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Any Firearm Safety Instructors Out There?

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Are you a firearm safety instructor? Really? I've got an offer for you. Here's the deal...

20 years ago, a guy I was hunting with put a bullet in my neck when he thought I was a squirrel or something. The slug nicked my spine and paralized me from the neck down. I was lucky, though, and my spinal cord wasn't severed. After 7 months in the hospital, I walked out using crutches (still use 'em.)

Anyway, about 12 years ago, I got asked to talk to some high school health classes about my experiences with a spinal cord injury. I really enjoyed it so I volunteered to a couple of firearm safety instructors I knew to talk to their classes too.

I really enjoy talking to the kids in these classes and really give them a dose of reality about how dangerous guns can be. This is my way of giving back to a sport that has given me a lot of pleasure.

I live near Rochester and speak to several firearm safety classes in the area each year. Any instructors out there like to have me come and shock the heck out of the kids? I don't get paid for this, this is on my time and dime. I'll speak anywhere around SE Minnesota. If you want me to travel farther, a little gas money is a good persuader. Think about it. If I can make them think when they're in the woods and fields, it's worth my time.

If you're interested, shoot me a note at
kurts6 at yahoo dot com

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I can vouch for Kurt - he's a good
speaker - gets the message across -
and the kids remembered what he said.

He spoke at my last class in the spring, and I'm having him come back again.

Thanks Kurt!


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