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Found 85 results

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone has fished Yellow Lake, near Webster. My wife's uncle has a cabin there, and we will be going there over the weekend. I'm not looking for anyone's hotspot, just some general tips as to what might work, and what kind of fish I could catch. I'm most interested in panfish and northerns, but will go after anything. Thanks
  2. Rock Creek Lake Crappie - Good: Crappie are being caught drifting panfish jigs or minnows mid-lake on the lower portion of the lake. Big Creek Lake Walleye - Fair: Walleye are being caught in good numbers with more fish over 15 inches. Concentrate on the upper half of the lake in less than 20 feet of water trolling crankbaits or spinner rigs with crawlers or minnows. Shore anglers can pick up walleye as well fishing minnows under slip bobbers off the jetties. Bluegill - Fair: Fish the outside edges of vegetation beds in shallow water with small hooks, crawler pieces and a bobber. Lake Ahquabi Bluegill - Good: Good size bluegills are being caught fishing crawlers or small panfish jigs 2 to 6 feet deep on the lower portions of the lake where the vegetation is less dense. Red Rock Reservoir White Bass - Good: White bass action is good right now. Find areas where gizzard shad are concentrated and busting on the surface. Cast or troll spoons and shad imitating crankbaits. Shallow diving chrome or firetiger colored baits work well. Saylorville Reservoir Channel Catfish - Good: Good summer channel catfishing can be found drifting cut bait above the mile long bridge. White Bass - Good: White bass are in their summer pattern and being caught trolling spoons and crankbaits. Good areas to start searching are out from Sandpiper beach and the Oak Grove Recreation Area. Des Moines River (Stratford to Saylorville Lake) Channel Catfish - Good: Good catches of channel catfish are coming out of the Des Moines River above Saylorville using stink baits. Bluegill and crappie are being caught drift fishing in many lakes while hot weather has white bass fishing picking up in Red Rock and Saylorville. For information on central Iowa lakes and rivers, contact Andy Otting or Ben Dodd at 515-432-2823. Greenfield Lake Fish surveys indicate a large crappie population in Greenfield. Panfish can be caught drifting. Greenfield also has good largemouth bass and catfish numbers. Crappie - Fair: Crappies averaging 9 inches can be caught drifting twister tails. Bluegill - Fair: Drift with black jigs tipped with a night crawler or power bait. Fish will average 8 inches. Channel Catfish - Fair: Channel catfish can be caught around the jetties and close to rock with shrimp. Fish will average 2 pounds. Nodaway Lake Anglers can expect to catch 8 inch bluegills and 9 inch crappie. Crappie - Fair: Drift with white twister tails and cast to sunken trees to catch crappie up to 12 inches. Bluegill - Slow: Drift or slow troll small jigs tipped with a crawler. Fish are 6 feet deep. Channel Catfish - Fair: Catfish are being caught with cut bait in the upper end of the lake. Fish will average 18 to 20 inches. Orient Lake Catfishing is good at Orient. Channel Catfish - Good: Anglers are having success using shrimp or crawdads. Average size catfish is 18 to 20 inches. Lake Anita Anglers are catching panfish drifting mid lake. Largemouth bass fishing is good along vegetation edges. Largemouth Bass - Good: Bass anglers are catching good numbers of bass casting the edges of vegetation and vertical jigging the roadbeds for larger fish. Black Crappie - Fair: Drift around the roadbeds and cast along vegetation edges to catch crappie up to 12 inches. Bluegill - Fair: Bluegill can be caught drifting small jigs tipped with a crawler or power bait. Fish are in 6 to 8 feet of water. Viking Lake Viking has a good largemouth bass population. A few crappies can be caught drifting. Channel catfishing has been good this week. Largemouth Bass - Good: Largemouth of all sizes are being caught casting small spinnerbaits with a slow retrieve or plastics around the shoreline and jetties. Channel Catfish - Good: Catfish can be caught in the campground arm of the lake and south of the beach using cut bait. Fish average 2 pounds. Crappie - Fair: Drift open water areas of the lake with small jigs or twister tails. Fish will average 9 inches. Prairie Rose Lake The fishery at Prairie Rose is doing well. Bluegill growth has been very good with fish over nine inches being caught this spring and summer. The crappie fishing is still a couple of years away as they were just stocked last fall. Largemouth bass are growing quickly with many 8 to 10 inch fish in the lake at this time. The initial stocking of catfish are in the 14 to 16 inch range. Bluegill - Fair: Anglers are catching quality size bluegill off the ends of the jetties with night crawler and bobber. Boat anglers are drifting or slow trolling black jigs in open water areas. Largemouth Bass - Good: Many 8 to 10 inch bass are being caught in the lake at this time. Channel Catfish - No Report: Channel catfish are in the 14 to 16 inch range at this time. Lake Manawa The catfish bite is good in the canals and on the main lake in the evenings. Channel Catfish - Good: Catfishing has been good this week. The night bite has been best using Sonny’s dip bait or cut bait. Hacklebarney East Hacklebarney has good water clarity with a nice ring of aquatic vegetation. Bluegill - Fair: Bluegills can be caught drifting or slow trolling the lake with black jigs tipped with a crawler. Fish average 8 inches. Black Crappie - No Report: Try fishing early morning or late afternoon for crappies averaging 10 inches. Cold Springs District Farm Ponds Panfish are in deeper water during the summer. Bass fishing has been good this week early morning and in the afternoon. Catfish are close to structure. Always get permission to fish privately owned ponds. . Largemouth Bass - Good: Cast along vegetation and around structure to catch bass in their summer pattern. Bluegill - Good: Anglers have reported catching bluegills with small jigs and crawler 4 feet under a bobber with a very slow retrieve. Crappie - Fair: Crappie will be in 4 to 6 feet of water around structure. Cast jigs or minnows under a bobber to catch crappie in the summer. Channel Catfish - Good: Channel catfish will associate themselves around sunken logs and along vegetation edges. Fish with cut bait around these habitat types for good summer catfishing. Water temperatures remain around 80 degrees in the southwest district. Bluegills and crappie can be caught drifting open water. For more information, call the Cold Springs District Office at 712-769-2587 Lake Icaria Crappie - Fair: Crappies up to 10 inches have been caught with minnows and jigs fished near the cedar tree piles. Bluegill - Fair: Bluegills up to 8 inches have been caught with worms and small jigs fished near the fish mounds. Channel Catfish - Good: Catfish up to 20 inches have been caught with worms and liver fished near the fish mounds. Largemouth Bass - Good: Bass up to 19 inches have been caught on crankbaits fished near cedar tree piles and rock structure. West Lake (Osceola) The marina is closed for improvements. Little River Watershed Lake Channel Catfish - Fair: Catfish up to 22 inches have been caught with worms and cut bait fished along the jetties. Walleye - Fair: Walleye up to 19 inches have been caught trolling crankbaits along the weed lines. Bluegill - Fair: Bluegill up to 8 inches have been caught with worms fished near the cedar tree piles. Largemouth Bass - Good: Bass up to 17 inches have been caught with crankbaits fished along weed lines and near rock reefs. Lake of Three Fires Largemouth Bass - Fair: Bass up to 18 inches have been caught with crankbaits and jigs fished along the dam and near cedar tree piles in the mornings. Sands Timber Lake (Blockton Reservoir) Sands Timber Lake has been drained for the construction of a wetland structure in the west arm. Green Valley Lake Bluegill - Slow: Bluegills up to 8 inches have been caught with worms fished along weed lines and near cedar tree piles. Largemouth Bass - Fair: Bass up to 18 inches have been caught with crankbaits and jigs fished near cedar tree piles and along rock structure. Summit Lake Bluegill - Fair: Bluegills up to 8 inches have been caught with worms fished along the weed lines. Yellow Perch - Fair: Perch up to 10 inches have been caught with worms and jigs fished along the weed lines. Twelve Mile Creek Lake Yellow Perch - Fair: Perch up to 11 inches have been caught on worms and jigs fished in 14 feet of water near the channel. Walleye - Fair: Walleye up to 19 inches have been caught trolling crankbaits along the weed lines. Crappie - Slow: Crappies up to 12 inches have been caught trolling crankbaits along the weed lines. Walnut Creek Marsh Walnut Creek Marsh has been drained for in-lake improvements. Water temperature in most Mount Ayr District lakes is in the mid-80's. The district includes Page, Taylor, Adams, Union, Ringgold, Decatur, Clarke and Madison counties. For more information, call 641-464-3108. Missouri River (Sioux City to Little Sioux) Channel Catfish - Good: Anglers are catching channel catfish with worms, cut bait, and dip baits. Anglers have had success in the mouths of incoming rivers, creeks, around brush piles, and below wing dikes. Flathead Catfish - Good: Flathead catfishing is good on trotlines/rod and reel using chubs, bullheads, and green sunfish. Blue Catfish - Fair: A few blue cats have been caught in this stretch. Fresh cut bait works well. Missouri River (Little Sioux to Council Bluffs) Channel Catfish - Good: Anglers are having the best success on stinkbait; for larger fish try cut bait. Fish below wing dikes and in slower portions of the Missouri. Catfish are also being caught in the mouth of tributary streams and rivers. Flathead Catfish - Good: Flathead catfish continue to be caught on trotlines and rod and reel using chubs and live baits. Blue Catfish - Good: blue catfish are being caught on fresh cut bait. Missouri River (Council Bluffs to Missouri State Line) Channel Catfish - Good: Anglers continue to have success on dead shad, worms, cut bait, and stink bait/dip bait. Flathead Catfish - Good: Anglers are having success on trotlines/rod and reel catching flatheads with chubs, bullheads, goldfish, and green sunfish. Blue Catfish - Good: Anglers are catching blue catfish on trotlines and rod and reel using cut bait and live baits. The Missouri River at Decatur, Nebraska is at 21.10 ft. /30,700 cfs./78 degrees Fahrenheit. The Missouri River is down 0.58 feet from last week. Fishing is good overall on the Missouri.
  3. Hello from the NW Angle! Water temperatures are holding in the low 50's but expect them to continue to drop this week with temperatures in the high 30's and even snow in the forecast. Both Minnesota and Canadian walleye fishing are on fire with only a jig and shiner or minnow needed. Look for Walleye in areas of current, pinch points between islands or rocky bays. Fish are currently shiner dependent in 17-25 feet. Crappies are being found away from the rocks suspended over mud bottoms in 24-28 feet. Perch can be found on deeper reefs topping out at 28 feet. Muskie trolling is off to a great start and will only continue to get better as the water temperature reaches into the high 40's. We will be closing down for ice in October 22nd - we hope to see you before then for some late fall fantastic fishing! Sunset Lodge
  4. Hello from the NW Angle where our water temps are in the low to mid 60's. Minnesota fishing has been great this last week. Crank baits and bottom bouncers/spinner rigs provide a lot of quality action. Fish are still being found in mud away from structure. However, expect that to change as water temperatures are falling daily. This will lead to fish schooling on structure and outside shallow bays. Fishing is great and will only improve as fall progresses. Canadian fishing is producing more and more crappies every week; fish deeper water points where fish are suspended. Walleye continue to hit bait rigs behind bottom bouncers in the mud. Jig and minnow/shiner is becoming more effective every day. Deeper holes in gaps between islands are beginning to load up with hungry walleye. Fishing pressure is down on Muskies, making it a great time to target them on classic spots where they haven’t been seeing much action. See you soon! Sunset Lodge
  5. Hello from the NW Angle! Lake of the Woods water temps are steadily falling into the mid to low 50’s. This past week cold fronts and strong winds have fish schooling up and feeding heavily. In Minnesota, look to rocky bays and adjacent reefs in 15-22ft. of water. A jig and minnow is all that is needed to catch a limit in a short period of time. Bottle necks between islands in the NW Angle are also worth fishing in the evenings. In Canada, the fishing has been excellent. Crappie, walleye and perch are all schooling up and taking a jig and minnow. With the water temperatures dropping, expect to see the muskie bite increase while trolling. We will be closing October 22nd for ice in! Contact us for availability for your fall fishing trip! We hope to see you soon, Sunset Lodge
  6. Hello from the NW Angle! Minnesota walleye action remains strong with spinners in mud bottomed areas near reefs using both minnows and crawlers. Fish can also be found in shallower water (15ft. or less) around Garden Island. Crankbaits seem to be the most effective at enticing larger fish. Canadian walleye fishing has been fabulous this past week. The jig and minnow bite is on! Multiple boats ran out of bait and had just as much success switching to plastics. Bottom bouncing with crawlers remains effective in soft bottom areas as well. Crappies continue to school up on deep water points. Hot windows of muskie bites have become shorter but still with good success. Plenty of fish in the 4ft plus range and even a couple over 50! Water temps remain stable between 64-67 degrees. See you soon! Sunset Lodge
  7. 9.4.18 Sunset Lodge Fishing Report Hello from the NW Angle! In Minnesota, walleye fishing remains best with deep trolling minnow baits in 22-27 feet of water. These same areas will provide action with a spinner and a minnow, however crawlers are still producing fish. In the coming weeks, jig and minnow fishing will be the go to with fish stacking themselves on points and current areas. Canadian walleye action remains strong on bottom bouncer and spinner rigs with either a crawler or minnow. Walleye are starting to school tighter making jig and minnow fishing very effective. Fall fishing is starting to heat up and we are seeing crappies schooled up on deep points. Surface water temps are currently in the low 70’s throughout the day. We hope to see you soon! Sunset Lodge
  8. Kewaunnee 8/8-8/13 My dad and I fished out of Kewaunee for about 5 days and it was slow but steady for us. Ended up 12-16 with about a dozen shakers on top of that and a couple drive byes. We caught fish in 80-165 fow but fished as deep as 370 fow with only one drive by in 312 fow for the deep run. One one fish in a meat rig, one on a flasher fly, 3(+5 shakers) on clean spoons, 1 in a spoon with a dodger and 6(+7 shakers) on a spoon pro troll 8" spin ray. We added the spinner/spoon into the spread the last 2 1/2 days. Outside of the shakers the fish ran nice but no giants with the biggest just over 19 lbs. Sog was 2.2-2.8 mph. Surface temps ran 67-73 degrees. Fish were caught 40-70 feet down. Talking to a few other boats reports varied from 0-8 fish per trip and boats were scatteredall over the lake. Some big fish being caught and lost. Here's a few pics from our trip.
  9. Hello from the NW Angle! Minnesota walleye fishing has been great using bottom bouncers and a night crawler. Anglers are being selective to fill limits with 16-18” fish as well as a few over 28 released. Most success has been in the mud, off of structure in 21-23 feet and 26-30 feet. The largest fish seem to come from South of Garden Island on crank-baits. Canadian walleye are also most effectively targeted with bottom bouncers and spinners. Depth has not been as important as being at the bottom of a break line in the flat. Gold with chartreuse has been best as of late. Musky activity has slowed from the prior weeks but expect it to ramp up with the full moon approaching. Perch have been schooled up on and around reefs topping out around 30 feet. Water temps remain consistently in the low to mid 70’s. Remember - fall is the time for trophy fish up at the NW Angle! Until next week, Sunset Lodge
  10. Hello from the NW Angle! On the Minnesota side, spinners and crawler harnesses are still the preferred method of walleye fishing, with the hot colors being pink/gold, orange/gold and orange/chartreuse. Walleye are being caught off of structure scattered in the mud between 20 and 30 feet. Down riggers and deep running crank baits have also been productive. Canadian walleye are being caught in channels off of islands and along reefs in 18 to 25 feet of water. Both bottom bouncers with a crawler harness and a jig with minnow or shiner have both been successful in Canadian waters. Musky fishing success has increased in the past week. Fish are being caught on crank baits and blade baits. With water temps in the low 70’s muskies are favoring rocks near weeds. Our very own, Travis Palmquist, released a 54.5" musky yesterday! Fall is a great time for trophy fishing! We hope to see you soon, Sunset Lodge
  11. Hello from the NW Angle! In Minnesota, walleye are still scattered through out the main lake basin. Night crawlers on a spinner remains most effective. Make drifts/passes parallel but off of structure including islands and reef break lines in 24-30 feet. Hot colors have been gold/pink, gold/orange or hammered gold. Deep running crank baits are another good option, often producing bigger fish and large northern pike. On the Canadian side of the lake, fish can be schooled on humps and reefs. Once located, fish these areas with a jig and minnow or shiner. Pulling spinners in 25-30 feet of water is most productive in covering ground to locate feeding and roaming walleye. Muskie action continues to improve through out the week. Multiple big fish were caught on Sunday with many others boated as well as, a lot of lookers. As activity levels rise, blade baits have been triggering positive reactions. Water temperatures remain consistent in the low 70's. Until next week, Sunset Lodge
  12. Hello from the NW Angle! Water temps are consitently in the mid to high 70’s. Walleye in Minnesota can be caught on reefs with a jig and minnow. More productive methods currently are bottom bouncers and crank-baits in 24-28 feet of water. Covering a lot of ground is key when the fish arent schooled together. We have had many 40”+ Pike caught while trolling, reports of large Muskie also. Candian walleye are spread out as well, making bottom bouncing and deep cranks the ticket to success. Fish mud bottomed areas deeper than 25ft for best results. Many nice jumbo perch limits have been coming in recently. They are biting on a jig and fathead and are concentrated at 28-30ft. Until next week, Sunset Lodge
  13. Hello from the NW Angle! Water temperatures are starting in the low 70’s in the morning, reaching mid to upper 70’s in the evening. Minnesota walleye action can be hot running deep diving crank-baits straight, down rigging or lead core. Soft bottom areas can also be worked with spinners and a night crawler. Fish have been favoring gold on bright days and orange, chartreus or pink in low light. Many larger northern pike this last week in the boat via crank-baits just outside of rock reefs and points. Canadian walleye fishing has been more productive away from reefs and points in soft bottomed areas. The best method is to pull a spinner to find concentrations along the bottom and switch to jigging to fill out limits. Musky attitude in Canada varies day to day. Plenty of fish are still being caught in shallow weeds including a couple of 50+ giants this past week. Fish are also being caught in more traditional mid-summer spots such as rock reefs and points. The most productive baits this week were crane baits or other flat baits, buck tails and top waters. Until next week, Sunset Lodge
  14. Hello from Sunset Lodge! In Minnesota, walleyes and pike have been found using crank-baits on the south side of Oak Island. Walleye have also been caught pulling spinners in 26-30 feet using gold and green. In Ontario, walleye have been very active using pink and orange jigs on the breaks of reefs or casting shallow crank-baits in 8-12 feet by rocky shoreline points. A good mixed bag of smallmouth and pike have been found with the walleye as well. Musky fishing has really picked up with lots of fish over 40+ inches. Fishing sand and weedy bays near rock reefs have produced well using buck-tails, small crank-baits and top-water baits. Until next week! Sunset Lodge
  15. Hello from the NW Angle! Water temperatures are currently hovering in the mid 70’s. Minnesota walleye action has been really good with bottom bouncers and a night crawler. Gold spinners with hints of chartreuse, orange or just hammered gold are favored. Walleye and occasional large pike can be had trolling deep diving crank baits around shoreline breaks and reefs. Canadian walleye fishing continues to excite anglers via jigs and minnows. Pink or white jigs tipped with shiners will put fish in the boat. Night crawlers on spinners will produce fish in the mud deeper than 25 feet. Musky action has been all over the place, fish are still being found in sandy, weedy bays, rock points and reefs. The nearing new moon should have fish on the prowl this week. Congratulations to our neighbor and local guide, Forrest Huset and his dad Sean on their victory at the Lake of the Woods Musky Bowl this weekend! Another neighbor, Jerry Klema, landed a 29 1/2 inch trophy walleye last week! Until next week, Sunset Lodge
  16. Hello from Sunset Lodge! In Minnesota, walleye have been found using green, gold and orange spinners in 24-30 ft. Jigging in the morning on tops of the reef has been the most productive. In Ontario, walleye fishing has been very good jigging on top of reefs as well, with gold and orange being the hot colors. Musky fishing has been heating up as muskies are moving to the reefs and windblown points. Multiple muskies have been caught over 50 inches within the last week. Happy Independence Day! Sunset Lodge
  17. Hello from Sunset Lodge! In Minnesota, Walleye fishing has been good in 18-28ft pulling hammered gold and orange lindy rigs. Jigging has also been very productive on top of the reefs before the Walleye move out deeper onto the flats. Key areas have been Dawson Island, Little Oak and Shady Island. In Ontario, Walleye have been found deeper in 22-30ft. A gold or chartreuse jig with a fathead or frozen shiner have been producing well around Deepwater bay, West side of Falcon and Gardner Island. Many fish over 24 inches including a few Northern Pike and Muskie. Good luck and keep your lines wet! Sunset Lodge
  18. Hello, from Sunset Lodge! Fishing has picked up significantly this week. In Minnesota, high winds limited fishing areas but many of our guests were able to find the walleyes stacked up on the humps pulling spinners. Gold and green crawler harnesses are working the best. In Canada, working a slower presentation such as a lift and drag technique has been most effective. Limits of walleye are being caught using gold and chartreus colors in 18-22 ft. Key areas have been Deepwater Bay, Monkey Rocks and the west side of Falcon Island. Smallmouth fishing has been heating up as well, using a jig and plastic on the rocks. We hope to see you soon! Sunset Lodge
  19. Hello from the NW Angle! Fishing has picked up significantly this week. Minnesota fishermen can be selective of fish kept, as they have had no problem filling Walleye limits. 17-19 feet will produce late in the day with 21-25 feet being most productive away from structure during mid day. Pink, white and gold have been most productive all around. Glow or UV have also had success during cloudy conditions if charged often. Canada continues to give up Crappies between 25 and 32ft, still with a light setup and electronics. Many tulibee and the ocassional whitefish are being caught while crappie fishing. Walleye in Canada on points and reefs remain easy to catch. We still have plenty of ice on the Minnesota and Canadian side and trails are still being groomed. March is a great time for a last minute trip to the Angle! Sunset Lodge
  20. Hello from the NW Angle of Lake of the Woods! The Minnesota side is still kicking out fish between 18-25 feet. Fish are hitting jigging spoons when active; specifically White, Gold or U.V. When activity levels are slow, try the Deadstick 8-10 inches from the bottom. We had numerous Giant Pike this week, all caught on Walleye spoons. Canadian Walleye fishing is incredible. Fish are slamming aggressive presentations like rip’n raps and spoons tipped with Shiners. Crappie action varies day to day. An ultra-light set up is guaranteed to catch more Crappies than a walleye rod. Trails are still being manicured and are in overall great condition. The warmer weather is exposing ice chunks off of the snowmobile trail and creating heaves, one near Knight Island deserves attention. Travel cautiously off of marked trails. We have 3+ feet of ice. See you soon! Sunset Lodge
  21. Hello from the NW Angle! Minnesota fishing has been most productive in 20-24 feet of water. Guests are bringing home their limits of Walleye and Sauger with the occasional Perch and Northern mixed in. Fish have been most active early and late in the day and the bite has been terrific. The use of electronics continues to be very beneficial with fish taking jigging spoons, jigg’n raps or rattle baits. Snowmobile ttrails on the Minnesota side continue to be maintained and are in great shape. We are still making ice, with most spots at over 30 inches. North and East of us in Canada, big Crappies are coming in on light tackle setups out of 30 feet. If you are looking for walleye, they are everywhere! Until next week, Sunset Lodge
  22. Hello from the NW Angle! Minnesota fishing has been really good this past week with good numbers of slot fish and a 30” walleye. We have been on the move with our houses and it is paying off. Multiple houses producing an all day sauger bite with plenty of walleye mixed in. 20-24 feet is where we have found the most action. Glow and white/gold spoons have been the prefered color as of late. Our snowmobile and marked trails are in great condition. Thirty inches of ice is common with 24 in higher current areas. Up in Canada, limits of crappies are still being had in 30’ and deeper water. Ultra light tackle and rod set up can make the difference some days, while other days crappies can be caught on Rip’n Raps and Jigging spoons. Walleye action remains strong on reefs and points in 24-28 feet. We hope to see you soon! Sunset Lodge
  23. Hello from the NW Angle! In Minnesota, limits of walleye and sauger are being caught between 22 and 25 feet. Presentation changes daily from deadstick to jigging but not both. Pink and white, or gold and chartreuse have had many slot fish and lost a few BIG ones. The Canadian side of the lake has seen a lot of northern action, with the biggest closing in on 48.” Walleye are still plentiful off of reefs and points. Crappie action has been sporatic with the changing weather fronts. We hope to see you soon! Sunset Lodge
  24. Hello from the NW Angle! Minnesota walleye continue to be caught in 18-21 feet at the bottom of shoreline breaks. Rattle baits and jigging spoons call fish to the holes, while a plain hook and minnow seals the deal. Perch and sauger are consistently found between 25 and 28 feet, walleye can be found there too for a good mid-day bite. The hottest bite this week was within an hour of sundown. Up in Canada, walleye fishing remains relatively easy, get yourself to a spot that looks like walleye structure and start reeling them in! Canadian crappies are still filling freezers at 28-32 feet, with small UV colored rip’n raps or a small jig and plastic. Depth finders have proven to be a necessity with finding a pattern in the fish, whether it be rising or falling jigging action. Until next week, Sunset Lodge