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Muzzleloader Information

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I want to give muzzleloading a try this fall but I am very unfamiliar with what to buy for a gun. I will be hunting in all woods where the longest shot I will get will maybe be 50 yards and will most likley be shooting thru brush. What caliber should I use? I read about a "209 ignition". Is that what to get? What is it exactly? Any advise you can give me would be appreciated. I need to get a little more educated on this subject.

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A great deal of info can be found on certain muzzleloaders by simply finding the manufacturer's HSOforum. I personally have a Knight 50 Cal. I shoot Powerbelt bullets with the pyrodex powder pellets. If I was going to buy a new gun I would definately get the new Winchester 209 apex or the Thompson Center Omega, both guns can be cleaned without having to completely remove the barrel. CVA also makes an inexpensive rifle that is very accurate. I would recommend getting the 50 caliber. The 209 ignition is simply the primer cap that is used to ignite the powder, the 209 primer is the same thing they put in regular shotgun shells. It is very easy and simple to use. Cleaning the gun is the biggest pain in the you know what when it comes to muzzleloaders. It is great way to hunt deer, also more challenging.

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When I first got started, I found there was so much I didn't know about muzzleloading, that I had trouble finding the right questions to ask. I picked up one of those "Muzzleloading" books at the local sporting goods store. That thin book answered a lot my questions and got me started off in the right direction.

I've got a couple good muzzleloader books I'd be glad to borrow you if your ever in the neighborhood.

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I have a Knight 50 cal disc, and love it. if I had to buy a new one, which I won't, I'd probably go with another Knight, or the new TC Omega. The 209 primers are just a shotgun primer used to ignite the powder. On the Knight disc rifles, you put the primer in a disc, put the disc in the gun, close the bolt, and the whole thing is watertight. I hunt with a guy that uses cappers, and they are just a pain in the *** to use. You can go up to 150gr of powder in a Knight barrel, but wouldn't need to unless your shooting Heavy bullets. I shoot 250gr PTX bullets(with a Knight black sabot) with 100gr pyrodex, and am dead on at 185yards. I found the TC sabots don't seal as tight in a Knight rifle as the Knight sabots do, and your accuracy at long distances is not as good. I shot 2 dear last year at over 100 yards with that load, and went straight through one and shattered the hip on the other, so 100gr pyrodex is plenty for dear.
If I was hunting bigger game, I'd probably run with a 300gr or bigger slug, and bump the powder up to 150gr.
Once you get the gun, all I can tell you is to go out and see what works best in it for loads. A change in bullet weight, bullet, or powder will make a difference. For instance, If I'm dead on at 185yards with my normal load, and go with 50gr more powder, my shot is off by 8 inches.
I can also tell you that there is a lot of hype on the slugs. If you have money, believe the hype. The spendier bullets are not always better. For instance, the knight red hots are all copper, supposedly one of the best out, and run about $13 for 10. I get 30 TC PTX slugs for about the same price, and they expand just as well, if not better, than the red hots.
I love my loader, and hunting with it is definitely alot more fun than a shotgun. You have to get it in your mind when that big one shows up, you only have one shot, not multiples, so when you're squeezing that trigger, you HAVE to make it count. It's better to wait than to blow the shot on a maybe. I bead up and tell myself hold, hold, hold, now.
If you need any other info, shoot me an email [email protected]
Play with it and have fun.
**** that got long winded.

Takin it easy! & if it’s easy, I’ll take it twice!

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Thanks for the responses. I will take the advice. It definetly sounds like something fun and new to get into.

Thanks!! Good Luck.........

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