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Jim W

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Opening day in SE MN was reported as good to slow, by trout anglers!

Streams like, the South Branch of the Root River, and the South Branch of Whitewater river, flowed very nicely, with moderate to minimal cloudiness.

Sarge and Myself fished nondesiganted waters. Water that probably pushed the "fishable" envelope, managing only a couple fish. However, we found ourselves on a small feeder that was gin clear, immediately catching!

Water temp was 52 in the first stream and considerably colder(no reading sorry) in the clear feeder.

Thunderstorms predicted for Tuesday. This could have both adverse and positive effects on conditions of the streams and rivers in SE MN, pending on amount of rain received and just exactly where it falls.

I recommend keeping tabs on several different streams and rivers while your out, allowing for a choice if inundation occurs.
Reason being, stream A could get flooded out, but Stream C only 15-20 minutes away, flows like the sky above!!!


ANy of you Duluth area trout fisherman care to trade a day on a stream up yonder for a day down here???? Let me know!!!

Keep the rods bendin'!!!

Jim W

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Jim W, I've got a proposition for you. I know of a stream you probably havn't fished that is a nondesignated trout stream. It's not in duluth, it's in SE minnesota and recieves very little fishing pressure. There have been reports (from a very reliable source) of some very nice trout coming out of there. I would be willing to do some sort of trade if your interested. If your interested email me.


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Jim W., I just thought of another stream you might be interested in. It's Gilbert creek in wabash county. Yes, I know you have probably fished it before, but not the section I'm thinking of it's on some private land and I just happen to know the owners, well sort of, I went to school with their kids and they would probably let me fish it. Anyhow about seven years ago one of their kids cuaght a brown out of there that was about 2lbs. or better. I am willing to bet you that there are more where that one came from. Well it's just a thought. Let me know what you think.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Used the impulse mayflys today, the fish were not biting well. I ended up catching a few nice gills on the mayflys but more fish with  the demon/ waxie combo. I want to try some lighter line with the horizontal jig /impulse mayfly and see what happens. Maybe 5 years ago I moved away from winter panfish fishing. I am so glad I am back catching panfish, a very enjoyable way to pass a winter morning!
    • 13 years ago I had my heart set on a Lund, I went with an Alumacraft because I could rig it out nicer with the money I was allotted by my better half at the time..........no regrets.
    • Ive owned 7 Lunds and don't see another one in the future.  Also been looking at the A-crafts.  The 205 trophy.  Have a 13' Lund Tyee 1800 now.  Good boat but its too light for big water.  Really like the fit and finish of the Aluma's.  The black windshield trim is sharp and the carpet on the top of the gunwale is also nice.  Really impressed.  Not gonna take out a mortgage to buy a glass boat either.
    • I’ve never done anything with mine. I store it standing up and in the fall change the oil if I remember. Haven’t had any issues yet. 
    • I had problems with my 02. I found that the plug on the truck side going to the plug at the bumper was corroded. I hope that made sense I cleaned it up and put dielectric grease on it.    
    • I would put some Seafoam in the ga.........................  oh never mind. 😁
    • I rode the trails around big lake today, mostly to get used to the new trails. trails were awesome, they must have groomed last night, rode to becker and back and some other playing around. all in all I put on 42 miles today. I will ride into the orrock area tomorrow. don't ride that much around here anymore, mostly aitkin co. now. looks like the trails around the sand dunes look good, I will give it a shot tomorrow.
    • I'm guessing not much. I know the one pounders threads can start to rust in a humid environment, but am not sure if that would be an issue if still attached? I know nothing about propane augers,  is there an oil tank to keep the engine lubed? And if so, does it need to be refreshed or drained every once in a while? It's not like you need to worry about bad gas gumming up the system.   Mostly,  I'm just replying to give you something to read TJ. Hopefully somebody else will chime in with more knowledge.  
    • Possibility of moisture getting into them after washing the stove top and around the burners? My wife is good at that.
    • I get it, like the woman in the commercial. You are clever.