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Five friends and I will be heading up to the Hayward area later this week. It would be great to have a meal of fish while we are there. Any current tips or advice as to lakes or just patterns in general? I have only fished one lake in that area one time and don't know any of the lakes at all. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Myself and Vman have been doing good on the Chippewa Flowage, me on the crappies and Vman on the walleyes.

Check back tomorrow (Thursday). I'm heading in to work this morning and several of the guys I work with will have been on LCO, Grindstone, Whitefish, and Big Round. I should have a little info on those lakes then.

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Here's what I found out. LCO, Grindstone, and Whitefish have all been producing in deeper water (18 to 22) with fatheads outproducing leeches and crawlers coming in a close second. The guy I talked to guides on his days off and he figures they'll be coming up shallower by the weekend. Water temps are ranging in the mid to upper 50's and those 3 lakes.

Another lake that I heard was doing good was Sand Lake. They've relaxed the restrictions on it (back to 2 fish) and might be worth a try.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • You sure seem to say Grill a lot though! 😏    
    • I have an old MES 30that I put a new element in right before I got my pellet grill. I decided that all of the wet chips is what raised havoc on the last element, so now I run a smoke tube that I burn pellets in. The nice part is that I can now do cold smoking
    • You could but that's just another thing and I like to make bigger batches. Like 50 # plus and I like them hanging. The MES is marginal at best for this and I have the cold smoker attachment on that.   If you just want small runs of stuff that might work. 
    • Can you put a cold smoker box on the side of yours? That would be a good set up for sausage, sticks, etc.  
    • Yep.....😊     Nothing wrong with that. I've just decided I like to cook great BBQ as easily and lazily as possible. 😋
    • I'm still keeping the MES until I make my fridge smoker. The Pellet grill is great for some things but I still like a regular smoker for sausages, sticks etc. 
    • No, I wanted both in one package.     A pellet grill IS a smoker and takes just as much time to cook low and slow as any other smoker.
    • Boat prices are INSANE!!! Even used boats are still rediculous.   As far as buying old used boats and rebuilding them for profit, I think you’ll be hard pressed to break even, let alone make a profit (unless you find one for dirt cheap). An old boat is still an old boat even if it’s been fixed up. 
    • So you really wanted a fancy Grill, not a smoker? Smokers do take up a lot more time but I'm having a lot of fun with my Char grill smoker. 
    • What the.... didn't you just get that for x-mas?  A great read on pellet grills gents, call me cheap or old school but I'm still stuck on open pit and charcoal on the big rig.