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Fish Forever

SE Minnesota Trout Lakes

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Does anyone know of any designated trout lakes in southern Minnesota. I've never trout fished, but this year I decided to give it a try. I love to fish everything else so this might be my next challenge. I live in Eagan but have family in Rochester. Any help on trout lakes would be great. If I actually catch one of any size this weekend does anyone have any tips on how to prepare a trout. I heard you can really screw up a good fish if you don't do it correctly.

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There are several trout lakes in the metro. Christmas lake just south of Mtka., Square Lake north of Stilwater, Little Long Lake, Cenaiko Lake at the Coon Rapids Regional Park, Near St. Cloud there is Big Watab Lake, and there is a 9 acre pond behind the Chaska Courthouse. The largest fish are in Christmas Lake. Every Winter, almost weekly someone catches Rainbows over 8 lbs. It is a tough bite though. Best bet is between 3-8 feet under the ice. Most trout lakes are very clear and we have seen them swim through quite often.

I like to cook my trout on the grill seasoned with lemon pepper and olive oil, wrapped in tin foil. If you want to really keep it moist, put a teaspoon of water in the foil before you put it on the grill.

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Fish Forever,

There is a "lake"/ "pond", "pit" stocked with trout right in Rochester.

Foster Arends Park. Your relatives should know how to get there.

Ice fishing?

Go shallow or just below the ice. Shallow = less than 4 feet.

Spoons or anything real flashy. Think stream trout fishing when presenting.
Make sure you stop over at "Hooked on fishing" bait and tackle on HWY 63 North just a couple miles from Foster Arends!
MIke will give the lates and greatest on Foster Arends as well.

Preparing Trout?
I haven't found a way I like better than simply grillin.

Try coating a fresh trout with mayonaise/Miracle Whip.(this prevents fish from sticking to grill.

Get some hot coals going and cook about 5 minutes per side. Easy!!! Add whatever, lemon juice etc. I like Cajun seasoning myself!!!
* Once the meat starts appearing dry(er) and flaky, turn/flip

More questions feel free to hop on!!!

Jim W

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how about Grinstone lake near sandstone Mn ?? have you been there?? anyone been there for lakers?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Well Thank God for your wife. Shes a saint. 😇
    • 1 x 6 untreated red cedar bds cut to 15" for the weber has worked good for me. You can get lots of cooks on one board.  It's a lot cheaper than getting them at a grill store. The salmon looks good!
    • Yes, it's Food Grade cedar! 😋
    • Seeing the plank brings up a question.   Is that cedar that is sold as cooking planks any different than the stuff sold at the lumber yard for various purposes, like siding or roofing or docks?   
    • solo o... FALTA PESCAAA.. 
    • Last friday of lent and Coborns had a flash sale on fresh salmon so I put some on my overpriced pellet grill.   Good thing my wife talks me into sacrificing eating meat on Fridays of lent, you know, for Jesus.    
    • Got up early and put this small piece of brisket on my overpriced pellet smoker. I've never done one this small but my buddy who owns a meat market gave it to me at half price to get rid of it. It's  almost foiling time now at 10:30 am.
    • I’m in St. Cloud for Easter weekend, and decided to check out nearby Little Rock Creek. I had very low expectations. There’s a few easements, and a nice little wildlife management area, but the creek really isn’t very fishable. Water was pretty high, and banks were flooded. Overhanging brush would make fishing impossible in summer. Didn’t catch anything. Wasn’t disappointed though. Now I know not to bother again. Was still a nice morning for a walk in the country.
    • Haha. So, her boots kept falling off so much (several sizes too big), she eventually put them on the wrong feet. I tried telling her that, which is always a losing battle on my part. I thought maybe, that if they were on the wrong feet, they would stay on better. They did not.   This is the best time of year to take kids out trout fishing. No leaves on the trees, brush is still dead and matted down, so casting and walking are super easy.
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