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My Okuma is spooled up with this stuff and it's color coded every ten yards but since I'm moving to down riggers and planer boards should I move to something else for line? Whatta you guys use for d-riggers and what for planer rigs. The stuff I have on there is 60lbs test.

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hey chunky!
For downrigging and big planners I would unspool the leadcore. You will be using the riggers to get "down" on the pond. And if you want to get a stickbait down a little off the planners you can put a bead-chain sinker on it.
When my neighbor did alot of fishing on superior he had all his planer and rigging rods spooled with 12# Trilene XT. He also used to use a rubber band to attach line to the planner releases instead of putting the line directly between the release clip (a #10 or 12 band i think).
Since i dont have riggers what i may experiment this year with is a couple of the larger dipsey divers. Luhr jensons HSOforum says i should be able to get down to @50/60' with them, and i was planning on running them off of some powerpro so i suspect i could get a bit deeper. Probably not deep enough for lakers in summer but we used to get most of our salmon in that depth range in july (he used to run sliders/spoons off his rigger lines for salmon)
Hope you guys are getting the boat all rigged up, we'll have to meet up when the ice clears.

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    • That's smart IMO.  I donated a soon to expire can of bear spray to a guy who was hunting that range about 5 years ago and he sprayed it in a bear's face from 8' away!   He swears to this day that I saved his life because he wasn't going to bother bringing bear spray.
    • Tomorrow is my day to shut everything down, turn water off and say good by tell  next May, boy that hurts!    
    • First problem: work.  Had something come up last minute on Tuesday that required I come in Wednesday.  Finally out and ready to get some rest before hitting it for 4 days instead of 5, but I’m here!   Birds have been disappearing this week on the strong winds but there are still pockets and presumably more on the border areas/ice line.  Nice weather predicted for tomorrow and a good bunch of birds were scouted today.  We’ll see what happens.  I hear we’re in for a big blow this weekend.
    • Well may be next year I'll try and creep by!  Depending who wins in Midterms and if we are still talking to each other then!! 😋
    • Anyone care to help out on this topic?
    • Blue Jays don't chew holes in my soffit But I only have a couple and they don't seem to bother the other birds.   One reason might be that they are too big to sit on the perches on the feeders, so they get to scratch for spillage.  
    • Yeah, of that deer farm and the ag boys who allegedly supervise them.  Or maybe we will get the story of how it has been around for many decades and nobody noticed it until now...
    • Seeing good numbers of birds so far this year.  
    • I went up north to our seasonal spot this past weekend and winterized the camper. 😥   We also ended up moving it to a different spot in the campground that is larger and more private and has a deck! I already can't wait for next years camping season! Still waiting for a visit from @leech~~ too. 😉   I might still go up again this fall if the weather ever warms up but this Saturday looks like it will be cold again up there. 35 degrees and windy is the forecast. We can still use our camper but there is no water in the campground so it is not conducive for bringing the wife. If we would still get a warmer weekend (above freezing at night) they will turn the water on in the shower houses at least so we could have a bathroom.