. Ended up buying an entire case of butts (@ $1.18 per #) from Sams. I am going to do 3 butts - one with High Mtn buckboard seasoning and two with another dry brine consisting of Tenderquick, brown sugar, garlic salt, and black pepper. I always like getting to the raw ingredients of spices versus relying on someones "magic rub". If it goes badly I will revert back to the HM cure. As an added note, I also picked up a $20 loin that I put HM cure on to experiment with some Canadian bacon.... Will check back in 10 days or so!  
    • if thats the case i hope there printing water proof versions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant keep mine nice and tidy in the cab of my truck!!!!!!!
    • Have not heard this. Why just a boat? It needs to be in some peoples buckets to so when their 500 fish over their limit they can't say I no know, I no know? 🤷‍♂️
    • Got mine yesterday during the snow.  I was informed that there is a new rule requiring the MN Fishing Regulations be carried on your boat and that this new rule is not documented in the Regs.  Anyone know if this is fact or just a kindly recommendation?
    • Mike is as good as it gets, especially if you're talking archery.
    • Mike Foster A-1 Archery in Hudson WI March 19th at 6:30
    • Coyle for Donato and a 5th, not as bad as nino for rask because at least donato has some potential to be a better goal scorer but overall yikes, not thrilled with Fentons bigger trades so far, the smaller ones have been good but that is the problem. Either way all signs point toward a rebuild of some kind.
    • It's a prairie zone.  We're right on the northern edge of the hills, Just north of I90 near Sturgis.
    • Wow, Bobber! You resurrected an oldie from the good old days, here!    I STILL haven't tried this yet - although I have bought a LOT of Prague Powder between then and now.😁   I think any roast wold work but you might get a pretty fatty result with chuck.  If you're looking to make corned beef & cabbage for St.Patty's Day and eat it more like a pot roast - a little extra fat might not be bad. But if you're looking to make your own lunch meat or eat it cold, I think chuck would get a little greasy in your mouth.  Corned beef is traditionally made with brisket.   Maybe I'll give this a go - it's almost that magical time of the year - that sweet spot between youth hockey season and youth baseball season when I get to do what I want... sometimes.