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KOTC Channel Cat Upgrades Keep getting tougher!!

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I just got in from a wild night on the St Croix. The St Croix is pretty much a north-south river so when that wind is strong out of the south it is usually trouble. I have some spots to get out of a strong south wind but you are pretty much stuck there and have to hope the fishing is good.

I set up early to catch the Twins game and hunker down out of the wind. I was tucked up tight against an island in a shallow stretch of water with a lot of down timber. I had hooks in the water about 1930 - 1 channel cat rod with cut bullhead and 1 flathead rod with a healthy 7" bullhead doing his dance.

River is about a foot above normal summer time pool elevation so the current flow is slowing down and the water is relatively clear with some floating grass. Pool elevation tonight was 676.5' and normal is 675.5'. The warm day had the water temp at a balmy 66 degrees amd that temp is starting to turn on the fish.

I like to use Driftmaster rod holders and I have some clamp on rod mounts so I can move the rod holders around the pontoon for flexibility in positioning rods. I set one clamp on holder on the starboard side on the aft deck but it wasn't in a good spot. They work best when the rod runs parallel with the clamp but I had the rod holder running 90 degrees across the clamp and that is not a good idea because the clamp can pivot on its axis. So guess what happened -

I'm cussing out the Twins as they are losing to Chicago and I hear a loud thump and I see the rod buckle over in the rod holder. This cat hit so hard it buckled the rod nearly in half and then the rod clamp pivoted down and the rod popped right out of the holder and into the river. I was only a few feet away but it happened so quick I didn't have any time to react.

It was my new Salt Striker Bait Feeder reel on one of my favorite rods. I grabbed my spare channel cat rod and started dragging for the rod hoping to catch it. After about 30 minutes of fruitless effort I was about to give up and then I hooked the reel. I felt it right away and knew I had the rod but guess what!! The fish was still on the rod - I gingerly pulled in the rod being careful not to horse the rod or the fish. I finally was able to grab the rod and this channel cat was still not done. He took me into some wood and I had to work my buttocks off to get him out of there and up to the boat. I finally boated him - a nice upgrade fish 30" X 16" for 46 points.

That was it for the night. When the Twins lost the game I packed it in. I still managed a channel cat upgrade even if it was a windy night for fishing.


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Wow, what a story smile

"Steve is the man, and if no one can do it, Steve sure can" winkgrin

Awesome save on the rod, smile and yes the Twinkies did loose, frown but a nice channel came out of it smile.

If there is one thing you can bet on in life it is that Steve D will pull a monster flat out of the Croix in the next week or two. You know it. The proof is in the past smile

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Way to stick with the lost rod, that would have been a bummer to lose.

Nice fish Steve. You are right, the next upgrade is going to be a tough one.

Now it's time to work on those Flattys

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Awesome! Another member in the "Saved a Rod With a Fish on the Other End" Club!! Welcome!

Ask Tyler Holm about the rod I caught. wink

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I have had great luck w/ my 3 yr old Big Horn. I have always said that the controller and hopper looked a lot like the Pit Boss       yeah... I'd say you've got options!
    • Actually I got a new 4 burner Char Grill with side burner this spring for up at the camper and a new cheaper 2 burner with side burner a week ago for at home, so alone with the new Char Grill smoker I got last year I have plenty of wienee cookers thanks.  😘  
    • what type of lenses? glass?
    • About 10 years ago I bought a boat that I had to track down a person that was not who I bought the boat from as they owned it many years before that!!!  But I am sure that I got the owners name from the DMV to then track down and had her sign a form, brought back to DMV, and then put into my name.  I am guessing things have changed as to how to get the name, but sounds silly to have to write a letter to get information that they could use proper discretion to give it to you or not.  Good Luck!
    • Traegers are super over-rated and over-priced for what they are. I would rather buy that big horn up above than a Traeger.    I'm fairly certain that Big Horn is just a Pit Boss. Louisiana smokers makes Pit Boss and a bunch of other stuff that other's put their own name on including PF's Cabela's model. I have a small Pit Boss that I am going to use for camping and I like it just fine. I bought that one from a friend for $50 but I'm sure that's still too much for Leech......
    • ok so story time...the one that got away but saw the fish.  I was ice fishing on Red when the eye fishing was still closed and we went out for an early season excursion about a mile out of Westwind.  It was Saturday evening when I my bobber shot down and the fight was on.  Now we were only in probably 5-7 ft of water if that but I "tired" the fish out where I was able to get it directly under the hole and all we could see was a monster northern head filling up the hole!!  No one would put there hand near that thing, let alone blindly through 2.5 ft of ice, so we just watched it for a minute or two float beneath the hole until I tried to turn it up the hole and the line just snapped when he decided he had had enough!!  That was painful not to touch but seeing it and knowing it was all of 44"+ was better than wondering.   Now to the not seen...Ice fishing Waukanabo by Leech in the deep hole on the north end and I see a mark on the bottom and I hook into it and could not budge it off the bottom.  I sat there for a few minutes with rod bent over trying to lift it with nothing but my line slowly moving away until pop it spit my lure!!!  I think the hole is over 40' deep and with 4lb test mono I guess as much as I applied pressure the hook wasn't in!!    What could have been~ so those are two stories that stick out in my mind and of the 2 the second stings more as I have no clue what it could have been and that runs through my mind but the northern as cool as it would have been to touch measure and what not, to see it and to know how massive it was, makes it "easier" to deal with. 
    • Sorry for the delayed response.    Checked in at the Lac Seul Resort on Wednesday, June 6, and checked out on Monday, June 11. Anticipating our usual needs, I preordered 200 dozen minnows and a pound of leeches from KA Sports & Tackle in Dryden for 10 guys to fish for 4-1/2 days.    This was the first time in 20 years that we actually had bait left over at the end. I gave away about 30 dozen minnows to a neighboring cabin because they didn't have any.    We found the morning bite to be slow for some reason but the evening bite was better. Most activity was found in moving water on the English River. On Friday evening another guy and myself went to Pelican Rapids and from 6:00pm till about 9:30pm we figured we boated over 200 walleyes and a few northnerns. Unfortunately, they were all between 15" - 17" in length and we were looking for the 17" - 18" size for the freezer. That's always our goal for fish we intend to take home.    The following night we went back and although the fish weren't biting quite as fast they were larger. Over the same time frame we figured we only boated about 100 walleyes but the size ranged more in the 17" - 22" size.    Overall we had a few walleyes caught in the 25" - 28" range with the largest of the week at 28.25". Northern pike were active with many caught in the 31" - 34" range. Didn't boat any in the 40" range as we usually do but those lower 30-inchers sure put up a fight.    Also found a few nice smallies and whitefish as usual.    Most fish were found in the 10' - 14' depth range, which was unusual compared to previous years when we caught them in shallow water along the shorelines.    Great weather with steady winds out of the southerly directions, which is what we always hope for but never get and nobody got hurt. Another successful year for us.
    • Seeing the fish is probably my preference since I would probably release it anyway. The only unfortunate thing would be not having a photo of it.