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Old slides to digital images

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My cousin has boxes of old slides from his time in the Service, and now he wants to get them in a little more user friendly format.

We are wanting to convert them to digital images somehow, any ideas?

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My dad just had a pile of slides scanned and loaded on disks at S A M S club. I am sure there are many places to have it done. He had to look at slides that he had not seen in years and only took good slides in for scanning. He ended up with 10 disks full of pics..

I have a scanner at home that will scan slides as well. It is just a slower process. My dad used a handheld slide viewer and went thru his boxes of slide pretty fast..

It was a very good Idea to have them scanned. We looked over some of them memorial day weekend.

Make a copy and store it in a separate place.


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Fastest Way if you just want to archive them. Load up your Slide Machine, set up your screen, set up a video camera, press record and start clicking. Then you can watch them as a movie, do a little edidting and add some music to them.

Or scan them in one at a time. they make some great slide scanners now. Currently working on starting a project of 5,000+ slides from the Orient.

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If you are going to scan your slides don't put it off. I thought about it for years and never got around to it. Now I find that some of the slides are starting to deteriorate (emulsion seems to be breaking down)and the quality of the images is poor at best.

I'm using a Canon scanner that allows me to scan four slides at a time and give me the abillity to control resolution etc, but it is time consuming.

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